Baby Girl for Prince Joachim and Princess Marie: January 24, 2012

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I hope they are in safe and good condition. Congrats to Princess Marie! :baby:
:flowers: A Princess is born :flowers:

Det blev en Prinsesse - Kongehuset

Congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie !

That's so great! a new little Princess for Denmark! What a nice addition for the family ! :flowers:
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Det blev en Prinsesse - Kongehuset

Amalienborg, den 24. januar 2012
It was a Princess

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie has on Tuesday 24 January 2012 8.27 at Rigshospitalet born a healthy princess.

Weight: 2930 grams, length: 49 cm.

Mother and child are doing well.

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim was present during the entire course.
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A princess! Congrats! I am so happy for them!
Its a girl!

As wished for, a little princess. Im so happy for the couple.
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I had everything crossed for them.. As long as the baby is healthy but a Princess is wonderful news...
Joachim has now spoken to the press.

Mother and child are fine - and so is daddy...

He cut the umbillical cord and tried to help the mother, while not being in the way of the maternity team.
He did shed a tear.
The daughter has dark hair and "she is beautiful", which according to Joachim means that she will probably end up resembling her mother.

The birth was different from the first bith, but in the words of Joachim, no two births are the same.
There was a little hint that the birth might have been hard.

Our Marie's family has been notified.

To the question of whether they will want a fifth child, he said easy now.

It was a wish come true that they had a daughter as this is something Joachim had wished for.

They have known for some time that it would be a girl.
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:rose: Congratulation ♫♫♫ I am so happy for them :) finally princess :) :rose2:
Congratulations, dear parents, dear family, dear brothers. I think that the little princess will be the star in Joachims family!
This is just the BEST news to wake up to! Congratulations to Joachim, Marie, Nikolai, Felix and Henrik! How exciting for Joachim to finally have a little princess!:flowers:

Prince Joachim looks so elated and proud in the video!
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This is wonderful news!! So pleased proud Dad Joachim finally got a little girl. Much celebrations within the family tonight.:whistling::flowers::):angel::princess3::baby::champagne::rose:
That is lovely news, a princess! Congratulations to the parents and to the whole Denmark!

I hope the mother and child are okay and in good health. The new princess is a little bit small, how big was little Henrik when he was born?

And now the wait for the name begins...
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Yay! So glad it's a girl. Ridiculously quick labour?
So I am guessing NO NUMBER FIVE for Joachim since he has his little girl now...I am happier for Joachim than anything else...And happy for Marie that she has her 'pigeon pair'...So sweet! And I like girls names better than boys names let the 3 months of speculation about HER name begin ;)
TV2 says that we may expect the Regent Couple to drop by late in the afternoon, early in the evening.

It is more questionable whether we will actually see M&F, as they may sneak in and out of the hospital through corridors underground.

if our Marie and little Marie are fine I think she may leave the hospital during the weekend.
(In the meantime you can start coming up with temporary names until the christening :p).
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Charlotte_Aster said:
It took about 4,5 hours. Not that quick.

I thought 4,5 hours was quick... Of course there are labours that take less time but I'd say that is fairly quick.

Were there some complications as Joachim seemed to hint?
The new princess is a little bit small, how big was little Henrik when he was born?

The Danish media say that the new princess is more or less the same size as her older brother was at his birth. Marie is fairly petite so the weight seems appropriate.

...and less than 5 hours' labour - that is extremely fast!
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Congrats to the family! Hope everything is sound and healthy. Curious to hear the name.
I just meant I saw quicker labours.
but anyway, not the topic now..
Will she be called lillepigen until the christening again?
No Shirley and Elvis this time, shame
what Her Name ? :p

We won't know that until the Christening, which will be about April time.

And 4 - 5 hours is a quick labour in my mind, i've heard about ones lasting 36+.
Lovely news. Congratulations to the happy family!
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