70th Birthday Celebrations of King Harald V of Norway

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IMO Maxima looks better on TV than on the pics, her jewels are impressive, but more impressive in a show that must be quite boring for her as she dont understand anything she seems all the time enthusiastic and smiling too al the youngesters who are performning (everyone is under 18, except for the band) she is an amazing faker if she does not mean it. Laurentien has for once chosen a dress that flatters her and with beautiful gold details that sparkel in the lights

IMO Madelines gown is almost vulgar looking, it looks like a pink nightie with quite alot of clevage on display, and also she is the only one who chose a short dress.
thanks,Cristina this sober one simultaneously seems to me of but the elegant one tonight.
royalgertjan said:
Madeleine is amazig!!
maxima wondeful!!
Mabel stunning!

Pss Mabel´s upper body (except the bosom) only covered by lace?!:ohmy:
Very unappropriate in the presence of Royalty!
A lovely Picture of Märtha, Ari, Mette and Haakon: Side 2
I love Märtha's last 2 dresses!

..Mabel's dress is a true shocker! IMO that's nothing you should wear for a serous Royal event. :ohmy:
wartenberg7 said:
Pss Mabel´s upper body (except the bosom) only covered by lace?!:ohmy:
Very unappropriate in the presence of Royalty!

It is risky, but still appropriate as the whole skin is covered with lace. We have seen worser examples (Princess Brigitta of Sweden, Princess Stéphanie de Monaco).

Remember that evening wear during grand gala require cq allow naked skin to be exposed. Princess Máxima for an example has worn 'naked' gowns as well.
I love Madeleine, but she looks like a ex-wife of Rod Stewart:ermm:
And where are king Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia???
Diamonds for Princess Laurentien

On her long coat Princess Laurentien wore one of the prongs from the East Indies Diademe, so to see. It are diamonds set in gold so that the refraction is 'yellowish' which gives a soft and sparkling effect.

See picture

and were are mathilde and phillipe?
they are arrived in Oslo... :ohmy:
fanletizia said:
At home, its very cold in Oslo :lol:

Their assistance was confirmed, aren´t it? , Does they have cancelled it?
May's dress is quite diasappointing... the top of the dress looks... boring and a bit oldfashioned. It doesn't suit her at all (IMO). I hope for a more beautiful dress tomorrow!
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Paty said:
Their assistance was confirmed, aren´t it? , Does they have cancelled it?

Yes...I suppose that we will see them tomorrow but who knows with the SRF :wacko:
Sofia and JC is only attending the private dinner at Skaugum from whe there will be no pictures. they are leaving tomorrow morning.

dont understand why Mathilde and PHilippe is not there, maybe they were dealyed and did not have time to change:cool: We will see them tomorrow though
blyton said:
The three Dutch ladies are my favorites.

Amen to that.

Not because I'm Dutch, but because they look as they have spend most efforts in their appearance, also with giving attention to accessoires and jewls, etc. Also all three couples had beaming smiles, that helps for the 'overall' image.

Märtha Louise held a quite moving speech to her parents she said how much that they had ment so much for her and her brother and to the people of Norway, she shed a tear and she told the fact that they became so easily moved King Harald says comes from the Bernadottes (the swedish King and queen giggled). Maxima also shed a tear when Märtha did it, seems the pregnancy hormones are really playing with her because I dont think she understood what she said:ROFLMAO:
I agree with you about Maxima and Laurentien, but ehm with all respect, Mabel looks a bit tacky with her bra showing like that. I would never go to a party looking like that, that's for sure...

But compared to Anne's horse blanket and Madeleine's night gown she doesn't look that bad... :ROFLMAO:
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