A Prince is Born: October 15, 2005

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"You can't really mentally prepare for what it is to be a father." Frederik.
I can't understand what he is saying, but he can't get the smile off his face. And his little hand actions indicating how big the baby was (I assume) were cute.
"It was a good birth. Mother and child were part of it the entire time, and it was a good birth."
He just spoke in English for an Australian journalist. He's so happy.
"We'll take the time it takes to leave the hospital."

"Mary is well, and was very brave. She has started, little by little, breast-feeding him."

"We had time to pack a little bit, and drive calmly from Fredensborg."
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Is he thanking the hospital staff?
Mary arrived at the hospital at 15.00 yesterday, according to the doctor.
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Mary had an epidural as Alexandra had.

"Very pretty boy," the doctor said.
Congratulations to the happy couple, a little boy, that's really great news!!! :)
First picture from daddy Frederik at the Press conference. Picture DR, Berlingske, Polfoto and Reuters


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Congratulations to Mary and Frederik!!
Fredrik looks so happy! Do you think we'll have some pics of the baby soon?
ladybelline said:
Fredrik looks so happy! Do you think we'll have some pics of the baby soon?
It's not known. When Felix was born we first saw him four days after his birth, and it lasted six days until we saw Nikolai.

But it is Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary who will ultimately decide when we'll see the baby.
Congratulations to Mary and Fred and to all the Danes on this forum....i was sure it would be a girl but it's nice that we have a new prince. Look forward to hearing the name...don't speak a word of Danish, so don't know if this is correct and how reliable the source is, but on the bt.dk site there is a lot of mention of Christian....
Congratulations to CP Frederick and CP Mary. I love it,a boy. I bet P Nikolai and P Felix will be excited to have a new cousin. I hope they use Christian. It's a handsome name
Congratulations! I`m so looking forward to see pics of Mary and the new baby prince.
Christian is very good guess, as Frederik and Christian follow each other. Let look at Christian IX, then his son Frederik VIII, then his son Christian X, and his son Frederik IX and his daughter Margrethe II followed by her son (current heir) Crown Prince Frederik (later Frederik X).

By precedent, his son's name should be Christian (he will rule as Christian XI).
Prince boy

Great News!!!!!!!!
So for the moment there are 3 baby crown princess and one crown prince!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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DR's live broadcasting says that the Queen is on her way from Fredensborg Palace at the moment.
another royal prince...! :) seems denmark won't have to change their succesion law, at least not inmediately.
can't wait to hear the name...
:) :D :) ;) :) :p :)
Congratulation to Mary&Frederik and their families!
Frederic looks so happy! Btw., I thought it would be a girl, but, anyway, the most importand is that both mum and child are healthy and in good mood!
Anyway, I thought it would be my 4th (Christina, Maxima, Mathide) birth "on line", but I went to bed and today morning I woke up and what? The baby has already borned!!!:D
The male DR expert in the studio is already talking about the future of the new boy - the Prince isn't even 1 day old and this man is already saying that he will surely have to complete military service and be active in the military somehow! :D
possible name?

Prince Christian Frederik Louis Henrik of Denmark??
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