Anyone Going to Windsor for Prince Harry's Wedding?

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Apr 17, 2018
I am flying to London from Sydney Australia for a few days in May just because I want to get the feel of the Royal Wedding. Just wondering whether anyone is planning to go to the wedding or does anyone who has been to previous royal weddings has got any helpful tips for me?

Just wondering whether it is worth to try and get a spot over night in Windsor on my own (among thousands of people.. of course). If someone is planning to go to the wedding I am interested in knowing how you prepare for this.

Any helpful tips would be appreciated
How exciting for you! A wonderful plan.
Please write back about your adventure.

You might need a swag and a friend to mind your spot while you go to the lavatory.
I read that security will be strict - sleeping bag searches and the trains, if the areas near Windsor become too overburdened with people, won't necessarily stop. You're going a long way so I guess positioning yourself early is not a big imposition by comparison. I wonder how early is early??
I bet they will have people there camping out for a week ahead.

I have to admit that going to the UK with the specific goal in mind was to see the royal wedding is one that would really appeal to me immensely. If I was a bit younger. Too old to camp out in the streets overnight like I used to for concert tickets.

Just being there among all the crowd there for the same person makes it a huge party that becomes an experience in itself even if you only get a fleeting glimpse of Harry and Meghan going by. Its stories you tell your grandchildren in years to come. Its making memories that last a lifetime.

Now, I'm going to be glued to the TV and computer monitor watching everything to do with this royal wedding and adding to it the thought that someone I've met on TRF is somewhere there in the crowd having the time of their life participating. I hope you have the most wonderful experience doing this and have many wonderful memories to take home with you.
I wouldn't go even if I lived there. I'm going to see a lot more at home watching it all live. The idea of being there in position hours/days ahead of time ..just doesn't appeal to me.

A couple of years ago I was in the crowd for Trooping the Colour. Yes it is the atmosphere and not 'seeing' the royals that matters as you may only get a fleeting glimpse of someone. If you are any further back that say the third or fourth person (and the ToC I was at it was 10 deep down the Mall) you saw nothing other than the soldiers on the horses - no one in the carriages (I was second person and so saw a lot but those behind me saw virtually nothing).

You will see a lot more at home OR I believe they are putting up the large screens in Green Park. A lot of atmosphere and a chance to see everything on the large screens but no chance to get a glimpse of the horses or the couple.

Of course you could be lucky and get a front-row seat but you probably need to be in Windsor at least a week before the wedding for that.
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As much as I love the couple, I won't be going on May 19th. I will, however, stop by Windsor for a day on my next European trip just to see in person where it all happened. :lol: I'm not big on crowds or waiting, both of which will be plenty of for the wedding.
The day is getting closer.. I am getting excited. I haven't heard much from anyone who is actually going to be in Windsor. I am planning to go the night before.. hope that's early enough
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I did a royal wedding countdown 35 royal weddings in 35 days and the last day from Windsor..
The wedding was such a great experience. It was amazing and totally worth it. I even managed to book a hotel room in Macdonalds hotel in High street Windsor. I had to pay an extraordinary amount for one night but it was totally worth it as we managed to get a good night sleep and champagne breakfast and still managed save a place right in front of the hotel entrance and see the wedding procession. I am so happy I was part of history in the making!


That is great, iamsaj. So glad you enjoyed it, that it was worthwhile, that you saw the crowds, carriage. Royal occasions have such a wonderful atmosphere. You will have some great memories, I'm quite envious!
Thank you for sharing your experience! Lucky you; it sounds like you had a fantastic time, and definitely a time to remember. It must have been wonderful to see it all live, in person.
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