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Oct 9, 2003

Born: June 8, 1984
Time: 10:52 p.m.
Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Capricorn Ascendant: Indicates that you're an individual with an energetic, success-oriented personality and the determination to satisfy your personal goals. You strongly identify with the material world and tangible assets. Unless other factors in your personality or background interfere, you are not likely to adopt an easy-going, "take me as I am" attitude. You feel more comfortable with formality. You want to be aware of all the rules of social conduct and adapt their actions to fit these structures. Consciously or subconsciously you specifically choose the company of people who make you look good. It is not unusual for handsome Capricorn Ascendant males to select less attractive wives or, beautiful Capricorn Ascendant women to select less attractive female friends.

Sun in Gemini: This stage is concerned primarily with information-gathering and Geminis never seem to stop collecting it. They need to express ideas and share information with others, but what they do with their information is another matter. The mature Gemini becomes a serious scholar and careful researcher. The immature Gemini turns into a gossip and the proverbial "jack-of all-trades and master of none". Geminis readily adapt to change. This trait is a strength because it is a survival mechanism, and a weakness because it makes them vulnerable to the demands and influence of other people. Natural versatility and ever-changing interests give Geminis their multifaceted personalities. The eagerness and interest they have in what's going on around them contributes to an appearance of youthfulness (both physical and psychological) that most of them manage to retain throughout life. They have to learn to concentrate on one thing at a time, or at least on what they know can be accomplished efficiently and well. Easily jumping from one subject to another, they forget that others are not so nimble. They often have to be reminded to slow down and let others catch up with what they're talking about. They also have to be reminded to stop talking once in a while and listen. Sometimes they neglect to get all the facts before repeating information. Though they can be secretive about their personal affairs, they love to learn about everyone else.

Sun in Sixth House: As an employee, you'll demand many rights and privileges and expect to be treated as an equal. As an employer, you can be a difficult boss. You must learn the lesson of humility through service to others. Your best work is done in cooperation with others. As a child, you'll have many hobbies.

Sun Trine Moon: You're attractive to the opposite sex. Your good health, success and harmony are earned from the past. You're popular, tranquil, independent, self-confident, stable, happy, self-reliant, and optimistic. You may lack ambition since you prefer peace and quiet over active participation, but you can usually achieve what you want without too much effort, which may only increase your lack of ambition. You get along with your family and parents unless there are major afflictions.

Sun Conjunction Venus: You're easy-going, feminine, attractive, affectionate, cheerful, optimistic, generous, non-combative and warmhearted. This aspect attracts help and blessings into your life. You're persuasive, eager to be liked, and able to bring happiness to others due to your strong affections and romantic drive. You have a refined, agreeable and, usually, traditional sense of taste. You may postpone getting married, and when you do, you'll probably limit the size of your family, even though you get along exceptionally well with children.

Sun Opposite Uranus: You're nervous, high strung, irritable, tense, impatient and impulsive. You attract self-willed people (karmic) or arouse others' self-will by being too self-willed yourself. Until your self-will is controlled, you'll have disruptive and unsettling conditions in relationships.

Moon in Libra: You're gentle, courteous, charming, ambitious and diplomatic. Your sweetness hides an iron fist. Your home is important to you and is usually a place of beauty and scene of social activity. You see life as a chance at self-discovery through trial and error. You tend to live for the moment, but must consciously develop self-reliance since you're too easily influenced by others. You have an unconscious desire for peace at any price, to the point of not standing up for your principles since you want to be liked by all. Men with this placement seek a refined, sociable, and intelligent mate, but usually his mate will want to be in charge.

Moon in Tenth House: You feel a need to achieve prominence and recognition, which may lead to a scandal, damaging the reputation you value so much. On the other hand, you're highly self-protective due to a lack of a private life since you're usually prominent in the public eye-- possibly in politics. You need to feel socially useful, often working in some capacity with the public, women or in fields related to women. Your career, which will probably change several times, is helped by the influence of women. Your parents are generally well-to-do and they want the same things for their children. This is especially true of your mother.

Moon Trine Venus: You're calm, optimistic, cheerful, refined, charming, social, attractive and have a loving personality. You have a genuine love of beauty, harmony and order. You have empathy and sympathy for others. Your presence has a soothing effect on others and you have a pleasing, melodious voice. You're able to attract financial benefits, often through your domestic life or the public.

Moon Square Jupiter: You have misunderstandings with or separation from an overly indulgent mother. You have a conflict between false pride/conceit and your emotions, which tend to be excessive. You often have different religious views than your parents and family and may be an agnostic or a fanatic, and this can cause problems. You're friendly, popular and have a good sense of humor. You often lose money by falling for a good sob story, but must learn to give of yourself to avoid problems. You have wanderlust, but may run into some sort of trouble in a foreign country.

Moon Sextile Uranus: Changes come suddenly and unexpectedly, but often to your advantage. You're enterprising, scientific, intuitive, ambitious and have quick emotional responses. You're able to let go of the past and instinctively take advantage of new opportunities with an original response. You have a magnetic quality that creates excitement in everyday life. You may have friendly relations with your parents and family and many friendships with women. Your mother may be an unusual person or your relationship with her may be unusual. You have a strong sense of duty but must learn to control your more extreme tendencies.

Mercury in Gemini: Your mind is able to concentrate on two things at once, but if it's kept too busy too long, your nerves become frazzled. Your highly geared nervous system is unable to shut out external stimuli and you need lots of quiet and solitude to maintain your sanity. You're intensely curious about everything. You often spread yourself too thin and may lack the ability to follow through on projects you start. You often have difficulty making decisions since you can see all points of view and often change your mind.

Mercury in Fifth House: In your early life, your mind is centered on love affairs, pleasure and artistic pursuits. In your later life, your mind is centered on the children of your mind, emotions and body and you're concerned with and proud of your children's accomplishments. Despite your love of children, you may not have many of your own. Your thinking is creative, your self-expression dramatic and your speaking ability is good, but you can be autocratic. You can be analytical and critical in romantic situations. You like speculation but should avoid it. You're attracted to anything that stimulates your mind and want to be admired for your intellectual ability and may be intellectually conceited. Education is important to you. You're attracted to art forms that convey information.

Mercury Opposite Uranus: You have an alert, ingenious mind but unless it receives constant stimulation, you get bored. You waste a lot of energy, which creates tension or confusion. You often start too many projects at once and usually don't finish any of them. You especially have troubles with group endeavors since you either think your ideas are the only right ones or won't accept others' ideas. This undermines your great talent since you think you're chosen or special in some way. Although it's hard to deceive you, you often jump to conclusions or make snap judgments.

Venus in Gemini: You're generous, friendly yet detached and have a keen wit, conversational ability and a pleasing manner. You like variety in your romantic and social life and can be inconsistent and fickle in romance. You're disinclined to settle down in one permanent relationship but you are capable of it. You're curious about people and are attracted to those with agile, keen intellects. You want to be friends with everyone and generally maintain good relationships with siblings and neighbors. Additionally, your romantic values may be superficial, so you may have more than one marriage. You need to be given your freedom and spend much time traveling for pleasure. You understand but don't really feel too much passion. Your favorite form of artistic expressions are literary (usually in the form of poetry) and jokes (including puns).

Venus in Sixth House: Your love life and social contacts are usually begun at work-- you often marry someone you met through work. Your career often involves art, women or social doings and you're popular and diplomatic, whether employer or employee. Your working conditions are usually pleasant unless others don't respect your habit patterns. You avoid dirty or manual labor unless the outcome is an object of beauty. You're conscious of diet and clothing but, if afflicted, avoid excess sugar and starch. Your health is usually good and will probably improve after marriage. You want to serve others and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Affections are lavished on your pets.

Venus Opposite Uranus: Your unstable emotional nature and powerful desires can lead to disaster because you want to experience the unusual regardless of the consequences. You won't even follow the dictates of your own conscience, let alone others' advice. Your demand for personal freedom outweighs anything else, even love, so you're often alone and estranged. You must learn to give others as much freedom as you demand. You have a magnetic personality but your egotism often causes problems with the opposite sex. Friendships are often based on desire and pleasure and often lead you astray, usually by impulsively spending money on casual friendship or useless pleasure. You're spoiled and used to having things your way, so consequently, you resent authority or anyone who won't do it your way. You often have several marriages and divorces. When a romance ends you go into emotional chaos.

Mars in Scorpio: Powerful emotions and drives make it difficult for you to relax. Boundless courage and thoroughness are used to fulfill your goals, whether they're constructive or destructive. You're resourceful and energetic, especially when the going gets tough. You seldom act without knowing what's best for you and seldom reveal your plans without just cause. It's difficult for you to remain neutral and you must learn objectivity and detachment. Since you may not consider others' feelings, you can appear coarse and blunt. There can be intense anger and resentment that's not easily forgotten. If afflicted, you tend to dominate others emotionally.

Mars in Tenth House: You want fame and status and usually get it. Your strong competitive drive to reach the top of your chosen field and the desire for material gain can cause you to be ruthless and disregard human values, especially if afflicted. You can be a constructive, effective political leader but, if in the public eye, you're likely to be controversial. You need to avoid moral offense because the slightest one will be used against you to create a public scandal. You're self-reliant, ambitious, practical and have initiative and executive ability. You may have a problem with or separation from your father.

Mars Sextile Jupiter: You're broad-minded, liberal, loyal, self-confident, straightforward and optimistic. You have enthusiasm and energy for work, self-expression and self-improvement. You're secure in your own beliefs so you're a true idealist. You work strenuously on behalf of those less fortunate than you and can be generous in a practical way.

Mars Conjunction Saturn: You're capable of hard work, enduring strength, resourcefulness and courage, especially in difficult or dangerous situations. If afflicted, you're prone to broken bones or skin/teeth problems. Unless well aspected, you tend to be angry, malicious and violent, stemming from a negative attitude and resentment. You often suppress your anger until you explode. You tend to be rigid and musclebound and, in a weak sign, lazy and unambitious. You have an extraordinary ability to make enemies and may develop a persecution complex.

Mars Sextile Ascendant: Your direct, forceful and frank self-expression brings you approval and respect.

Mars Conjunction Midheaven: You're highly ambitious and competitive, wanting to achieve prominence in the world and at work. All of your actions and energy are planned, purposeful and aimed at taking you up one rung on the ladder of life. This aspect is good for industrial professions or those involving machinery, engineering or the military. Politics of some sort (even if only in the office) is usually in evidence. You can easily accomplish what others find difficult, if not impossible, to do.

Jupiter in Capricorn: You often acquire a cold, austere manner in your latter years and tend to hide emotional frustrations and loneliness behind an air of dignity and importance. You have integrity in your moral conduct, business ethics and the responsibilities of high office. Your views are conservative and traditional, but you're over-concerned with the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law. You have a strong drive for power and status, either from personal ambition or out of a sense of duty (this may cause you to seek positions of political or economic authority), that may interfere with your home life. You tend to support the social, economic and political status quo, often alienating the younger generation since you tend to overlook the shortcomings of the status quo. Your judgment, although lacking imagination and innovation, is cautious, mature and prudent.

Jupiter in Twelfth House: Helping others gives you emotional satisfaction and, if well aspected, you give lavish donations to charity. You often work behind the scenes in service oriented jobs related to education, medicine or religion. You need to be needed and are very dependent on others' reactions to you. Hidden enemies become friends. This placement is good for work in medicine, research, poetry, dance, acting or social work. Success usually comes in mid-life.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn: You have a serious purpose to life and are willing to work hard for what you want, but will take the easy way out whenever possible. Your good judgment and practicality work together and allow you to take a long-range view of life. Although you're cautious, organized and prudent in business, you're also enthusiastic, expansive and optimistic. Your honesty and integrity in dealing with others often leads you to prominence in politics. You use wisdom and discrimination in helping others, but expect them to learn to help themselves. Your interest in philosophy and religion is traditional and, like many other aspects of your life, is strongly influenced by family tradition.

Jupiter Conjunction Ascendant: You're able to inspire the confidence and goodwill of others. You're interested in and often find an outlet for self-expression through law, philosophy, religion and teaching.

Jupiter Sextile Midheaven: You're positive, honest and generous in matters related to your career, attracting popularity with those in power in your profession, and usually bringing success. You have an expansive, optimistic attitude to life. You're fortunate in domestic/family matters with an expansive, religious attitude toward family responsibility.

Saturn in Scorpio: Emotions are deep but suppressed and you can be a schemer, plotting revenge for past emotional injuries you're unable to forget. You harbor deep resentment if you feel you're a victim of injustice. You accept responsibility with such serious emotional intensity it can become a burden. You must learn to deal with responsibility calmly. You're determined, persistent, subtle and thorough and often are inflexible and brooding. You have a magnetic personality, a biting sense of humor and an enormous drive for success. You're always trying to improve the status quo, exerting much energy and willpower on practical accomplishments.

Saturn in Tenth House: You like, need and accept responsibility and have far-sighted organizational and managerial ability. Strong career ambitions allow you to achieve status, especially after age twenty-nine. You attain wealth, leadership roles and positions of authority due to hard work and moral integrity. You must use ambition and success as a means to serve the larger social order and use extreme caution concerning your principles or you're likely to incur heavy karmic debt. You may lack a father figure or have parental problems.

Saturn Sextile Ascendant: You're disciplined and organized, have a strong sense of justice and adhere to your principles.

Saturn Conjunction Midheaven: You have good executive/administrative ability, enabling you to rise to prominence through steady ambition and hard work. You're honest, responsible and far-sighted in all your dealings. Your political views are conservative.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Your intuition and judgment work hand in hand with each other and the fiery enthusiasm you throw into all you do. An inner optimism and a good sense of humor helps to expand your horizons inwardly and outwardly. If afflicted, you may dogmatically adhere to social philosophies and strange religions or desire to negate all religious concepts. Free expression of every type is important to you. You travel suddenly, taking long journeys for sheer adventure and often having many unique experiences in foreign countries or with foreigners.

Uranus in Eleventh House: You have many unusual friendships that are mentally and spiritually stimulating but your unwillingness to be tied to one relationship means you have few strong emotional ties. If afflicted, irresponsible and impractical social ideas spill over into friendships and group associations. Your approach to sex is unusual and you may have some sexual problems or hang-ups. An intuitive ability to perceive universal laws and principles gives you a humanitarian attitude and a sense of brotherhood. You're open-minded and aren't limited or inhibited by tradition or the need for approval, being concerned only with truth and facts.

Neptune in Capricorn: You're conscientious with a deep sense of responsibility and self-discipline. You have great drive and determination and are able to effect many changes for the public good.

Neptune in Twelfth House: You often have memories from previous incarnations, but if afflicted, this can become neurotic preoccupation with the past and may result in mental confusion or withdrawal from the practical affairs of life. You have an intuitive link with your unconscious mind but there are stresses due to extreme sensitivity. If afflicted, you can be deceitful, yet maintain a charitable, caring spirit.

Pluto in Libra: You must consciously acknowledge and accept your responsibility for your fellow man and must learn to settle conflicts peacefully rather than with violence. Your adaptability allows you to clearly see all sides of an issue, but may leave you unable to decide which side you support. You can be fickle in one-to-one relationships and often provoke minor quarrels in your family. Your passion and sexual energy need positive expression and you must avoid becoming jealous. You'll witness new concepts concerning marriage, justice and law.

Pluto in Tenth House: You have a highly developed will, strong desire to succeed, strength, courage, tenacity and an obsessive need to be the best. The latter may lead to ruthless behavior in obtaining career objectives or even megalomania, especially if afflicted. You're self-assertive, determined and willing to fight authority to achieve your goals. Your ability to understand those in positions of power and their motives enables you to be a spiritual leader in reforming existing power structures, often with little or no conflict.

Ceres in Taurus: You feel nurtured by food.

Ceres in Fourth House: Being home nurtures you, and there is a tendency to nurture anyone and everyone in your home. It's as simple as that. But you could also feel nurtured by the homes in general.

Ceres Opposite Pluto: Nurturing is not given freely. You may be the type who says, "you want some nurturing? OK, first you have to do this for me. You want some more nurturing? Then you will have to do that for me."

Pallas in Pisces: There is a tendency to dream instead of do.

Pallas in Third House: It's easier for you to solve problems while you are walking around the neighborhood, taking short trips, or communicating. The problems you deal with are more likely to concern immediate, day-to-day matters.

Pallas Square Sun: Solutions and patterns you come up may cause a clash with authority figures.

Pallas Square Venus: You may have the tendency to be excessively critical of those with whom you are romantically involved with.

Juno in Cancer: You need a sensitive, nurturing partner. Careful though. You may have to nurture them, and they will whine and complain endlessly.

Juno in Seventh House: This simply increases the need for a marriage or partnership. Those things will tend to be the cornerstone of your life.

Juno Square Moon: This can indicate a clash between your emotional and partnership needs. You could get a partner who is over-emotional or whines a lot. Conversely, the partner could bring out those traits in you.

Juno Trine Mars: Marriage and partnership will stir you to action. In fact, you may need a partner to be active at all. The partners you attract will tend to be active, assertive, and aggressive. Conversely, having a partner may bring out these traits in you.

Juno Opposite Jupiter: You may attract an over-optimistic partner who is always expecting their "lucky break" to be right around the corner. There could also be a clash over religious or philosophical differences. The over-expansiveness could also apply to extra-marital affairs. Either you or your partner might think that the "to have, hold, and love" part of the marriage vow means anyone whom you fancy at the moment.

Juno Trine Saturn: Your partner tends to be older (in spirit if not in actual years). She is likely to be solid, practical, and dependable, but, unless there are other indicators, don't expect her to be the life of the party. Conversely, partnership could bring out the solid, practical, and dependable side of you.

Vesta in Cancer: You tend to focuse on home and domestic matters.

Vesta in Seventh House: When you are married or living with someone (someone you are involved with, and not just a roommate) you have to have your own space. You cannot be around them 24 hours a day. Get away, even if it is just for an hour or so at a time. If not, you will tend to get drained and sick. Be sure to discuss this with them before you move in together, otherwise they might think it is strange when you want to take separate vacations.

Vesta Square Moon: You may use work to avoid your own feelings, or you may have a mother who is like that. You have a hard time focusing because your emotions run wild. It goes without saying that the real job in this case is to work on expressing feelings without loosing focus and getting hysterical.

Chiron in Gemini: You may talk compulsively, or, on the other hand, seldom speak.

Chiron in Fifth House: If someone needs romantic advice then, they should go to you. However, it would be wise for them not to ask you about your own love life, as that would embarrass you. People can also go to you for advise on children, sports and games, gambling, and the stock market. This can be an indicator that you can train your children to be happier and more successful than you ever could. Watch out though. You may drive your kids to succeed in the areas that you would have liked to succeed in but that they don't really like at all.

Chiron Conjunction Mercury: Sometimes you feel that you have just communicated brilliantly when you actually didn't. Conversely, you might feel that your communication bombed when it was really right on target.
thought this could be fun for our new members to read

what do you think

does it match up Andrea
Wow this is a great horoscope. Well written. I do not personally know Andrea Casiraghi, so I cannot say if it matches up to him. I do like your work quite much.
Andrea astro overview

June 8th ,1984 adds up to a 9 numerologically and that is a number ruled by Mars.The karmic lord of the day was Narayan on this day and this year is a Jupiter year by his karmic lord for Andrea.Also PLuto is traversing the ascendant and Saturn the Moon so I would ask this young man to be cautious in all things.When Saturn traverses the Moon one tends to gain weight; lose the protector of the family;have a danger to the mother or other family member; decline in one own's health;generally it is a difficult period.Caro and Andrea have the identical Moon positions in Libra.
Pluto transiting the ascendant in Capricorn tends to give and take power away. It tends to manifest in the physical body and is a time when the individual might have physiological problems that they usually would not have previously.These are gradual and creep up out of the blue.
This is not a happy period for Andrea.Also Mars in Scorpio in the tenth squared by Neptune leaving Aquarius is not an aspect of prosperity.It is good to be careful of potential accidents. Better times are ahead. It is a time to wait until these influences pass.It is critical astrologically speaking to keep a low profile.
Astrology is a wonderful mix of science, art and craft. The best part of it is that no matter how much one learns he can never embrace all its knowledge. This is what makes it a science. I only pray to God to give me enough days of life in order to study it in every single day, as I am always thrilled with it. astrology become a part of our daily life, even on a hourly basis if needed. I think the best astrologers are so attuned, because of years of honing their skill, they become psychic, in a manner of speaking.
I love astrology. But is so complex.
Anybody knows here how might be Andrea's life, now that he might not be the Prince of Monaco? Anybody with astrological skills can help us? :)
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