Baby Girl for Prince Joachim and Princess Marie: January 24, 2012

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What wonderful news: now Denmark has again three princesses to watch grow up. I'll call her Madita, which I was told is a Danish/Swedish pet name for "little Margrethe".

I don't know about the Swedes, but as far as I know it's not used as a nickname for Margrethe by us Danes. ;)
Little Prince Henrik has to be one of the cutest little kids I've ever seen, so I'm confident that the new little princess will be very beautiful.

Congrats to all involved.
As far as I know Madita is a german product. In Sweden her name (which is actually a pet name) is Madicken.

Anyway, back to the main topic:

HURRAY, a princess! :princess2:
I so whished for one. Joachim and the boys needed a daughter/sister. And as beautiful as Marie is she definitely should have at least one girl. So congrats to everyone from the new family to all danes in general for this new princess. :princess: :daneflag:

And now a little baby boy in Sweden and I'm dead on target. ;)
Oh, I'm so happy for them, I too wished for a sweet precious royal baby girl, and now she's here! She a Josephine and Isabella I'm sure will be close as sisters!
Congratulations to happy parents and brothers :flowers: Well done Marie. Can't wait to see little princess.
Best wishes and congratulations to Marie and Joachim! :baby: :flowers:
When the princesses (Marie and her daughter) will leave the hospital, do you think that Prince Henrik will accompany them together with Joachim?

BTW: The little princess was born on the 300th birthday of the Prussian King Friedrich, der Große.
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BTW: The little princess was born on the 300th birthday of the Prussian King Friedrich, der Große.

That would make her a Frederikke then.

Billed-Bladet - Det siger horoskopet om Maries lille prinsesse

And we have the first horoscope of la petite Piaf.

My knowledge about horoscopes is nonexistant, so bear with me. I'm translating something I don't really understand.

This is the work of astrologer Lejla Lindholm Christensen.

The new Princess will remain genuine and regardless of traditions and norms she will remain true to herself.
"She is born at a time when the sun was exactly on the eastern horizon and as such the little new Princess is a double-aquarius (*). In other words, an aquarius-girl, with an aquarius-ascendant. That means that she is her own and that she will always remain geunine. Regardsless of how many rules, norms and traditions there are around her, she will remain true to herself.
She has an untraditional approach to life and she will love to be on at public events.
She is super intelligent, yes, she has a hint of genious about her, which one day will be seen in the carreer for life. She will not be the type who will be wild about the rural idyl on the farm. She will be someone who very early on will be interested in new technology. That will inspire her to both (acquiring) knowledge, travels and lots of intelligent challenges.
She's absolutely a Princess of the time/contemporary Princess and she will create many new trends. Not withhin fashion, but more likely within philanthropy, new technology and humanism".

- So to summarize it. We are going to have a little geek, who looks like that and don't give a hoot about it in twenty years time?

(*) It is simply impossible for me to resist.
The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969 - YouTube

Perhaps she will resemble/marry one of these? :p - Trusted by geeks since 1996 - YouTube
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Yay! A girl! :clap::clap:
I´m so happy for them! congratulations to the whole family!
I bet she´s precious! :flowers:
Great news. I hope we can see soon the baby and Princess Marie. When she left the hospital when Henrik born?
Great news. I hope we can see soon the baby and Princess Marie. When she left the hospital when Henrik born?

For Henrik, Marie gave birth on May 4th and left hospital on May 7th.
That's fantastic news!! Congratulations to the parents and the whole family :flowers: It's wonderful they have a little girl now, I can imagine how hard it was to keep the gender secret.
Hmm... Does this mean the DRF need to do more tiara shopping in the future..? :whistling:;) There won't be enough tiaras for all the princesses, right? I've always thought that Countess Alexandra's tiara would go to Nikolai's wife for some reason (not sure if that would be at all likely) or in any case return to the DRF at some point. I can't wait to see all these little kids grow up! I know, childhood is precious and they should all enjoy it but can you imagine what it will be like in the future when Nikolai, Felix, Christian, Isabella, Henrik, Vincent, Josephine and the princess born today are ready to represent Denmark? It will be very exciting.
Hmm... Does this mean the DRF need to do more tiara shopping in the future..? :whistling:;) .

I don't think we'll be seeing as tiara shopping for this ancient royal house anytime soon. One new tiara has been brought in for Marie, and the midnight tiara is loaned to Mary now and then. It will be up to Margrethe/Frederik to distribute the jewels I guess. We already know where the best ones have gone and are going.
That's wonderful news, I'm so happy! Congratulations to Joachim and Marie :flowers:
A little princess! I knew it! What wonderful news! I am so happy for them! Can't imagine how happy Joachim and Marie are to have a daughter! Congratulations Joachim, Marie, Nikolai, Felix and Henrik! A think this little girl will make it really good with her older brothers! They will sure spoile her and treat her in a very special way! Amazing! The new princess will be a nice play-mate and friend to princess Isabella and princess Josephine in the future! Can't wait to see her and get to know her name.
Yaaaaa!!! That's wonderful! Congrats to to mom, dad and the big brothers!!!
Prince Joachim finally gets a girl.
I am very happy for them.
It's really great news!
So I had the right feeling that it would be a baby girl.
This is great news! Congratulations to Joachim and Marie:flowers:
at last a little girl for joachim!!!
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