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    Photosession Belgian Royal Family; 17 June 2008

    Where is Queen Fabiola?
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    Your favourite Royal Couple?

    I adore Boudewijn & Fabiola
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    Who is your favourite Orange/van Vollenhoven daughter-in-law?

    1. Annette 2. Aimee 3. Marilene 4. Mabel 5. Maxima 6. Anita 7. Laurentien They are not only beautiful highly educated, had previous good career and good example for another monarch for selecting the bride. I really love Dutch Royal House in laws.
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    King Abdullah & Queen Rania Current Events 4: July 9-August 30, 2005

    Well said little star, every people have different interpretation of Qur'an. I'm tired some people always say that being muslim must wear hijab, not to drink alcohol and many small things, and some people judge just like they are Prophet. How ridiculous ?
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    Diana/Charles/Camilla's Relationships Part 1

    I thought if the affair of Charles & Camilla when Diana was in the mid of 30 of ages, I thought Diana would excuse it, since Diana would be mature enough, no justify her affair over his affair (as Alexandria said). But the adultery was shadowing almost entire Charles & Diana marriage, what...
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    Your very only favourite princess

    most beautiful is definitely Diana, princess of wales and Grace Kelly most inteligent are Masako, Letizia and Maxima most elegant is Mathilde most beautiful skin are Mary and Rania most stylist is Rania
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    Rania's Role as Queen of Jordan

    Many moslems believe on this, but I'm sure it is not stated in Qur'an. Qur'an says as a moslem have to believe to Taurat, Zabur, and Bible, moslem must believe to the Moses, Jesus and Mohammed as a messanger of God. Logically, if someone convert to the religion who brought by them and we punish...
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    Rania's Role as Queen of Jordan

    Hello Reina, Which part of Qur'an say that ?
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    Preferred Wives For William and Harry

    How if Charlotte convert to Anglican ?
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    Who Is The Most Handsome Crown Prince?

    For me prince Felipe definitely
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    Royal Family of Belgium Part 2

    It seems Queen Fabiola close to her nieces and nephews.
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    Sisters of the Duke of Edinburgh

    how close prince Philip to his sisters ?
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    Discussion about Mette-Marit's past

    Hello Reina, if you said being royal not an easy thing, how can MM with lack of CV and no significant previous job can do it ? is she smart or something ? How mercyfull you are, yes in any religion we have to mercy to any ppl. what MM past is the responbility of MM to God . I don't blame MM...
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    Discussion about Mette-Marit's past

    Hello Reina, Yes Haakon is not the head of state, but to be right ? I just want to talk that to be head of state somebody must have something to be proud of, being monarch is such as an easy job (cutting a ribbon, patronage of many social organization with many advisor behind) I think common...
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    Discussion about Mette-Marit's past

    Sorry, I don't agree with you Reina. I think that is irrelevant for the head of state (even in Norway The king doesn't actually govern). The Head of State must be an example for the nation for the people whom they can follow. Even US the state of freedom, the US people still insist that the...
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    Princess Lilian, Current Events Part 1: November 2002 - January 2005

    How come Stefan Edberg became her golden boy ?
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    Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, Current Events 1: September 2005 - July 2009

    If I'm not wrong Felix is a copy of Prince Henrik.
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    Haakon & Mette-Marit Visit To Iceland June 2004

    I don't agree, about beauty and bone structure Mary off course is more beautiful and better. MM skin looks so pale, putting make up only make her face like mask, indeed MM is better with ultralight make up. I agree MM smile looks natural than Mary.
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    Alexandra's CV v. Mary's CV

    Sorry, Jasl if my word is uncomforting you, I really regret it. After I followed many discussion about Mary, I thought that Mary fans didn't have strong reason, your clarification only known by you as Australian, if you didn't say, no one knew. Moreover, DRF made wrong propaganda, such as...
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    Alexandra's CV v. Mary's CV

    Chatleen, I think not, putting John Donaldson's CV was a mistake, people against Mary would think that putting his CV only to boost Mary popularity. We all knew a professor CV must be full of something proud of. Why DRF didn't put Mary CV just the way she is, eventhough only in average level.
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    Alexandra's CV v. Mary's CV

    Chatleen, maybe i'm wrong and indeed it was just rumour, i thought rumour appeared it because Mary or DRF not seemed to be not opened when put Mary CV something that they want to uplift Mary credibility, something that make somebodyelse curious. If it was obvious, it must be no question, just...
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    Alexandra's CV v. Mary's CV

    Jasl, I don't know if Mary was a Director in Belle property because it wasn't stated in her CV. If it was so obvious why she was too afraid to admit it, if i'm not wrong in the interview before her marriage the royal palace didn't allow to ask about carrier. It caused a question mark (?), didn't...
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    Alexandra's CV v. Mary's CV

    what it want to experess in the Alex & Mary CV, i thought i could say Alexandra had far better good carrier then Mary. indeed Mary got a degree but it didn't mean that she got a good job and carrier. she got the job with no carrier nothing's wrong with changing quit a bit job but in Mary case...
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    Discussion about Mette-Marit's past

    Being crown princess not such a difficult job, cutting ribbon in many occassion, being president of various organization with large number advisor, that's why the capability like MM can accomplish. A few people want to see the heir to throne or their spouses accomplish their own life, look at...
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    Engagement of Prince Ali and Rym Brahimi: April 2004 - News & Pictures

    I thought Prince Ali selected the bride using his brain instead of his desiree, he was really aware what had to be improved in him. Rheem CV nobody doubt (maybe the best CV of JRF in-law) and perhaps he expected she could improve his quality of life. I really support what Ali decision.
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