Accession of King Constantine II of Greece, 1964

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Jan 9, 2013
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Where was the queen mother?
Queen Frederika ceased to be consort after the death of her husband, she did not have to be present, because this event was the proclamation of the new king in parliament, King constantine was accompanied by Princess Irene who was the Crown Princess, and Prince Michael who he would be the next to Irene in succession. Queen Frederika was not present, and her presence was not necessary at the event.
Strange that the queen mother was not present even if she didn't have to be as she always seemed to like being in the royal limelight.
This is not strange, this is an institutional act, this is not an act of the royal family. In the Royal Palace of Athens, the people who could be present are the representatives of the state institutions, this is assessed by law, they are not acts of the royal family. And although it would have been very nice to be able to see Queen Federica in the royal palace, as a mother that she was, and as Queen Mother, this was not yet an act of the royal family, this was an institutional act.The second is an act held in parliament, which is the institution that represents the legislative branch, only members of parliament, members of the government, which was the executive branch, representatives of the judiciary, representatives of the army, and senior officials of the Orthodox church, could be present.
Prince Michel of Greece was just behind him next to Princess Irene.
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