Afonso, Duke of Porto (1865-1920) and Nevada Stoody Hayes (1885-1941)

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Does anyone know where I can find information on the residence of Infante Afonso, Duke of Porto and his wife, Nevada, in Naples, Italy?
Infante D. Afonso Henriques, Duke of Porto, seated with an entourage (two unidentified gentlemen and D. José Francisco de Almeida and Vasconcelos and Soveral de Carvalho
of Maia Soares de Albergaria - 1st Earl of Mocamedes and Veador of Queen D. Maria Pia of Portugal (standing) and D. Maria Margarida Braancamp de Melo Breyner - 1st Countess of Mocamedes) on the stairs to the Column Hall of the Courtyard of Tanquinhos of the Royal Palace of Sintra.
I am trying to find information about the residence of Afonso Duque do Porto, and Nevada in Naples. And it is difficult to find this information. Does anyone know where I can find this information and also a photo of Afonso and Nevada's residence?
I also couldn't find much information from the people who worked for Afonso and Nevada.

Italian newspaper article on Afonso's death:
BiASA - Periodici Italiani Digitalizzati
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Where can I find photos and information about Alfonso's exile in Naples?
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