A Princess is Born in Denmark!: April 21, 2007

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what a cute family, they came out all together, the crown prince couple, the 2 kids and Ziggy :)
Well that's it for the live feed. The little Princess is now home at Fredensborg with Christian, Mary, and Frederik.

Keep posting if there are more photos of this great day.

I'm going to bed. Goodnight.
Thank you for the photos and other infos, guys.
And once again best wishes for the little princess:flowers:
The wife of Danish Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Mary, presents her newborn daughter 23 April 2007 at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) in Copenhagen. The new princess, who was born 21 April 2007 is the couple's second child and third in line to the throne after Crown Prince Frederik and the couple's son Prince Christian

http://i41.tinypic.com/2epofuf.jpg (Lille Prinsesse! :) )
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Congratulations! What a beautiful familiy! I am excited to hear the name of the baby-girl!
I wake up earlier to see pictures of the new princess and she's very cute. But for me it's impossible to say now who she looks like.
Now I have to go to work. Some people go to bed, I go to work... :rolleyes:
It's difficult to see, I agree. We've only seen her in profile so far. Can't wait to see her without the hat =)
Dianedk said:
It's difficult to see, I agree. We've only seen her in profile so far. Can't wait to see her without the hat =)

Me too! I'm anxious for some even better pics then these. Some of the whole new family!

Any pics of them at home yet? I mean from their arrival at home.
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Little princess seems to resemble her mother.Looking forward to seeing picture of the whole family. Mary seemed to put on quite a few pounds towards the lst week or so, she looks quite full but it does look nice.
Does anyone know about the questions Mary had answer outside the hospital?
Thank you for all the one´s who put the link's of photo's, video's and newspapper artical's.
She was asked how she would deal with jealousy between siblings and she said that she would deal with it by loving them equally....

Another question was about what to call the new princess, and Mary said that they had thought about some names, but hadn't decided anything yet.

She said that the little princess had been kind to her mother (slept a lot)

That prince Christian had shown a lot of interest in his new littlesister and shown 'brotherly affection'

Picture of Mary, Frederik, Christian and the new princess
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From what I've seen so far, she looks like her mother.
When someone from the press asked if they could remove the hat, Frederik said "It's not a doll, it's a child..." :D
Christian points at the helicopter! So cute! He must see resemblance with the ones he has at home!
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biboquinhas said:
Christian was pointed at a helicopter, always points at helicopters!

I noticed that as well. So cute. The helicopter is way more interesting that the bunch of people taking pictures of him and his family :ROFLMAO:
Dianedk said:
When someone from the press asked if they could remove the hat, Frederik said "It's not a doll, it's a child..." :D
Not a very polite answer in my opinion for a prince!He should't have said that and also the press shouldn't have asked that, but we can understand their way!But the prince haven't answer correctly!!:ermm:
Congratulations to Frederik and Mary on the birth of their daughter. It is a great news! Christian will have a sister to love and care for.:flowers:
^I don't think so. He didn't say it in a rude manner, but to draw a line somewhere...
He could have just said "It's cold" or "she is a unborn child, so better not, sorry"
Such sweet pictures, with mommy, daddy, big brother and little sister all seeming very happy! The baby is so cute, and even with a hat you can tell that she has very dark hair. I hope she grows up to have dark hair like Mary's and looks like Mary, too, since Christian looks like Frederik. She looks a little jaundice like to me, but that may just be the way the lights shine on her new skin.
Isn't she just adorable? :wub::wub::wub: As for me her little nose is beautiful :lol: Can't wait for the official pictures, we will see her without a hat. As far as I remember, the official pics of Christian appeared quite soon after arriving home :rolleyes:

Thank you for posting the photos, it's just 2 hours after the presentation and we already have a lot of images of this cutie pie :flowers:
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