100th anniversary of the Coronation

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Article from NRK

I've translated an article from NRK:
The coronation party has started
The King, the Queen and the Crown Princely couple are now participating in the comemorative service in Nidarosdome cathedral.
The royal family walked from Stiftsgården (my comment: their residence in Trondheim) to the Nidarosdomen cathedral. On their way they stopped to watch performances from six scenes in the Munkegata street. This was displays from “the cultural schoolbag”. Andrea Eggen (18 y.o) and Tommy Lohold (17 y.o) gave flowers to the royals by the first stage.
Large parts of the official Norway was present in the Nidarosdomen cathedral, fronted by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, Parliamentary President Torbjørn Jagland and supreme court judge (høyesterettsjustitiarius) Tore Schei.
It is bishop Finn Wagle and cathedral minister (domprost) Kunt Andersen which will lead the service which is aired live at NRK1 and is shown on big screen on the Vestfrontplassen and the Market in Trondheim.

The National Regalias
After the comemorative service there will be an official opening of the new visitors centre of Nidarosdomen cathedral and the new permanent exhibition of the National regalias in Erkebispegården (the Archbishops place). At 12.40 Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg opens the new exhibition and then King Harald gives a speach in connection to the centenniary. This ceremony will take place in Borggården and is open to the public.
And while the royals look at the national regalias and joins the governments lunch in Øysteinssalen (Øysteins hall) in Erkebispegården, it will be served coronation cake and coffee to the public in Borggården.

At 20.00 tonight it is a comemorative dinner for 105 guests at Stiftsgården. The menu is secret untill people are seated.
The seven youngest members of the royal family will not be present at the dinner. So will neither Princess Ragnhilds youngest daughter Ragnhild and the oldest grand child Olav Alexander which both cancelled.
But the other nine of King Haakon and Queen Mauds ten great grand children and finve of their 13 great great grand children will be present with the three grand children Ragnhild, Astrid and Harald.
Otherwise there will be a number of official guests fronted by the Parliamentary President and the Prime Minister. Both Torbjørn Jagland and Jens Stoltenberg are both invited with spouses, most of the others come alone.
13 members of government are on the guest list, so is the Stortingets presidency and presidents and vise presidents from Odelsting, Lagting and from the Sami Parliament.
Also the country’s county majors were invited, and the church, the military and the supreme court is represented alongside representatives from Trondheim municipality and Sør-Trøndelag county.

The photos following the article can be found here: http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nrk_trondelag/1.633270
linda85 said:
I'm curious! They have all this beautiful regalia and don't have any coronations anymore. Now it is the oath and a statement I beleive. Why was the coronation and all the trappings done away with? It seems it would be more relevant to celebrate 100 years of monarchy if the regalia was used once in a while. What do you think?
Linda 85
I think coronations were abolished because of many different reasons. One may be the religious connection, that the monarch was crowned by a church as the king of the realm, by god's will and help, which became an old fashioned idea here in Scandinavia as our countries have become more secularized. Another that our the roles of the monarch changed - from being a ruling king, to becoming a constitutional monarch with mainly ceremonial roles and only symbolic powers. The ceremonies were seen as a part of the old days, a very stiff and pompous ceremony, that in the old days - marked royals as superiors to their people, the commoners.

And I agree with you Linda. I think that today, when the Royal Families are becoming more and more modern and similar to their people (marrying commoners, shopping like normal people, moving around in cities with their subjects etc) - would the coronations be modernised and the order of service changed to fit our day and age, it could help to improve the monarchies symbolic role in the nation - and help keep that "untouchable sphere" that the royals need to have in some way in order not to become too normal. At least that's how I think and feel. :)
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The hair-do of Märtha is awful !:eek: And this colour doesn't suit her at all . It's time to do something Märtha !;)
Her_Majesty said:
very lovely. :) He's a real gentleman!
Indeed, he is a really gentleman! As all the Kings (of Europe, at least) ;)

Anita said:
Yes, it's sweet !:) :) :)
Yeah! It is! And isn't very usual to see them holding hands or something.... :rolleyes: :)
Märthas bunad is from Telemark, Mette-Marits from Hardanger and not sure about Sonjas, Telemark that also?? Now there is a lunch given by the Prime minster and his wife, tonight there is a dinner, the guestlist can be found here

the Kings speech in Norwegian here is someone wants to translate it or parts of it

fotoseries in flash from adressa
NRK /seher


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Yesterday evening, Haakon, Mette-Marit and Sverre Magnus went for a walk in the natural areas outside Trondehim, they was accompanied by 3 body guards. they spent an hour in the publice Elgsethcabin, they did not order food but had a couple of bottles of water and talked to the guests and the staff, most of the time they spent outside in the sun, but Mette-Marit gave Sverre Magnus food inside in a private room. They had not anounces that they were comming. They could not find parking lcose by so they had walked with Sverre Magnus in the tram, they said to the staff several people had stopped to talk to them. They signed the guest book before they left
Its a collage but I think the pic of Sverre Magnus is new. ADRESSA


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I love to see the Royals wearing this traditional Bunads!
This costumes look really beautiful on the Queen and the Princesses! :)
Images from facetoface


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Thanks everybody for pictures.

Mett Was stylish,and Martha stunning as usual,but I don't like her new hair colour,she's better with darker hair,it flatters more her blue eyes.
The dinner tonight is a black tie dinner, Sonja wears the red dress she has worn many times like Felipes prewedding dinner, Märtha wears a new lace cream dress with pearls in the back of her hair and Mette-Marit also has a new dress, a one strap navy (I think) and white dress.


Consommé "Alexandra"
Garnert med ristet artiskokk,
jordskokkfondant og trøffel


Confisert Laksefilet
Friske sommerbønner
Sauce Riche (Hummersaus med trøffel)

Krydderstekt Lievéche Vårkylling
Quiche på rilette, andelever, fiken
og vaktelegg
Pommes Lyonaise og kalvesjy


Ristede mandler, pralinkjerne
Some more photosepcials from NRK from earlier today
The exhibition of the jewels
The walk to the churc (possible posted already:confused:
the service in the church

some first pics, from adressa and screen caps from TV2, the woman in yellow is minister Karita Bekkemellem, the glam-card in the goverment;)


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Wow! Mette-Marit's dress is stunning! I love the one shoulder style.
larzen, thank you very much indeed for your great and quick post!
I like MM's dress, too
all three ladies, Sonja, Mette Marit and Martha Louise, look superb!
Group photo
TEKST TIL BILDENR: 20060622-117: Kroningsjubileet i Trondheim: Første rad: Kong Harald, dronning Sonja, kronprins Haakon, kronprinsesse Mette-Marit, prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra, prins Sverre Magnus, Marius Borg Høiby, prinsesse Märtha Louise, Ari Behn, prinsesse Ragnhild, Erling Lorentzen, prinsesse Astrid og Johan Martin Ferner. Andre rad: Haakon Lorentzen, Christian Lorentzen, Sofia Lorentzen, Sebastian Johansen, Madeleine Johansen, Cathrine Ferner Johansen og Arild Johansen. Tredje rad: Benedikte Ferner, Aage Hvinden, Ingeborg Lorentzen Ribeiro, Paulo Ribeiro, Victoria Ribeiro, Alexander Ferner, Elisabeth Ferner og Carl Christian Ferner. Foto: Lasse Berre, Det Kongelige Slott/Scanpix/ANB Bilde til fri redaksjonell bruk. IKKE for salg.



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This one shoulder evening dress is great for Mette-marit; so is the navy jacket, white skirt outfit she had on the first day.
it looks like Martha's wearing a wedding dress!!!?? It's pretty but uh...a little too much. I love sonja and mette's dresses!! Just fantastic.
Finally Mette-marit has a lovely evening dress that really suits her,its the best one she has worn recently.
Thank you everyone for all the pictures you've posted, especially the Norwegians providing all the informations, it's greatly appreciated!

What a day! They all looked like they were having a good time during these very special festivities. The royal ladies have looked great, especially this evening - they all look fantastic!
why hadn't martha's children been included in group picture?
All ladies look very beautiful and elegant!!!
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Thanks for all the wonderful pictures so far, Larzen!
You made these corronation anniversary much easier to follow through.

I'm glad Mette-Marit really got her sense in fashion here & definitely shine through, on day & night. The black gala dress she wore in trondheim is beautiful. Martha is looking very beautiful also, i like her red dress on the 1st night.
Moreover, it's great to see Marius & Sverre Magnus in the official picture, it must be a great family photo for the Norwegian RF. Although it would've been much better if Leah & Maud could be there..

Overall, a great couple of days & i like seeing the pictures from the boat journey when they made stops all through the town.
Such a beautiful lace bodice on Martha's dress.
I also love the fellow wearing traditional Norwegian evening dress. Really charming!
Martha's dress reminds me of a wedding dress. Mette-Marit's dress was beautiful.
Great pictures! :)

Mette-Marit's black dress looked great! Finally she's wearing nice galadresses again ( I wasn't a big Fan of the last ones she wore.. especially the black-white one for the Spanish StateVisit ;) ).

Sonja looked beautyful, too. She wore this dress before, when she attended the Spanish Pre Wedding events in 2004. I like her wearing this red rose/ flower in her hair! :)

Märtha' dress indeed looked a bit like a wedding dress! But I love it! She looked so nice! The cut of the dress is beautiful!

The Group Picture is nice! Great to see Marius on it, too! :)
Haakon and Mette-Marit visit huseby School, the quality is not great - nrk
and some nice pics from yesterday from adressa.


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