Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana & Family Current Events Part 15: April 2010 - February 2015

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It's interesting that PA has Andrea and Charlotte do interviews, but not Pierre. I wonder if there is a reason for that.
I don't have the time to translate it right now, i'll come later. But if any of you can translate it, no problem then.[/QUOTE]

Yes. And this interview is follewd by an article where it's said that once again, this year, Andrea organized a gala dinner ( « dinner bal masqué » ) in benefit of the Fondation Motrice ( naturally, P. Caroline, quite elegantly dressed, attended tha gala - as usual ). I can't scan the article for you guys and i haven't found any information on the fondation website, but i'll keep looking... ). :cool: :cool: :cool:
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I LOVE!!!! the pics. very much!! She wearing some lively dreses lately. Thanks.

On August 3, Andrea and Tatiana were on the Greek island Mykonos and attended the opening party of the Belvedere Shop of the Belvedere Hotel.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
^^ Thanks iceflower :) Tatiana's clothes are hummm interesting. Not sure why but I like them
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Oh my God, second pic is awful! Bad make up or bad light, but I'm sure that these girls can look better!
Why but why don't we see the couple together since the announcement of the engagement. Is this engagement real ????
They have their own lives maybe?
Of course you are right, but beforehand they were constantly photographed together (even simply walking in the street) and since the engagement, we have never seen them together....:flowers::):flowers::):flowers:
^ We didn't see a lot of pics of them together during the years before the engagement. They were so discreets that I remember long debates on the forum between people saying that they were just friends versus people saying they were still together.
I'm sure that although Andrea and Tatiana have their own lives they live together in the same place and they spend a lot of time with each other. Especially now, with this project of mariage and the future arrival of the baby. They have managed to organise their lives far from the light, that's why we don't see a lot of pics of them.
However, when we have candids it's usually on a boat, on a beach... The weather doesn't currently allow these kind of pics!
She is not very recognizable.

Many pregnant women have their features altered in the last month of pregnancy... a great amount of fluids in the body, the baby's weight... you almost can tell a woman is in her final weeks of pregnancy just looking at her face, even if you don't get to see her belly... :ermm: :lol: :ermm:
Of course you are right, but beforehand they were constantly photographed together (even simply walking in the street) and since the engagement, we have never seen them together....:flowers::):flowers::):flowers:

We used to see many pics of the Casiraghis in many situations (ex walking together) some years ago. But this seems to have changed in the last few years (2/3 years, i would say) and not just for Andrea and Tatiana. Take Pierre and Bea: when they started to date, we had lots of pics of them, on the beach, in Rome, etc... and now? When was the last time we saw them together? When was the last time we had papparazzi pictures of them in their daily lifes?
Even Charlotte: she's the most photographed of the trio but most of the pictures are from the public events she attends. yes, we have papparazzi pictures but not many really... How many times have we saw her walking in the streets with Gad, for example?
Well, maybe the global financial crisis has something to do with this. Less lavish parties and events are organised these days, and besides all these people, the extremely rich ones, titled or not, have to be more careful, right? I would blame it on the crisis, I really don't think there's something too odd going on. Unless we hear something for sure.
Hola magazine contains some pics of Tatiana shopping in Paris
I think it´s hilarious how her maternity garderobe is not much different to her pre-pregnancy one. She looks lovely ;)
Furstin Taxis, I just realized that-you are right! Tatiana probably did not need to go shopping for a maternity wardrobe!
It seems like she is wearing a similar scarf with the one grey scarf Char has.
She looks very different, but she seems sweet with her full belly. I like her much better pregnant, and i think i will like better as a mother!!
I think she's prettier than ever

her coat is lovely
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She is not very recognizable.
Hi fandesacs,
maybe the baby is kicking like a football player!
Have a Happy New Year in 2013 to all who regularly enter the portals of the Monaco board. I wish you good health above all.
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