Archduke Karl of Austria & Baroness Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza 1993

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Apr 13, 2005
This wedding took place at the Austrian Sanctuary of Mariazell, on the 31st of January.

The wedding gown was designed by Versace and the veil was from the Habsburg Family. The bride didn't have a bouquet but an old and valious Mass Book.

Bride arriving with her father, Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen

Groom arriving with his mother, Princess Regina de Sajonia-Meininguen

Wedding Ceremony
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Thank you mtbcm and pdas1201 for posting the photos. What a beautiful winter wedding! The snow on the bare trees makes a wonderful backdrop. I'm assuming the gown was two parts; the outside part and this underneath? So much work must have gone into it. I love the little flower girls' coats. :)
Thank you so much for these wonderful photos. I have been hunting for photos of this wedding for a long time. THANK YOU
Beautiful! Anyone has pictures of the guest?
Yes, a truly beautiful winter wedding!!! The similar white coats of the bridesmaids and the bride are just adorable! Does anyone have a pic of her wedding dress, as well? You can get a glimpse of it on the portraits with the Prince, but what about the full view of the dress?
Thanks for all the wonderful photos. The wedding dress and the young girls coats are simply beautiful! With all the snow and bare trees, it looks like it was a real winter wonderland. Gorgeous!
Thanks for the great photos. This is one of my favorite wedding dresses. I love that it isn't a plain or just white wedding dress. The gold tones and creams work so well. Plus the outside winter theme was great. Very different and very memorable.
No one has commented on her father's costume.
I wonder do they have any kids?
Just how rich is her father? I read that this couple live separate lives but attend many functions together as well as support each other publicly.

Who were some of her guests? She has a different sense of style, but it works well with her and that beautiful hair. From her pictures here, her wedding was one of the nicest Winter Weddings.
For Reina: they have 3 children:

-Eleonore, born in1994
-Ferdinand, born in 1997
-Gloria, born in 1999.
This was a very beautiful wedding. Not too many royals have winter weddings.

The Baronness's bare shoulder dress was beautiful. I thought her jacket was very unique and elegant, not to mention warm too!
She sure is a stunning woman, even three kids later.
what a beautiful wedding it was, terribly romantic!

I wondered though, as some of Archduke Otto's brothers (Robert and Carl-Ludwig?) opposed the marriage, did they all attend the weddiging? Were Carl-Christian and Marie-Astrid there for example?
I have checked the Point de Vue coverage of the wedding (#2323 9 Feb 1993) and although the report states 70 members of the House of Habsburg attended, no names are mentioned. The photographs are of the bridal party and "other" Royal guests; apart from Archduke Otto's family there are no Habsburgs pictured. Still a mystery, sorry.
Thank you very much indeed, hilal! These are great links and we can see some nice photos of the Baroness' dress, underneath the coat :)

From Contrastphoto:

This is my favorite royal wedding! She looks so beautiful in her wedding coat & dress, walking through the snow with her father and wedding party!
Does anyone know who the little boys and girls are? Nieces/nephews of the bride and groom maybe?
wow!!!! The bride's dress was stunning!!
I love this dress, it was a true winter wonderland wedding,:flowers:
what is the brides father wearing???????????
newfan said:
what is the brides father wearing?
Baron Thyssen is dressed in the traditional garb of a Hungarian noble.

gvallejo said:
any member of another royal family attended?
According to Point de Vue the guests included:
70 members of the Habsburg Family
Princess Asnah of Morocco
Prince Vittorio Emanuele and Princess Marina of Savoy
Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança
The Prince and Princess of Hanover
Prince Charles of Bourbon-Sicilies
Queen Anne of Romania
Princess Margarita of Romania
Princess Gloria of Thurn und Taxis
Countess Maya of Schönburg-Glauchau
The Duke of Argyll

members of the following families:
von Fürstenberg
von Neipperg
and no doubt dozens more that weren't mentioned.
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what a beautiful wedding it was, terribly romantic!

I wondered though, as some of Archduke Otto's brothers (Robert and Carl-Ludwig?) opposed the marriage, did they all attend the weddiging? Were Carl-Christian and Marie-Astrid there for example?

It was reported at the time of the Wedding that none of the brothers of Otto
attended. Also no Carl Christian and Marie Astrid or Lorenz and Astrid.
All objected against a wedding with a mere baroness? Or they had other reasons to stay away. If it was the first one, the two youngest couple were a bit hypocritical indeed, as they had no problem to attend weddings of their own siblings(-in-law) to commoners.
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