Best Outfit: April 27-May 3, 2015

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Which royal wore the best outfit last week?

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Welcome to the Picture of the Week poll for the best fashion outfits worn by royals between April 27 and May 3, 2015.

The poll will close on May 9, 2015.

Please feel free to discuss which outfit you voted for but remember to tell us why.

A small group of team members/advisers have assisted the Picture of the Week coordinators in selecting these pictures. Their names are listed below:


Have fun!

Picture of the Week Coordinators
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I had a hard time choosing but ended up voting for Queen Maxima's King's Day outfit. I watched videos of the festivities and thought that the pink dress looked great on Maxima, the colour is lovely and it fitted her beautifully as she walked about. The dress was nicely matched with the burgundy/maroon cape and accessories. I don't think the fabric of the dress shows up very well in pictures, in video it came across as a lot shinier.
I voted for the Duchess of Cambridge because I thought she looked amazing for someone who gave birth just a few hours before. I also like how she wore yellow, as it's not a very common colour amongst the royals, but it suits Catherine a lot and is very spring-like and cheerful.

Runners up for me are HGD Stephanie, Queen Letizia's black outfit and Princess Marilène.
I voted for Duchess Catherine. She looked great in that dress which is perfect to the spring.
HRH The Duchess of Cambridge got my vote!
This was a difficult week! I finally chose Princess Marilene's floral coat because I think it was just the prettiest thing on the poll and I would totally buy it, but I had to leave apart Kate's dress that would have got my vote if Marilene's coat didn't exist.

Maxima's hot pink and white dresses, Letizia's pink suit, Stephanie and Anita were among my favourites too. Our royal ladies did a great fashion work this last week ;)
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I voted for Queen Rania, the top she has on looks like a dress. I didn't care for her pants though. I was going vote for Kate, but once I got a better look at the dress I didn't like it as much anymore.
I have to go with the Duchess of Cambridge. Not just because the dress itself was beautiful and looked beautiful on her, but because she managed to look that flawless 12 hrs after giving birth to a baby. Should we all be that lucky!
I voted for Catherine, She looked effortless great in that dress. The print and colors are perfect on her and for the season.
I liked the line of Princess Marilene's chic Spring frock. :flowers: She got my vote.

Glowing new mother, Catherine, and Maxima in citrus were equal second.
Other faves - Madeleine, Stephanie and Maxima in pink.
I voted for Catherine. The color, the style, and the details are exquisite. It's one of her best looks.

My favorites:

1. Catherine
2. Letizia's pink suit
3. Maxima's yellow dress
4. Maxima's pink dress
5. Maxima's white dress
6. Annette
7. Anita
8. Victoria
9. Madeleine
10. Letizia's black dress
11. Marilène
12. Rania
13. Stephanie
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I voted for Queen Letizia's black dress.
This was by far the most difficult choice for me so far! I voted for the Duchess of Cambridge because I can think of no more suitable outfit to wear on the day one has given birth to a baby girl!
Had Catherine not been on the list, it would definitely have been Queen Maxima on Koningsdag - just a wow-factor regal outfit in a stunning colour (and a cape too!).
This week I voted for Queen Mathilde's outfit because I liked the bright colour and vivid print of the dress combined with the bright pink shawl. I also loved Queen Rania's outfit and that of HGD Stephanie. The cut of the latter flattered her, although it lacked colour.
It's hard to choose, because styles are so different and incompatible. For example - duchess Kate after giving birth and most ladies on official royal engagements.

Well, I've chosen Madeleine's outfit, liked how it put in evidence her nice legs.
Here's a better picture of Queen Mathilde's printed dress without the shawl: Picture
:previous: Well, the colour combination is slightly daring, with the red and pink and purple side by side. But I love all the same! :lol:
I really liked the dress too. I thought the colours went great with her complexion. It's always exciting to see unexpected colour combinations work together.
Tough choice. I went with Queen Maxima for the regal ness, and the wow factor. And the Max factor. Catherine would be my 2nd choice.
This poll is now closed. Thank you all for voting.
Here are the top 3 winners:



My vote went to Catherine. The colors in her dress were perfect for spring and I thought she looked lovely. My second favorite was Princess Marilene.
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