80th Birthday Celebrations of King Harald V and Queen Sonja

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I'm dyslexic, but I think it's correctly translated (although I'm not so good at translating Danish). Here's what she said:

Perhaps someone else from Scandinavia can confirm that it is correctly translated.

Yes I think the translation makes very much sense. But I would perhaps more read it as the Swedish people are more formal and their Nordic counterparts, and that she in first hand not is referring to the Court.
Don't understand the fuss about the BRF. We do know they are a bit continetal shy, plus Charles and Camilla were not at the 2007 bash either. But in 2007 the turnout was a bit more impressive (Anne, Tim, Edward and the Gloucesters).
Sophie is a good choice, it could have been nothing !

Charles and Camilla began a tour of Ireland today, so they have an acceptable excuse for missing out on the Norwegian bash.

I suppose the tour was not announced in the Court Circular for security reasons.
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrive at the Danish royal ship Dannebrogen. Photo: Marius Gulliksrud / Stella Pictures


Dannebrog has added a dock in Oslo, where H.M. Queen, Crown Prince Couple and D.K.H. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie the next few days participate in the celebration of the 80th birthday of the Norwegian King's Party. �� Kongehuset ©


Royals meet in Oslo to celebrate King Harald & Queen Sonja.
Here Princess Mabel
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Just a few comments about C&C’s lack of presence in Oslo this week.

Firstly, duty first! They are on a tour of Northern Ireland and the Republic that started today. This is very much part of the Brexit related travel that members of the BRF are undertaking.

Secondly, whilst I was expecting them to attend the celebrations given their closeness to the NRF, I think I am reasonably sure why they did not attend. They, and other senior members of the BRF, do not want to be seen hobnobbing too much with the European royal families. I think the roots of this go back to the early to middle part of the last century when a number of European monarchs were seen to be out of touch with the common people and seemed to spend far too much time with other royals. History tells us how that ended. This is the very reason why, IMO, they are rarely seen wearing too much jewellery, especially tiaras, outside of state events like state banquets or the state opening of Parliament. This is also why the Wessex’s end up getting sent to the European events (too far down the food chain!).

I don’t think it has anything to do with not wanting to appear alongside younger monarchs. Charles fully understands the way the monarchical system works, and I just don’t think that he would feel uncomfortable with a Felipe, Phillipe or a W-A.

Just my thoughts, comments welcome!
I wrote this yesterday:
King Harald has an incredible position here in Norway (as you can see in all the articles I have posted here) and as several commentators say here in Norway, he is without doubt the most popular head of state (along with Elizabeth II) in his own country. And the monarchy has record suport rigth now despite the bad choices of the CP-couple.

I wrote 3 long posts about the personal popularity of Norway's 3 monarchs and their impact on the popularity of the Norwegian monarchy and scandals who have threatened it in the Republic/monarchy thread - read them here:

I also wrote a post where I went through all polls on the Norwegian monarchy - read here: http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/f16/norway-republic-or-monarchy-17117-6.html#post1973364

But as I've written in these two posts:
Norway is a country where the Law of Jante is still very present. And therefore, we will not see thousands of peolpe on the streets tomorrow. It did not happen during the round birthdays of King Olav either. There were a lot of people on the streets during the Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1993 and during the 60th Birthdays in 1997. There were also people at the palace square to see the royal family on the balcony and the fireworks displays late in the evening on February 24, 2007 for the King's 70th birthdays celebrations, but it would be an exaggeration to call it crowds. There were maybe 1000 people.

But we were surprised on January 17th last year for the Silver Jubilee. 40-50 thousand people showed up in the freezing weather. The other times we have seen crowds like that was for King Haakon's 80th birthday in 1952 and the weddings in 1968 and 2001.
I would also add that we are a lay back country and we are not the types to show up in big crowds.
The live stream from NRK has started: Haakon talks about why the king is so popular in an interview to be sent later on NRK.

I urge people to watch it on TV2 News Channel.

Already more people out that it was for King Olav when he turned 80.
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Pictures from the dining room - it's looking breathtaking.

Interview with Queen Sonja now on NRK - Pictures from previous celebrations.

Edit: Kjell Arne Totland is great as usual on TV2 News Channel.

Edit: NRK has the best pictures.

Edit: I think I'm going to start crying when the king comes out on the balcony - I just love him so much. And I'm so proud of this amazing country.

Edit: 17 minutes to the royals comes out on the balcony.

Edit: Live from the kitchen at the palace on NRK.

Edit: 8 minutes till they comes out.
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Judging by the royal ladies it appears to a bit chilly in Oslo this evening,Queen Anne-Marie looks to be really enjoying the music!
I always enjoy seeing royals interacting with each other. They always look so friendly.
I always enjoy seeing royals interacting with each other. They always look so friendly.

The royal ladies look mostly very nice. I do think, however, that Maxima overdid it (apparently, she is wearing Queen Emma's sapphire tiara)
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Is that the Vifte tiara that CP Mette-Marit is wearing??? I'm in kind of a shock because totally gave up on that tiara. :lol: I haven't yet seen close-ups, but from what I saw, she really managed to rock that tiara.
I like the look of Marie Chantal's dress but the woman with the Wonder Woman Tiara...why did no one suggest an undergarment?
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