Baby Boy for Prince Louis & Tessy Antony - Gabriel: March 12, 2006

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Jun 20, 2004
It was just announced on luxembourgish radio that the baby was born during the night from sunday to monday. It is a boy, he is called Gabriel.

On you can read an newspaper article abour the birth.
Congratulations, Louis and Tessy, with the birth of your son. I wish you three all the best for the future!
Congratulations and best wishes to the couple.
Don't like the name though.
Congratulations from me. Gabiel is very nice name!
it is official

Yes, it is official. I think otherwise it wouldn't have been announced on the public radio station.
If you go to the link you can make out some of the article even if you don't speak the langauge. It doesn't look like stuff such as weight or possible godparents were reported and there is no picture.

Maybe one of our super-helpful Luxembourg friends can translate some of the article :D

hehe I love Babelfish here is a "translation" of the article that swissluxi posted

New generation in the grossherzoglichen family: Prince Louis, the 19-jaehrige Sohn of the governing Grand Duke Henri, and its friend Tessy Antony became parents. As the grossherzogliche yard communicated on Tuesday, the newborn boy carries Gabriel for the names. The child came on Sunday to the world. It is the first enkelkind of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Maria-Teresa. Nut/mother and son are the data of the yard marshal according to with best health. According to unconfirmed information the child in the birth hospital was born Dr. Bohler on Kirchberg. Over the surnames of the child the grossherzogliche yard did not want to give data. "the recent pair decided to let the birth take place in all Intimitaet", said speaker Claude new also an official photo it will not give. With all that it is improbable that the small Gabriel the surname of the dynasty is gotten. "I assume that prince Louis will recognize the small son, but the newborn child does not become thereby member of the aristocracy line." Prince Louis terminates his training at a secondary level school in Switzerland in the coming weeks. He had become acquainted with Tessy Antony, which carried at that time straight military service out, on the army base gentleman mountain
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I can translate it, no problem...but first I will provide a summary: the article basically just says that mother and baby are in good condition, the baby's name is Gabriel, the baby was born at the "Clinique Dr.Bohler" (a private birth hospital). There won't be any official picture. And the family name of the baby wasn't announced. Although Prince Louis will recognize the baby, the baby's family name will probably be Antony, and the baby won't get in line for the throne.

well, the translation from babelfish is really bad english :D
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Congratulations to the birth of the newborn!!! :) :) :)

It's kind of sad that there won't be a picture of the newborn and there's so much intimacy.:(
I don't see what is to celebrate, A baby born to unmarried teenagers is not exactly a role model for young people in today's luxumbourg. Grand duchess Josephine-charlotte must be spinning not just turing in her grave.
Will there be some official act in commemoration of this new happy arrival, of the grandson of the Dukes?
Beautiful name , Gabriel !

In the family ( not very close family ) , there is already a boy with the same name , Prince Gabriel of Belgium !
I do think that they should give out at least one official picture. It may not have happened in the way they wanted it to be, but it is and stays the first grandchild of the reigning Grand Duke and his wife.

We'll see what happens in the next few days. You never know...

Any other information being given out at the moment?
Fie said:
I do think that they should give out at least one official picture. It may not have happened in the way they wanted it to be, but it is and stays the first grandchild of the reigning Grand Duke and his wife.

We'll see what happens in the next few days. You never know...

Any other information being given out at the moment?

Probably you're right, until this time, I wish them all 3 all the best:)
i think it is always a joy when a baby is born. it is maybe not necessary in a modern world like today but i happen to the best families. and the grand ducal family is also a family...
Hullo all, and all happiness to Tessy and Louis and the baby! Here is a question: if, say, in five year's time Louis decides to marry Tessy, what will the status of Gabriel be then? And what if Louis marries someone else? Will the baby ever be a part of the royal family (like Mette-Marit's Marius is in Norway) or will he forever be in stuck behind (like Albert's son)? Sort of sad really, for him not to get real, proper recognition, at this time and age.

Healthy baby is always a blessing, apart from all circumstances. So congratulation to happy parents!:) Hope they will be wise and mature enough to raise a child in possible best way...
what a fantastic news I hope that all family is radiand about this new baby and yhey choose a really beautiful name Grabriel, congratulations to Prince Louis and Tessy
Congratulations to the family! Well he wasn't born on his grandmother Bday. Gabriel is such a beautiful name. Does anyone know if the family was present?
Congratulations!!!!! Oh, I've been thinking about this pregnancy so much that it is almost like Gabriel is my mishbucha! (I didn't mean to sound like a stalker there, because I'm not for future reference.)
Gabriel is such a beautiful name! I wish them the best and hope that the baby gets as normal of an upbringing as he can get.
Congratulations for Louis and Tess!!! And for the Grand Ducal family!! :)
Wow the baby is finally here!! Congratulations to both Louis and Tessy.
Wishing them all the best for the furture.
And what a beautiful name Gabriel.......:D.....
Congratulations to Louis and Tessy. Good luck for the furture.
have their families made any statements about the birth of Gabriel?
Alexandria said:
Where was the baby born? In Luxembourg?

In Switzerland.

Congratulations to the couple- I'm sure they're very happy with their new little bundle of joy [and that Maria Teresa is just absolutely ecstatic at being a granny]. :D
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