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Jan 2, 2006
United States
Aloha from Hawai'i!


Aloha to all from sunny Hawai'i!

I have been a "lurking" member for awhile and finally decided to do my first posting and
introduce myself.

I have been interested in royalty all my life, starting with Queen Victoria, and the Romanovs -- interests that I continue to this day (especially the Romanovs!)
Oh yes, I am also very interested in and study - the Hawaiian Monarchy - I have studied them and even lectured at our local museum -- my favorite and much loved is Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Cleghorn, who died at the very young age of 23 and who was heir apparent to the (illegally overthrown in 1893) throne.

I am only 3 years older than the late POW and I loved her very much, as so many, many others did. I followed her story from here in the USA and I still mourn her passing. It is still very hard to accept that she is gone from us and she will always be my personal "Queen of Hearts", as I know she is to so many others.

I live on an island called Kaua'i, one of the smaller neighbor islands in the Hawaiian island chain -- it is very lovely here as you can imagine and I have lived here now for about 10 years -- I haven't been back to the "mainland" in about 7 years and don't miss it at all!
I would however love to visit England someday -- the only place I've really traveled to is Tahiti, which I loved.

Well, I'm sure this is very boring, but I thought I'd put something down instead of just lurking around all the time -- I'll try to find something interesting to post! :p

Mahalo for reading my post!


(darn it, I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures from my photobucket....any help would be much appreciated!)
Hello, everyone! I am so glad I found these forums. What a refreshing change from some other sites where it's just negative, negative, negative all the time. I know I'm going to like it here!
Hi everyone. Welcome. Hope to see you all around

Good Morning Royals I'am new to this forum:In that Good to be marked present.

Love Terrance
Welcome Dreamofenqland

Hello,Dreamofenqland:In that Welcome very set apart name!

Love Terrance
Hello to everyone here!
I am very happy to find SO MANY people who are interested in royals!
I am from Ukraine, its capital - Kiev.
I am have been interested in royals past and present for many years, but till I got Internet didn't have opportunity to get to know as much as I wanted about them.
Most of all I am fond of royal families of Denmark, Great Britain , Netherland and Spain. I aslo like and respect queen Rania of Jordan. As I am from Ukraine, it is natural I am fond of Romanovs, but also of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi) and Marie-Antoinette.
Welcoming New Member

Hello,ny992 Welcome to the Royal Forum.

God Bless.

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Hello to everyone ! I am new on this wonderful forum, so this is my first post. I am French and I particularly like the Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian and Belgian Royal Families. I am looking forward to interesting discussions and beautiful photos.
Welcoming new member

Welcome Browniedgirl!:In that Good to have thee aboard.

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Hello Dian fan here

Hey everyone,
My name is Elizabeth and I would just like to say hello to everyone I came on this site yesterday on Diana's Birthday and it seemed really cool. So I decided to check it out. I'm still looking around. It's really cool.
Hello Royal's

I'm from Denmark, but living in Norway. I look forward to use the forums here.

Love from Eva
Hello everyone! I'm Samantha and I'm from Oklahoma. I have been a member for some time now but I finally decided to introduce myself!
hi everyone! i'm sharon from singapore. ha. descended from the desposed Qing dynasty of china! heh.
Hey, I'm Colleen from Queensland, Australia. I've been log in at these forums for many months but have have been to intimidated to post much. But you guys seem like a nice bunch!:)
Welcome Collen & to all of the other new members. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

boudicca said:
Hey, I'm Colleen from Queensland, Australia. I've been log in at these forums for many months but have have been to intimidated to post much. But you guys seem like a nice bunch!:)
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