Albert, Prince Consort (1819-1861)

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That's great to know. I've always thought that royals get married only for security purposes. :)
Victoria and Albert's love was genuine and their love also manifested itself in their physical relationship as well as companionship. It is believed that Beatrice burned many of the Queen's diaries and letters because Victoria was very explicit about the physical love she shared with Albert.
I'm reading an older biography of Queen Victoria and was surprised to learn the Prince Albert was really the one who felt that the BRF should be non-partisan or "above" politics. Queen Victoria had been a Whig, and other monarchs had been Whigs or Tories, but Prince Albert felt they should not take sides. This has continued on to this day.
Yes Prince Albert is an important figure.... tall , handsome...
Victoria was obviously smitten by this German Prince
.... I wonder how good his english was ? did he learn English at school ?
I think he made an excellent husband. I always only hear good things about him. I watched the movie "The young Victoria" after hearing it had much to do with him and Queen Victoria and I absalutely loved it.
Victoria was very short and consequently nearly everyone towered over her but she had a presence about her which made up for her height. I guess that is what one calls majesty.
Victoria was very short and consequently nearly everyone towered over her but she had a presence about her which made up for her height. I guess that is what one calls majesty.

I think that is one reason that the crown in miniature was made for her.

The two of them together I think is an example not surpassed until we really look at how HM and the DoE have endured all these years. The difference is that Philip ruled the roost as far as family matters go and did/does not interfere with his wife's role of being queen. Albert and Victoria I think ruled jointly if only in her name.
I have a crush on Prince Albert. I have a crush on a man who has been dead for 150+ years. But man does he embody the term "Prince Charming".
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From all I have read on him and Victoria, it seems he was quite sensative and she was very forward. There have been hints that his death was, apart from the obvious illness typhoid, the result of being overworked by Victoria and the strain of dealing with her ever present temper.
How exactly is talking about the actors who played Prince Albert in movies relating to Prince Albert "off topic" in a Prince Albert thread?
Albert was a wonderful man and,there will be no one else like him.
There is no doubt that for Victoria there was no one as wonderful, good, handsome etc as her Albert. She let him work himself to death over official papers though.
Whether his children thought the same I am not so sure.
Didnt Victoria blame her son for Albert's death? Because Albert had to travel to have a talk with him about his idiotic behavior?
Exactly, Victoria blamed their eldest son, the Prince of Wales, for
Albert's early death because he travelled to see Edward At Cambridge when he was ill with a cold or possibly pneumonia. The weather was foul and Albert soon succombed to the illness. Two weeks later. Victoria said she shuddered every time she saw Edward.
Interesting article. His death does seem to be overlooked today but it is 150 years later. I was amused to read about draping the beehives in black as a way to tell the bees that there has been a death in the family.
I like Albert and he was a fantastic Consort to Victoria, according to some he was the one who ran the country while he was married to her. I am definitely a fan of Albert despite the fact that he was pretty. I wonder if one of the reasons Albert is so uncelebrated is because of WWI and WWII and the fact that the BRF want to ignore their German history.
they r one of my favorite royal couples ever
it was so sad when he died if i found luv like her i'd go into deep mourning 2
also so many things he missed out on very depressing
Queen Victoria's Sapphire and Diamond Tiara was designed by Prince Albert as a gift.

In Kings & Queens of Great Britain, David Soud wrote:

In 1848, while revolutions swept across the continent, Albert spoke eloquently for reform. His position as president of the Society for the Improvement of the Conditions of the Labouring Classes made his position clear.

For his daughter Princess Victoria's coming-out, Prince Albert designed her dress.
He designed all the lace flounces, ribbons, and a wreath of convolvulus and jewels in the Princess Royal's hair.

Prince Albert had a Christmas tree brought from Germany.

Prince Albert sent decorated trees to schools in Windsor and to local army barracks. :xmastree::xmastree::xmastree:

The Oddment Emporium, Christmas with the Saxe-Coburg and Gothas When...
with a print of the Royal Family gathered about the Christmas tree.
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And not to mention, just at his death the civil war in the US errupted which cut off the cotton flow to the mills of England. A most inauspicious time for QV to take to her bed as the Widow of Windsor.
A nice gesture by a loving father but Albert was perhaps not the man of superb taste he believed himself to be. He certainly enjoyed designing jewellery, clothing, rooms' interiors, etc. The results could be seen at Balmoral and Buckingham Palace.

Perhaps he was also responsible for the poodle motif on a reticule (handbag) of Victoria's when the couple visited Napoleon and Eugenie in France!

In the last few years there have been various other theories put forward for Albert's death, stomach cancer and Crohn's disease amongst them. He certainly was overly conscientious and may well have also worried himself into an early grave.
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He was certainly quite a delicate man. I've never believed that Prince Albert died from typhoid. However, I have read the theory of his last illness being Crohn's disease before. I guess the definitive truth will never be known now.
It seems as if it was typhoid, but the story is that his heatlh had been getting a lot worse and that he had aged rapidly in the last years of his life. He worked hard, was a worrier and possibly wore himself out and was easy prey to a germ. he got chilled and wet, when he went to see Bertie to talk to him about his fling with Nellie Clifden and became ill.
However, I have read the theory of his last illness being Crohn's disease before.
And in fact the article posted above dates back to December 2011. Not real news.
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