70th Birthday Celebrations of King Harald V of Norway

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Henri M. said:
Of course, there is another evening coming, but don't you think Crown Princess Mary was the surprise of the evening, whith her uncharacterstic gloomy appearance?
Agree. Well, she was okay, but nothing out of this world, certainly. I don't think the fur suits her and the gown well, it was too big and without the shape I would say :lol: But then again, she is pregnant so maybe it was hard to find/sew anything better.

Do we have any pic of Infanta Cristina without that horrible jacket? Maybe the gown is nice, can't say now... :wacko:
Spraying her barnet.
BTW, Mary seems to subscribe to the lingerie-showing too.
Mette-Marit is absolutely stunning!
princess olga said:
..and where is my favorite royal lady, Queen Beatrix?
No jewels left, she was left behind.
Strange , isn't it? Since it is foremost a seventieth birthday and therefore the contemporaries should be there too.
Miss her too.:ermm:
Wrong planned / State Visit later this week

princess olga said:
..and where is my favorite royal lady, Queen Beatrix?

Most likely the Queen declined the invitation for the party a few weeks ago, in the expectation that the formation of a new Cabinet would be in its final stage (which needs her intervention, information, accordation, etc.).

But the formation was succesfull (quicker than expected) and earlier this week the Queen discussed the new ministers and the report of the Formateur. Yesterday she appointed and received the new ministers on Huis ten Bosch Palace for their inauguration. So she could have been in Norway now, but that is talking afterwards.


I think the Queen finds that the Netherlands are appropriately represented with The Prince & Princess of Orange, with King Harald's godchild Prince Friso & Princess Mabel and of course with Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien.


And the Queen will head for Turkey later the coming week, for a State Visit.
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Love Queen Silvia's fur coat. And Queen Anne Marie looks stunning.
alexandresylvie said:
But or are Mathilde and Philippe?????? :sad: :neutral: :sad: :bang:

she arrived at the airport with her husband. but I think she was to late for the evening event
I think Princess Anne's coat is rather swanky. Poor luv. Give her a break. She's over 50, the fact that she can walk unaided is a blessing. Yay for Princess Anne.
I don't think so, her outfit apart from the horse blanket wrap, looked great.
She has a great figure, she looked great, the balmoral thingy ruined it.
I think Maxima looks great! I don't like all the fur. It is so outdated. Maxima looks the best, everyone else looks okay. Mette-Marit looks better than ever. I still don't like her dress. I don't like Mary's either!!
My top choices:

I think Princess Maxima looked stunning, as she normally does at foreign galas.
Next,I think Mette-Marit looked great, although I would've liked to see the dress in a more deeper color than gray.
I liked Mary's outfit alot.I was surprised by the cleavage, but I think it made her looka bit sexy without being vulgar. Her hair and jewels were perfect. Like Mette-Marit I would've loved to see the dress in another color.

I didn't care for Princess Laurentiens outfit that much. I do like that it was bright and vibrant, but I thought it was too "old" for her. It reminded me too much Queen Noor's royal gala outfits.
Princess Mabel, the bra under the lace looked a bit risque and inappropriate.
Princess Madeleine she looked absolutely horrible--:wacko:
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I am very impressed! Maxima and Mette-Marit looked stunning, as did Laurentien I was pleasantly surprised by her beautiful dress. My heart went out to Constanjin on his crutches:wub: .

Mary looked nice but I don't think it was as exciting as I was expecting from her:flowers:
Princess Madeleine

Where is a link to Princess Madeleine's picture without the coat on. I seem to have missed it while looking at the photos.
I though Princess Mabel looked lovely...better than she has at other events...
Mette Marit looked the best of all, followed by larentien, victoria, and maxima. I am no fan of mabel and madeliene, they both looked somewhat trashy. Mary was a definite dissapointment, she could have done so much better.

Happy Birthday King Harald
Did Martha Louise do a speech for her father or was she singing? Did Haakon say anything?
The top part of Victoria's dress is recycled. Madeleines dress is cute but I think she should have worn a longer gown. I'm still drooling over MM's dress ever time I see a picture of it. Its so lovely. Looks like Valentino.
Mary always dresses amazingly apart from when she meets up with other Royal women. Okay so maybe not everytime but even at the last even which I can't think of Mary wore a wishy washy colour.

Mary's dress looked baggy, shapeless and the neckline was very Kaftan like. Also, the bob was okay for a while but after seeing Maxima and mette-Marit with their longer locks I think mary should grow her hair again.

Mette-Marit, HELLO! fashion icon. She looks amazing, so beautiful and elegant, all week she has dressed VERY well. Maybe she is just growing into her role, not everyone is natural at being in the public eye.

Maxima looks gorgeous too, especially when you take into consideration dressing for a pregnant body is not that easy. Her hair and skin are glowing.

But I am still amazed by Mette-Marit, wonderful to see.
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I think all of the ladies looked beautiful!
Well, o.k. not too happy with Madeline and Mable. Mable did look tres chic but I really don't think it was quite appropriate for such a formal and royal event. Madeline's dress...I just can't get past the resemblance to a slip or PJ.
Mary sort of let me down. I was hoping she'd wear something in a vibrant color...but she did look elegant! Maxima looked wonderful! So did Mette-Marit, Sonja's dress was so classy! Perfect for her!
Is there a full picture of madeline's dress?
My fashion critique: The Queenly and the Unseemly.
I have to say, it was a night of, I look at one picture, it's great, another, it's horrible. Some women turned it out, others just turned off the lights when they got dressed, and some were just mediocre.

The Queenly:
Queen Sonja
It was just very elegant, and the perfect package, the dress, the fur, the jewels, everything was regal. And she is a woman who can actually carry off true white. (a rare thing)​
Crown Princess Mette-Marit
Although it reminded me of the black dress she wore right after Sverre Magnus was born, I really liked this. The color was great on her, with a blue undertone, and the fabric and cut are very nice. I hated the fur, because it did't go at all with the dress, but her hair was probably the best hair of the night. And those earrings! They were probably more bling (not a tiara) than we've seen from MM in a long time (if ever)​
Crown Princess Maxima
My favorite of the night was Princess Maxima, in her green velvet dress and matching fur-trimmed jacket. First, I give her points for being very pregnant (she is due at the end of April, and is rather large, since this is her third baby) and not wearing a tent or toga, like so many women might, but embracing her curves with a form-fitting dress like that. This dark green is a new color for her (at least in gala/evening wear), and I hope she wears it again. The addition of the emeralds from the emerald parure are great.​
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Great colors. Like the fur.​
Princess Laurentien
For a woman who is known for her flops, this one was a hit! Flattering, with the red, with embroidery that was proportionate for her features. (side note: Did she get low lights? Her hair seems darker that usual)​

The Mediocre
Crown Princess Mary
The fur was beautiful. The jewellery and hair was great. The dress did nothing for her- she was so much better at New Years​
Princess Anne
This was an example of seeing one pic, loving it, then another, and questioning it. I loved it when I saw the top, which is a great color for her, and the jacket was nice. Then I saw the full length, and didn't like it so much. The skirt was disapointing, mostly the polka-dots.​
Crown Princess Victoria
The jacket was bad-way too casual, and the cuffs were odd. The skirt was fabu, and the top was ok, but seemed a little too warm weather, compared to some of the other ladies' choices.​

The Unseemly:
Princess Mabel
Yuck, yuck, yuck. Nothing works in that. The black was unflattering, and she would look so much better in a color like Maxima's or Anne's. The hair is bad. I would like to see her pull it back in an elegant chignon or twist (she should ask her sister-in-law, Princess Maxima, about them- Maxima has had beautiful hairstyles). The black does absolutely nothing for her, and I’m really not interested in seeing her bra- I wish she wore a cami or something. Or a color!!!​
Princess Madeleine
The only woman wearing a short dress, she seemed to stand out. If she had traded coats with Victoria, then she could have been perfect for a day event, and Victoria for this. The coat was nice, and I have to give her props for not having so drastic a fake tan as she has had in the past. Oi- I just saw her dress, and it looks a little Victoria’s Secret for this event.​

Can't wait to see what they all wear tomorrow night!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
seto said:
She didn't go with edward.
It was said before the Countess would go, but, i don't know because on the Royal Diary of engagements she does not take as many this month at all.
Ah! Lady K! You put your finger on the perfect name for Madeline's dress!!
Victoria Secretish.
more appropriate for a private party with her Jonas IMHO :)
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