Andrea Casiraghi Current Events 3 : Feb.2005 - June 2005

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anyone who's got pics of andrea in zurs? there are a few on the 'young_royalty' yahoo group but those are very little...

Andrea with Tatiana in Zürs 2005

Andrea and Tatiana having wonderful time together..

Source; East News


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More pics from eastnews:


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looks to me like andrea got his hair cut!!! (just a little though)
andrea and tatiana on ski lift (close up)

again on ski lift....

playing and watching the camera...

sorry i can't save them on this computer otherwise i would just insert the pictures onto the page but hopefully this will do for now... there are more pictures from vienna report but they are duplicates of the east news pictures...
News pics Zurs 2005

I find others pics of Andrea and Tatiana on Zurs !:)


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pics Zurs 2005

other and other pic of Andrea And Tatiana !


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Zurs 2005

Sorry.....I forgot some pics of Tatiana ....!!:eek:


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tatiana is soooooooo lucky, andrea is really into that girl.
and that cool they got to go on a helicopter,
thanks for the great pics
Andrea with Tatiana..Some close-up's of Tatiana

Love is in the air..everywhere you look around..:)

so sweet together..holding hands....andrea's girl..

from eastnews


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Thanks for news pics

So great pics Ianna !!!
I thinks that they go out to Zurs because in the french university we only have one week of holiday ......but I'm not sure It's just a supposition !:confused:
What andrea studies ? And where ?
I found some pix of Andrea without letters(And one of Charlotte)
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at zurs ???

Ianna said:
Love is in the air..everywhere you look around..:)

so sweet together..holding hands....andrea's girl..

from eastnews

about this pix ... at zurs 2005 ???
Tatiana seems not happy
That picture was taken in January during Andrea's visit to Mexico. He is attending there the party of Rodrigo Penafiel. The party had like 5 rooms with different music being played.
where did u find that pic of andy and are there anymore.
OMG!!!!! in the first costume party picture... the guy in the pirate hat is none other than ERNSTIE!!!!!!! *sighhhhhhhh*
Andrea and Titiana

W Magazine (Kate Moss On Cover)

Princess Caroline of Hanover couldn't be happier that her 20-year-old son, Andrea Casiraghi, is dating Colombian beauty and heiress Titiana Santo Domingo, whose family own Aviance Airlines and about everything else in the country. Andrea and Titiana, who have been secretly dating since July, were recently seen in London, where Titiana is studying at the American Intercontinental University, and in Paris, where they spent a night with Andrea's little sister, Charlotte, the cutie who introduced them last summer in Ibiza.
Here is my sort of rambling Andrea question. Obviously Ranier is not doing to chances are that (sadly) he will pass away before Albert has a direct heir. Supposing that happens...the House of Grimaldi ends up in a situation where Albert is the Reigning Prince, and Caroline is next in line. Should that happen (and it most likely will) does anyone expect that Andrea will start taking on any duties? Will he eventually be styled HSH?

I guess my rambling question is just about what will happen, or if anyone knows? I doubt Caroline will ever be the Reigning Princess...I assume she will step aside, but at what point does that ball start rolling.
I agree with megknight Albert won´t have a heir before Ranier pass away and i don´t think that Caroline will be the reigning princess because she don´t need it, she is the pricess of Hanover and... I don´t Know, maybe she is looking for a quiet life without the responsability of be the reining pricess; so i think after Albert the next Reing prince will be Andrea (and that will be great!)
I wonder, if that is the course that this does indeed take, how long before he is styled HSH.
online artical
Seven months,that are known, it takes Andrea casiraghi with his Colombian fianee Tatiana Santo Domingo. Until know anxious first-born of Caroline it seems to have seated head with this young person;which demonstrates that it prefers them simple and descreet beauty. Sworn Maria, with being much more rulilante, lasted the summer.

i like the way the called Tatiana a descreet beauty,that term is better then saying ugly, not that pretty or whatever term we used to explain her look.
It's cool to know that Andrea is not shallow...but then again beauty is different for everyone ^___^
a not so very flattering photo of Andrea.
Its from the Swedish newspaper Expressen, who writes that Caroline will take
over the throne and after her... this man :)


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More of a (probably) drunken Andrea in Montreal (source: east news)


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