A Princess is Born in Denmark!: April 21, 2007

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I also thought that lillepigen was very pretty. I know that some babies are not that cute at birth, but I thought her little face was very sweet. <Removed comments>
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UserDane said:
But then again, it is said that children born by caesarean are 'prettier' than children born by natural birth - since a child from a caesarean is not subjected to the pressures etc.

I disagree that 'lillepigen' - or lilleprinsessen was not pretty - she looked like a very pretty little baby to me, more so than Christian at the same age IMO.

I too think that lillepige was more pretty than Christian when he left the hospital even she was only two days old. I think it's usless to judge the look of newborns. I think that Christian has grown into a rather pretty little boy, very curious, very expressive, very close to his parents. To me it seems that lillepige has great potential to grow into a vey beautiful little girl and hopefully also one day into a very beautiful or maybe even better into a very attractive young woman. As always time will tell.
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I hare this opinion. Both of them will be wonderful children and more wonderful grown-up...of course, having each their own style. CrownPrince Frederick didn't seems awfully beatiful when a baby, but once he began to grew up, he became a very handsome child and man.

How can we have on opinion on a little one whom we have not seen really?
history shows time and again that even 'uglier'-deemed newborns can become real swans in later life - one definite example of this is one John F Kennedy jr., an ugly infant (google it) who grew out to become one of the finer male specimens if you ask moi! ;)

Although I also am of the opinion that those who were deemed beautiful as newborns, tend to stay that way mostly: look at Felix of Denmark for example, a gorgeous newborn and now, young boy, very handsome. Examples like that galore (Leonor of Spain, yep, she does qualify here I think)

I think as far as I've been able to see, Christian's little sister takes after her mother, Mary. I noticed for instance the in my view quite a big distance between upper lip and nose, a feature that Mary also has, and which, sorry folks, is not in my view one of the seven signs of beauty.
But indeed, what does it matter. Hopefully she's equipped with a decent brain and an even more decent heart and that's all a human needs to get going, really.
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