Best Outfit of the Queen?

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May 15, 2011
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What is your favorite outfit that Elizabeth II wore to the British weddings she was invited to?
I loved the pink outfit she wore to Zara's wedding this weekend. I think pink is definitely a beautiful color for her :flowers:
Good luck on finding all the outfits she has worn. She must have been curtsied/bowed to 200x at 200 weddings. I admit I did not like the yellow outfit at WnKs wedding, but I hate yellow. She wore blue and Charles and Andrew's wedding, and those 2 ended in divorce.
Her outfits have elvolved. Now, they look much like one another, but different colors. Quite nice, nothing to write home about. When she was younger she dressed quite dowdy. Her designers, today are smarter or better. Whichever.
I don't know she's worn so many and most of them looking similar +a hat, + a bag and gloves and shoes all the same color plus the sparkly dresses she wears with the tiaras.
I like the yellow the Queen wore to Prince William's wedding.
I like the light blue outfit (including the hat) The Queen wore to Princess Eugenie's wedding. It's definitely one of my favourites.

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I also like the deep pink coat & hat and white flora dress The Queen wore to Lady Gabriella Windsor's wedding. (Pink is also my favourite colour, so it's a bit bias :lol:)

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