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Princess Anne attended the Bramham International Horse Trials Prize Giving on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary at Bramham Park in Wetherby, West Yorkshire today, June 9:

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Sky and BBC say Princess Anne in hospital with minor injuries and concussion after an accident at Gatcombe.

HRH The Princess Royal has sustained minor injuries and concussion following an incident at her Gatcombe Park estate yesterday evening.
The King is being kept closely informed.


'Her Royal Highness remains in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, as a precautionary measure for observation and is expected to make a full and swift recovery.

'The King has been kept closely informed and joins the whole Royal Family in sending his fondest love and well-wishes to The Princess for a speedy recovery.'
Hope she gets to feeling better soon!
What sad news. I hope the Princess Royal makes a good recovery.
Sending well-wishes to HRH The Princess Royal. It's good to hear she's expected to make a full recovery.
I understood that it was not a fall but a kick or hard headbutt from a horse.
I wish her well and a speedy recovery.
Wishing her a speedy recovery - she is a "tough old bird" as we say in these parts!
Slightly worrying that its being said no one knows exactly what happened as Anne can't remember.
Why wishing a speedy recovery when we don't know anything about the injuries . A hard headbutt from a horse is dangerous .
Anything from a horse it’s dangerous. They are dangerous animals. I hope she is okay.
Slightly worrying that its being said no one knows exactly what happened as Anne can't remember.

If she has a head injury, then that would be somewhat typical, not unusual.

Without a doubt she was checked for stroke and seizure and anything else that might be wrong with her brain. If we haven’t heard about any of that, it likely was an injury from a horse, or something. If it was something likely to reoccur, they wouldn’t have put “full and swift recovery” out.

She’s safe; she’s being looked after. Let’s see how she is in a few days.
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