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    Queen Rania: Picture Thread 1

    hello, rania seems to be a very good and hard-working queen. i don't know very much about her though. if someone could answer these questions for me it would be great.. when did she marry abdullah and when was the coronation? where can i see some pictures from those events?
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    The Nobel Prize 2002 - 2012

    i dont' get why madeleine doesn't have a new dress... she just wore that. it's boring. like last year she had a brand new dress... but i thought maybe they don't want as much headlines as last year ..because of the dress being "too revealing"
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    The Nobel Prize 2002 - 2012

    i can't wait to see what kind of dresses victoria & madeleine & silvia will wear on wednesday... i hope that at least madeleine will have a new one. ;)
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    Princess Madeleine's Fashion and Style Part 1: September 2003 - Ausgust 12, 2009

    i like all of her dresses. i never saw one that didn't suit her...
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