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    Which Country Could Next Abolish Their Monarchy?

    If Australia, Canada or New Zealand did decide to become a republic they would still continue to be in the Commonwealth just like the Republic of South Africa is still a member of the Commonwealth.
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    Young Royals: Where and How Should They Marry?

    Victoria's future wedding will Victorias wedding be a Tiara event like the recent Danish and Norwegian weddings since Scandinavian Monarchies throw the best weddings!....
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    "20 Hottest Young Royals" (2004) - E! and Forbes Documentary

    there is something very wrong with this list for starters there is no good looking British royals!....... I don't think women would look twice at william and harry if they weren't who they are!...... and excuse me Beatrice hot!...not in this lifetime!....ok Zara isn't bad but no where near as...
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    The Monarchy under Charles

    do you think they shoud go along the lines of the Norwegian Monarchy where only the heir and his children have the HRH title whereas everyone else such as Martha Louise and her Aunts have a lessor title?.....
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    The Monarchy under Charles

    I heard somewhere that when charles steps up to the throne that he intends to scale down the Royal Family!.....does that mean some people will loose their titles?....
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    Your Favourite Royal Family

    Sweden Denmark Netherlands
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    Future of the Belgian monarchy

    is there another branch of the Belgian Royal Family that can ascend the throne when Albert passes away. Given that Phillipe and Laurent seem to be unpopular?.........
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    What Would You Say To The Royals?

    I'd Ask Crown Princess victoria to Marry ME!..... Queen Margethe -why do you wear such hideous clothes Queen Paola - do you enjoy being Queen and if so why do you look so bored at most formal functions Queen Elizabeth -Whats her greatest achievement thus far King Juan Carlos - any regrets...
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    Royal and Noble Castles and Palaces

    I love The Great Petehof Palace its really a beautiful piece of architecture, I also quite like the Royal Palace in Brussels, Drottingholm Palace in Sweden, Het Loo in the Netherlands, and The Royal Palace in Madrid
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    Tiara history, traditions, protocols, metals and meanings

    When to wear a Tiara... I was wondering is there some kind of protocals that Royals follow on when to wear a Tiara and when not to. For example on some state visits (i've noticed this in Belgium especially) The Queen and Princess'ss don't wear their Tiara's (the greek state visit ) and then...
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    If You Were A Royal?!

    I would be the Prince Consort of HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, she's so sweet, beautiful and sexy!....
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    Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 8: February-May 2007

    After watching this video I have to ask, has this woman learnt nothing from her many, many, many, many, many mistakes from the past!.....the answer is obvioulsy No.
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    70th Birthday Celebrations of King Harald V of Norway

    I have to say Princess Martha louise looked absolutley drop dead gorgeous!....I have never seen her look so good, she was hot!....
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    70th Birthday Celebrations of King Harald V of Norway

    theres quite a few British Royals attending the Kings 70th, you don't usually see Princess Anne at events like this.
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    Which Royal Doesn't Live Up To The Hype?

    Personally I don't understand how people can justify not liking a Crown princess. Firstly do you know them personally?...No have you ever been in their position?...No......How would you react constantly knowing that theres a camera somewhere ready to take a picture of you, and that every single...
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    Royal Transport: Land, Sea and Air

    I can't belive Mary flew jetstar!.....thats such a bad airline,
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    The Monarchy after Elizabeth II

    I think Australia will definatley become a Republic and I'll take a guess and say the Royal Family may become smaller maybe along the lines of the Dutch Monarchy.
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    2007 State Visits

    Queen Margerethe II of Denmark has made two state Visits to Great Britain during the Reign of Elizabeth II. And King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway have paid a state visit to Scotland and England seperatley, is that considered Great Britain?...
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    Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Visit to The Netherlands: February 5, 2007

    Queen Elizabeth has made state visits to the kingdoms of Spain, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium she continues to travel the world for example in 2006 she was in Australia and Malta. Queen Beatrix has previously paid a state visit to England can't remember when but Diana was still...
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    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Current Events Part 5: July 2006 - Oct 2007

    The Queen of Sweden is still a very beautiful women!....which she has passed on to her equally beautiful daughters
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    Who Is The Most Professional Queen?

    I definatley have to say the most professional Queen is Queen Elizabeth II followed very closely by Queen Sofia Queen Silvia Queen Beatrix The least professional Queen is Paola!....(IMO)
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    2007 State Visits

    What state visits would you like to see in the comming year?...... I think it must be about time for a Swedish State visit to Great Britain by now!....:smile:
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    The Royal Palace, Brussels

    would anybody have a floorplan of the Royal Palace in Brussels!..
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    Royals Visiting Australia

    Besides the British Royals and The Danes what other Royals have paid official visits to Australia, and when?....
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    The Royal Palace of Stockholm, Stockholm

    have you seen the Royal Palace in Amsterdam?...that is the ugliest palace ever (in my opinion):eek: I do however like the Royal Palace in Stockholm:o
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