Baptism of Countess Leonore: October 8, 2006

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Wonderful pictures. I just love Amalia and Alexia, they're so cute :flowers: I really hate the way Mabel dresses her daughters. THey could look so much nicer, if their mother were to dress them in a different way
Thanks for the beautiful photos:flowers:

I know that's Leonor's day but I think that Amalia steal it from her little cousin. Amalia (my little angel) is just incredibile adorable little girl and as now she hasn't got any resistances behind the camera.:wub: :angel: And camera love her.
Are there pictures of the christening itself (inside the chruch)?
not yet :sad:

anp has 15 new photos (the first 15)!
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wow. the picture is spectacular! wonderful pictures!

I love Maxima's coat too! thank you for the info。
wow alot of royal babies YAY!! they're all soo beutiful! thanks for posting guys!
what a lovely and child-crowded christening! it was great to see so many babies and kids there, specially those we didn't get to see often like zaria and leah (and of course leonore!). i was impressed by the down to earth-ness of the christening... all the kids seem to be wearing really 'everyday' clothes rather than something more 'artificial'.

it was a great surprise that maxima was godmother as well. she seems to get on quite well with laurentien, and that's lovely to see. i also join the fan club for her coat. laurentien didn't dissappoint me at all either, red is really her colour!

it's also a pleasure to see anita and aimee. they both looked great and (anita) very pregnant!
Thanks to ALL for the beautiful pictures :flowers:
I love Maxima's coat
How wonderfull that Princess Margarita was there to! It seems she really reconsiled with her relatives. Good to see her mother Irene (who read from the bible) and Princess Christina to, as we see them to little.
I wonder if Princess Margriet and Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven attended, as there aren't any pictures of them (yet), but nice to see all their children(-in-law) and grandchildren to. Princess Aimee is really a striking beauty.
I also wonder about Guillaume and Sybilla of Luxembourg, who attended the baptisms of Claus-Casimir and Eloise. Good to see Martha-Louise to, her daughters are absolutely lovely.
I always look forward to these Dutch Royal family events because it seems like everyone shows up! They all have beautiful children.
Maxima looked superb!
Thanks to everyone for the lovely pictures.

When the Dutch Royals have an event....they definitely have a great turnout:flowers: .

All of the ladies and the children looked great! I love Maxima's coat, Laurentien's dress (not too distracting letting Lenore remain the star!), even Mabel! I love Julianna's dress...not too fond of the shoes though. Does she live in the Netherlands?
Zonk said:
I love Julianna's dress...not too fond of the shoes though. Does she live in the Netherlands?

last thing I heard was that she still lived in London. She studied art history there, but should be finished by now.
great great day1
we can see all the royal children! luana, alexia, amalia, claus, eloise and zaria!
i would agree with posts about CP Maxima's new coats because she chose good choice style right as colours if you have show as Maxima same as Model
Thanks for the photos everyone. Everyone looks great :) I like Martha-Louises' haircut I think it looks nice.
I read in 'De Telegraaf' today that Princess Margriet and her husband Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven were absent due to a stay abroad.
Are there any more pictures of little Maud Angelica?
She's so cute!
I just saw some close-ups of Leah Isadora...
Her_Majesty said:
Are there any more pictures of little Maud Angelica?
She's so cute!
I just saw some close-ups of Leah Isadora...


Great, great! Many nice pictures! Thank you all!
Beatrix looked a bit sad, didn't she??:ermm:
Máxima looks nice! It's great to hear she is pregnant again!
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