A wife for Moulay Rachid and her role in Morocco

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i will not put alot of hopes on this article serval time their cover on al michaal is so attractive but the content is disappointing:rolleyes:

in another site, a person who read the article said that the girl is from oujda, I am not a fan of "el michaal" but this time I would like to read this article
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may allah god guide all of your steps to the right direction moulay rachid.
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i told you to not put alo of hopes on this article,they montion the girl only in two lines(that she claim to know Moulay Rachid futur wife)and that's all,the rest about Moulay Rachid is has nothing to do with his marriage:rolleyes:
If I don't mistake, the history of kawtar krifi was only on the net, never on magazines, I think that it's the first time, that a magazine speaks about a probably wife of Moulay Rachid, even in two lines it's a premiere.
That's remind me, when "Paris match" spoke about lalla salma, it was before any announcement and there was only two lines in the end of a big article about M6
Perhaps that for once, it is a Moroccan magazine who is the first to hear the news
I wonder if she is from Oujda in the frontier with Algeria, perhaps that she have family in Algeria, since the relation with this country are tumultuous, it would be nice to have a princess with links with this country, perhaps that could give a little romanticism in our relations with them :flowers:
I don't think that this story about the girl of oujda is true, for me it could be a strategy to stop the discussions about the journalist krifi, for what I read they are people who saw the prince with this journalist, then she is probably his friend and he wants to protect her
I don't think that this story about the girl of oujda is true, for me it could be a strategy to stop the discussions about the journalist krifi, for what I read they are people who saw the prince with this journalist, then she is probably his friend and he wants to protect her
Maybe ... we dont know where is the truth .:)
I wonder if she is from Oujda in the frontier with Algeria, perhaps that she have family in Algeria, since the relation with this country are tumultuous, it would be nice to have a princess with links with this country, perhaps that could give a little romanticism in our relations with them :flowers:
if the futur have a family in Algeria in my opinion it's an obstacle for the marriage not the contrary,i think that the problems between the two governments(i say governments and not ppl)is much deep and complicated that a marriage with girl with links with that countery or the other can make them warmer even a little.
that's if this girl from Oujda exist,after the Krifi propaganda don't believe those stories anymore:whistling:
the beauty exist in all countries, In my job we reveive once a delegation from Algeria, and in this delgation there was a girl, she was native of the region of Kabylie, she was absolutely ravishing, very kind and with a very high level of education
really, if the prince choose a girl like this, I will say that he will do a very good choice
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I join loubna2 opinion,girl with a sush background will be a great addition to the family and another opportunity for the two countries to see each other differently,and M6 always try to make the relation with Algeria better so maybe this marraige what he was waiting for.
and I really think that as all countries around the world Algeria have some very beautiful ladies.
I think that you are tright, I think that for a prince, the politic can be an obstacle in the choice of the girl

personally, I will be happy to have a princess native of algeria, I think that she could give another picture of the relation betwenn the countries,
but I think that Mademoiselle Lilo is right, I don't think that a girl with links in Algeria can be become a member of the RFM, there is too much political problems between the two country
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yes I understand what you mean,what M.Lilo thinking is true,political is disgusting sometimes.:yuk:
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I have many algerian friends who are very nice.One of my friend invited me in Algeria in 2007 and i can tell you that algerian women are for me beautiful,charming and for most of them highly educated.Even those wearing a scarf are elegant and attractive.Even though,their country went through great political difficulties,these women are combative and positive.During my stay there,I have never seen a women going outside her home without nice or trendy clothes and beautiful make up. You seem to think that all morrocan princesses are beauties but this is not true.Except Lalla Soukaina who is a great beauty the others are nice or just average and some are not nice. Princess Reem of jordan(wife of prince Ali) is of algerian descent and i don't think she is an ugly lady.For me,she is not a great beauty.Believe me,many and many algerian women are much more beautiful than princess Reem and morrocan princesses.I dont want to offend anyone,but at least princess Reem (and many algerian ladies) did university studies,many achieved great professional carrier (Princess Reem was a great journalist in CNN) and that is not the case with prince moulay Rachid sisters.I am sure that the jordanian royal family is proud of having princess Reem as one of it's members no matter what is her descent.I have no doubt that there are beautiful morrocan ladies but don't exagerate in reducing the beauty of algerian ladies or of other nationalities.There are beautiful and not beautiful people in all countries as there are stupid and intelligent people in all countries.For me,who visted Algeria,Morroco and Tunisia,I can say that the population of these three countries are similar in their physical features.In the north,populations tends to have white complexion,the more you go south,the more people tend to be tanned.Many people of north west of Algeria look like morrocans.I have a algerian friend who is from this algerian region and people in France tend to believe than he is morrocan mainly because he is very tanned.The only exceptions perhaps comes from the region of Kabylie where lot of people have european features (white complexion,blonde haired and blue or green eyed people),in the capital also because many resident are from Kabyle descent and the town of Tlemcen (west of Algeria) and Annaba (east of Algeria)are known for their green eyed people.So except from these slight differences,the people of these three countries are similar.Genetically,they are mainly descedants of berbers,arabs ,the mix of the two and certainly descendants of jews and all the others invaders:romans,turkish and even a little of spanish
To finish,I don't care what's the nationality of moulay Rachid's future wife.All chauvinistic positions are rubish.What's important for me is her education and a true love story between them.I hope that he will follow his brother steps and marry an educated lady having high degree as lalla Salma.A lady who will be a model for morrocan women in their way to total emancipation.I noticed that lalla salma is too much criticized in this forum for her way of dressing ,her hairdoo,her not perfect face,sometimes her body language but all this criticism (even if it's justified) is not important.For foreigners lalla Salma is a true model because she did achieve many things.She is has the merit of having done great studies wheras none of her sisters in law did even if these princesses had all the material possibilities at their disposition.Lalla Salma is an engineer,wheras none of her sisters in law went to university .She adapted correctly to her new role of princess even if she seems to be a little bit shy and not very confident.In spite of accumulating other handicaps: she did'nt grow up in a royal milieu,she is the first wife of a morrocan king to appear in public,she did a great job.I hope that moulay Rachid will marry a simple and educated lady as lalla Salma.No matter,if this lady is morrocan,japanese,australian,emirati,portugese...etc
Other ladies became queens or princesses in countries that were not their homeland and they did represent their news country greatly and are loyal to their husbands and their new country and culture.
The palestinian queen Rania and queen Alia,the american queen Noor,the pakistani princess Sarvath,the syrian princess Alia and algerian princess Reem in jordan
The australian Mary and french Marie in Denmark
The argentinian Maxima in Netherlands.
The jordanian princess Haya in Dubai
The American princess Grace in Monaco.
And there are many other exemples.
Marriage is a matter of love and not a matter of politics
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great post,soraya you made some intersting anf right facts here,I agree with you.you forgot to add to you're list Lalla lamia of Morocco wife of Prince Moulay abdullah she is Lebanese and a popular and respected in Morocco.
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personally, I think that if moulay rachid want to marry an algerian, the king will not put her veto, I think that he want the happiness for his young brother,
for me, it would be an interesting marriage, especialy if the girl is from Kabylie, the people of this region are well-known here, to have a strong personality, they have a lot of well-known intellectual and they are very attached to Berber culture. How she will adapt herself with makhzen protocol would be interesting to see also. it would be an uncommon marriage for sure.but the probability of a such marriage, for me, it's nulle, I think that the prince will choose a 100% moroccan girl with a classic CV, it would be nice also but less interesting
i support marriages based on love, reason, affection, etc. but to me it's very ideal to think arab royals marry only based on love without considering political matters specially if the woman is from another country. political matters does intervene even if the girl is from one region (inside the country) and not from another. If things happened in jordan, dubai or netherlands, maybe for the moment it isn't easy to happen for a moroccan prince. it also depends on the origins of the expected wife.
example, could you imagine M6 or rachid marry a girl from south of morocco, Sahara region, that is still under political conflicts?
could M6 who is known as "amir al mouminine" or rachid marry a girl who puts scarf or "hijab" without thinking it does send a "political" or "religious" message ;)
could they marry a woman at her 30' or a divorced? ;)

personally i don't see any of that a problem, but for royal arab man, i think it is. i believe even if rachid loves a girl. then there is a "political" or palace approval for his marriage. same for M6 and other members of royal family. that's how i see it now. maybe things will change later. that was similar in europe before, but things did change. monarchs did marry for political reasons but now we see princes marry for love. and still with approval like Maxima/willem approval for the marriage was granted by the dutch parliament (necessary by law for the Prince of Orange to remain heir to the throne) source wikipedia
and The Danish Folketing (parliament) passed a special law (Mary's Law) giving Mary Donaldson Danish citizenship upon her marriage, a standard procedure for new foreign members of the royal family. source wikipedia

to me, education is also very important. sad that M6' sisters didn't go further with their studies, neither soukaina. salma did longer education than her sisters in law, but it was only 5 years after high school. there are higher degrees than an engineer which needs minimum 8 years of study after high school. and her training and 6 months job were both at ONA, a "royal" company ;) what i don't support it to be a "model" for other girls in morocco: getting a job this way. another thing to consider is the age of the expected wife. if moroccan monarch or prince marry girls of 22-23 years old, these girls will not have enough time and years to develop a career and their self-independence, like how an idependent woman should be. That's something completely different for princesses Maxima, mary, letizia .. who married at their 30's and made their careers because of their hard work and was many years before they started to know their princes/husbands.

considering salma as a first monarch wife to be seen in public, isn't a big deal and i don't see it as salma personal achievement. that was the palace problem. and was time to change it. women in morocco are out studying, working, traveling, making a normal life, since decades. knowing what women achieved in morocco, in rights, education, careers, personally i believe salma could do better than what she did right now.

as for rachid wife, we have to wait and see palace will allow her as public role. anyway, i hope she will be different, to be considered a model. or maybe a girl who wants to be a model for moroccan girls and independent, will not find a place in the palace :)
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I completely agree with your analyse zineb
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very well said soraya,i like you're analyse you did some very good points here.
PERSONALLY i don't care about the nationality of his futur wife or even how beautiful,educated....she will as long as he will be happy in his life with her and it's his choice that should be respected.
or maybe a girl who wants to be a model for moroccan girls and independent, will not find a place in the palace
exept PDaina in some ways,i didn't and i don't think/know any princesses who are independent from the royal court they are memmbers and represent.
yes, there are few who are independent, like prince Hicham of morocco and u are right about diana and princesses represent their royal houses. but we have to consider that each palace has his own rules and protocols, some monarchies are more open than others, which let their members to be more independent than other royal families. we don't have to neglect either the personality of each monarch, prince or princess, where they grow up, their education, etc. For instance abdallah of jordan grow up in english/american life style and what rania does, it reflects (in some way) how open this couple is, and how they see things differently, not like other arab monarchs and their wifes. i don't want to compare arab and european royal families, their rules and roles of their members, because there is no need to compare the incomparable ;) so, it's not all about rules and protocols. Personality makes big difference.
in what kind domain do you want to see her involve?

personally, I would like to see her in the peasant word, I never saw a princesse go to villages, they are alway in big cities, when the life in the country is the most difficult
she can struggle against illiteracy for example, helping the associations that exist to collect money and to break the wall of the bureacracy, really, for me, it would be very nice, if she go in this way
that's an interesting role isis. yes, if rachid wife will have a public role, it will be different from other princesses' roles. and since illiteracy, pauverty, bureacracy are major problems not only in villages but also in big cities, the palace makes them the king' role not a princess role. the person who works or can solve these problems, will have a big support and affection from moroccan people. and i think palace will not allow moroccan ppl affection' goes to someone else than the king ;) i'm sure the princesses can make a good job on these projects if the palace and protocol allow them to do so. also princesses work usually on charities, associations, ect. i never heard them making remarkable speeches asking population to work together against pauverty and bureacracy. that will be a revolutionary role ;)
i think she will not have more than one specific role, like hasna, asmaa and lamya solh. it maybe something related to her education or job.
Yes, the illiteracy is one of the big problems in the rural world, because of the lack of schools and the lack of school conveyance, the lack of means of the families, that can't buy the school articles for all their children, if a princess can help the associations in these regions, it would be a very useful work, that none princess do before, and she would have a very important job, that will touch millions of people. In my opinion, her role would be more important that the one of salma with her job against the cancer, I don't think that M6 will give her an as important role, and I don't think that salma will be happy to see a princess with a lower title than hers, have such role. Unless if the future princess will have big ambitions, if she has a strong personality, or a schemer soul, she could have a more important role that the one that the palace wants for her. But I don't think that MR and the king will choose this kind of woman.
Personally, I think that she will have a light job, for example in the cultural domain, like inauguration of expositions, and cultural centres in big cities, not more.
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I think her role will be the reflection of his husband role,and considering that Moulay rachid role himself is limited regardless of his high profile and his presence on public,as he din't have any political role or even views,and don't have very big/impressive voice toward any big cause,so I think his wife situation will be the same as her husband.
if the future princess have the personality to impose herself in this domain, that means that we will have a great princess
hope that it would be the case:flowers:
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it's not about modernity and having personality or even how some monarcies are open,i personally think that M6 is very modern king he not only allow to his wife to make public apparence for the first time inThe Alaouite history,but follow that with an amazing and revolutionary reforms for the women that since Habib Bourguiba no arab leaders did for women: family law,nationalty law,last fully accepting without reservations the United Nations Convention Ending Discrimination Against Women.....wish prove that his engagement and vision for women rights is not only talk like the rest of the arab royals but facts and acts,and make me as moroccan wich that reforms touch my daily life very proud...
so it's not about modernity even europeen princesses don't have big independence,i imagine hard Maxima or Mary,Letizia in an engagement that their royal court and governments don't aproove,cause it's their governments and royal court who plan and organize their duties,you must heard about PMasako and her problems with tense and depresse after she join the Japanese RF,the princess who been active and independent hard working women and she loose all that after becoming a princess,there is some rumours about Letizia too in this sense....
i don't compare the incomparable Zineb i am just talking about what i see and what really happen that's all.
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just a correction the arab leader who did the most for the women of his country was tunisian president Bourguiba in 1956, since our days no women in arab countries have the right that have tunisian women, for example in Tunisia polygamie is forbiden that isn't the case in morocco. Tunsian woman has the same right for the divorce than the man. yes, M6 has improove the women's conditions in morocco, but as our days Tunisia stay the most advanced arab countriy for these questions
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thanks for correction rosa:flowers: i forgot to the write the name of Bourguiba in my last post,my mistake and i fixed now.
it's maybe off tpic to go back on this:i didn't say Morocco is better than Tunisia here,only better than the other arab countries,in fact family law in both countries are now considerate the most advanced and modern.
mademoiselle lilo, in my previous post, i didn't speak about modernity.
i respect your opinion, but i strongly believe personality, education, which society ppl grow up or lived in, and how they grow up, reflect a lot their life style and decisions they make later in their lives. to me, this is the same for royals and non royals, since the "rules" you mentioned, are made by humans and they are subject to change when there are ppl behind them looking for a real change. as for royals, we know they put rules and protocols for different reasons. in europe, i'm glad the government decide for RF' duties and passing laws and policies is the role of the government. this is different for moroccan RF, the government don't decide for their roles and is the king who pass and signs for laws or not. So because of these, i think MRF and the king have more freedom than any other european RF ;) they do things when they want.

i'm pround too of women right' laws passed in the recent years. but i'm just surprised why it tooks such long years to pass these few laws :ermm: so for m6 decisions on women rights, imo that should be done decades ago in his father life. you could see that king' wife non appearance wasn't coherent with the moroccan society where women were out since decades. imo the palace was really many years behind the moroccan society and moroccan's life style ;) and if you see what m6 did, reflect modernity, i see it as a normal and logical thing that was evident to be done, and there is a long way for m6 to modernise lot of things and many areas, to be at same level of the moroccan's practices on every day life and their expectation.
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