Baby Pictures Of Princess Märtha Louise & Ari

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Scanpix picture of Martha Louise


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Scanpix picture of Martha Louise


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All Over Press Picture of Ari at 9 months


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Scanpix picture


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Those are cute pictures of Princess Martha Louise!! :grrr: What a adorable baby she was!! :flower:
Great pictures - I think Maud Angelica favors the baby photos of Martha Louise!
Well...Little Maud Angelica looks a lot like Martha Louise when she was her age.


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Yes, actually, you're all very right. Maud Angelica does favour her mom at that age rather than Ari as I had originally thought.
Maud Angelica look so like Martha Louise! She also look a little like Queen Maud.

If you look in the Queen Alexandra thred you can see a pics of Princess Alexandra with little Princess Maud..
I just found some "new" old photos of mainly Märtha Louise but also Haakon. They were released today after Scanpix had a clean-up in their archives. They are from May 17, 1975, so I guess Märtha Louise weren't a baby any more, but a child anyways :)

The article mentiones the huge resemblence between Märtha Louise and Maud Angelica, and also mentiones the likeness of Haakon and Ingrid Alexandra.

Anyways, at the bottom of this web-page there are a "slide show" which you can look at...
How cute are little Ari and Martha Louise! I think Leah is looking her mother...
Märtha as a baby
one of the first pictures taken of the little princess.

The babies are very beautiful !!!!!
thanks for all the photos of the children
thanx for the photos! such sweet little babies. they all look alike in one way or another!
out of curiousity, does anyone have any baby photos of the queen?? perhaps the little princess also favors her grandmother!! :flowers:
Queen Sonja
(her grandchildren (especially little Maud and Ingrid look alot like her!)

source:"Sonja - Norges Kronprinsesse", 1983, , originally posted by Norwegianne
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