Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana & Family Current Events Part 15: April 2010 - February 2015

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You are calling grown women dumb, silly and useless, because they dare to do what they like. This is just plain ol´misogyny ;) But of course, the guys are so much more serious with what they do... You are free to ignore them btw!

No, I am not. I am calling silly and pretentious the people who think that just because their parents are rich they are specially talented. I don't care if they are men or women. Most of them have no special talent and they are ridiculous.

It just happens that most girl heiresses behave that way. They all want to be professional "artists" or something of the kind. Creative photographers, film makers, stylists, etc.
Please, check the link I posted in my last post. Ivanka Trump is the only one who doesn't pretend to be something artistic.

Since I this is not an attitude so prevalent among male heirs I wonder if if might be due to a diference in their education/upbringing.

I wonder where is the misoginy in all this.
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You are contradicting yourself in every post. You claim to not care if they are men or women yet you make a clear distinction between both sexes. It's honestly a little sad that you, as a woman, don't see this.

And there is nothing frivolous about working in the fashion industry or entertainment industry. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed.
And you think that the men who are on that list actually did jack sh.t for their ''job''? Art dealer, race car driver, dj? Give me a break.
It's ever so typical that women are bashed for having "meaningless" careers when 1.) it's much harder for women to be accepted in powerful positions and it's much harder work for women to get there than it is for men, and 2.) as Empress Merel mentioned, a lot of the men on that list don't have any more impressive jobs than the women - let's just face the fact that they're all rich kids born with silver spoons in their mouths, what do you honestly except from them? They've never had to work hard for their money.
And you think that the men who are on that list actually did jack sh.t for their ''job''? Art dealer, race car driver, dj? Give me a break.

Race car drivers actually do have to go through training before they are allowed on the course, or to use your phrasing yes race car drives do "jack sh*t" and a lot of it before racing professionally. You don't just wake up in the morning and decide I am going to put the pedal to the metal and enter a formula one race. To do so would be to put other drivers lives at risk.
And you don't just wake up, decide to launch a fashion or jewelry line, expect it to sell well and be respected by the big names that work in the fashion industry.

You're condemning women for choosing a priviliged profession and don't do the same with men. It's what we call misogyny.
No, I'm not contradicting myself and I am not judging men and women with different standards. That, I agree, would be chauvinistic (not misoginy since misoginy is a hate towards women).

I laugh at every heir or heiress, man or woman, who thinks he is more talented than most people just because they have money and contacts, and who thinks she/he is above non-creative endeavours.

I think they are pretentious, silly and laughable. Men and women equally.

I'm not talking about people who race cars, horses or boats as a hobby, conscious that they are not professionals. They are rich, they have advantadges in live, if they can pay for their rich hobbies, bravo!

But to be an artist, a "creative", as Charlotte loves to say, you need more than money and dedication, you need talent. It's not like being an accountant or sitting at a board of a bank. Not everyone has de talent to be a designer, a creative photographer, an actress, a film maker, etc... Yet, a lot of rich kids think they are talented! They think they are artists, just because they have the conections and the oportunities.

Yes, some of these people are men. Tatiana's brother with his DJ career is as silly as any of them.

I find them equally silly and laughable, men and women, unless they show they have some real talent. Some of them may have. And it would be stupid not to use their connections and advantages.

You're condemning women for choosing a priviliged profession and don't do the same with men. It's what we call misogyny.

No, I'm not. I'm not condeming neither men nor women for choosing a privileged profession.

Ivanka Trump, Valentine Pozzo di Borgo and Marta Ortega have privileged professions the three of them. One has done some modeling and the others are amateur riders, but they don't think of those activities as a profession. They're real jobs are at their companies.

What all the other girls and some of the boys in that piece of news have are not professions. They are hobbies. They don't live out of them. It probably even costs them money. But they pose and present themselves as professionals. They are just pretending. Playing. Like litte kids. And they are laughable.

Now, if you go back to the famous link, you will find that ALL BUT ONE the girls are "artists", while only about 1/4 of the boys have the same silly attitude.

I treat women and men exactly the same. I think that talentless rich kids posing as professinal artists are all silly. Men are women alike. It just happens that they are more women than men who do so.

And I wonder, for the third time, but somewho you never seem to read this part of my posts, why it may be so.
If they upbringing was discriminatory and not equal somehow.
If maybe those rich families gave a different upbringing to boys and girls. If maybe, they groomed educated their male kids to take in charge the family business over they years and treated their girls like 19th century delicate flowers, proper to amuse themselves with charities and clothes and nothing else.
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Of course, they are somo " professional artistic" male heirs, like Tatiana's brother, but most of them don't pretend to be more than they are. The sons of succesful entrepreneurs.

It's mostly the girls who feel they are talented because they are rich and have it in them to be jewelry designers, writers, stylist etc.

ow, have a look at the men. I'd say that maybe 1/4 of them have decided they are as tallented as the girls because they're worth it. There's a dj, an actor and a couple of gallery owners. But 3/4 among don't pose as professional artists and don't seem to be delusional they way the girls are.

I wonder if this is the consequence of growing up in a conservative background where boys and girls are educated differently. If boys are groomed up for succesion while girls are left to ocupate themselves with pretty dresses and silly dreams.

Say what? I call this a clear distinction between men and women you just made here.

Time to get back to the topic of this thread - Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo's current events - thanks!
Their prices are totally absurd. I guess only their friends buy something from time to time to help them out.

Of course, the prices of the prêt-à-porter industry (mass produced items with a huge label that makes people willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money) are also absurd at at least the Muzungu items are hand made.
But fashion companies have to pay hundreds of employees, thay pay for their very very expensive publicity campaings, they pay the stars who wear their clothes (like Charlotte)... you can see why they need to sell their mass produced articles at those absurd prices to cover their expenses and obtain some profit.

These two girls have no expenses whatsoever and yet they sell their stuff (if they really do, I doubt they have real costumers) at outrageous prices to the same rich wanna be hippies who wear mass produced prêt-à-porter from Gucci or Prada. For god's sake 180 pounds for a cotton bag? 275 pounds for a pair of linen trousers?

280 pounds for a hippy cotton skirt??!!! :ROFLMAO:

These rich heiresses are absurd. And it is sad how most often they are women. Bored girls pretending to do something artistic. You rarely see male heirs doing this kind of void things or pretending to be designers or artists or whatever...

I wonder why so many male heirs seem to live in the real world while women behave like little girls playing at being fashion designers, artists or sport champions...

My firsthand ( or so ) experience with Muzungu SIsters: my best mate who's crazy about hippy clothes and stuff like that bought a kaftan from their site last year. She paid around 70 British pounds. When the parcel arrived she was so happy and thrilled, I was with her and I sure didn't want to burst her bubble but was nothing special, she even had to have it fixed because it was too long ,it's something that honestly I can find for a fraction of that absurd price. Just my 2 cents.
She really has lost her pregnancy weight very quickly. Congratulation !

Tatiana is back to work, she posted a new photo of herself and her business partner Dana Alikhani on Instagram:

WOW. ! Fair play to her. If she were an ordinary worker here in Ireland she would be on maternity leave for 6 months. ;)

Has she got a nanny for the baby. ?
6 rarely does that happen here. Many women are back at work within 2 to 6 weeks...the most time you can take off (and keep your job) is 12 weeks and that is a federal law.

Let's not forget that she is co-owner of the company, so she can go and come as she likes. She may have just popped in to check on things. There's no indication that she's back full-time yet.

And Sacha may even be there with her. Daphne certainly is in the showroom a lot. It seems to be a very laidback atmosphere. Perfect for Sacha to tag along.
6 rarely does that happen here. Many women are back at work within 2 to 6 weeks...the most time you can take off (and keep your job) is 12 weeks and that is a federal law.


In Canada paid maternity leave is 1 year, although that can be split with the father if desired.
Here both parents can take up to 12 weeks off ...even if they adopt. But past that it would be something they'd have to work out with their employer.

I think the only exemption would be military members who would not have that option.

6 rarely does that happen here. Many women are back at work within 2 to 6 weeks...the most time you can take off (and keep your job) is 12 weeks and that is a federal law.


In the UK, you get 39 weeks and there is an indefinite change of making that 52 weeks. In France it's 16 weeks. Monaco doesn't list any information.
In Hungary you have 3 years... The first 2 years is not so bad, but in the 3. year you get very little money from the state, so the most woman go back to work after 2 years. (If they have even the workplace and the company want them back...)

Let's get back to the topic of this thread - thanks!

Tatiana (together with Eugenie Niarchos) attended the closing ceremony of the Taormina Filmfest 2013 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina on the Italian island Sicily on June 22, 2013.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** gettyimages gallery **
Ah, lovely pictures of Tatiana, soon to be Mrs. Casiraghi. :flowers:

She's always reminded me of a Pre-Raphaelite beauty, and these pictures further reinforce that view ~ long beautiful natural wavy hair down to her waist, adorned on top with a few jewels, Grecian style flowy dress, minimal makeup, a natural beauty. :)

Great natural addition to the family, Andrea was so lucky to have found her 10 yrs. ago and never let her go, smart man! :cool:
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