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  1. Aquarela

    Crown Princess Mary and The Mary Foundation : 2007 - 2024

    mary... above everything is a mother so i am not surprised how happy she feels with children. she really likes to be interacting with them and that make her a lovely person imo
  2. Aquarela

    Máxima's Protocol and Etiquette Education

    With all the respect, lucien, you're not a moderator (or the King of Spain :lol: ) to tell others to shut up. sometimes máxima forgets to wait for her husband and takes the first step to greet people. but on international royal events she always behave well, with very good manners.
  3. Aquarela

    Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe and Nadja Anna Zsoeks - June 30th, 2007

    Nadja's gow is simply stunning... great pics! One of the prettiest brides I ever seen. Thanks.
  4. Aquarela

    The Family of Queen Máxima - The Zorreguietas

    I really hope to be wrong but I always had a bad feeling about this brother. I suspect he is a bit jealous of Maxima and I believe he will cause her troubles in the future. I hope to be wrong though.
  5. Aquarela

    Máxima's Protocol and Etiquette Education

    Maxima is a very confident woman and we lile her because she always seem to fight against adversity with a smile in her face. But about good manners i have my doubts... :rolleyes: pic 1 pic 2 I don't know any very well educated woman in Argentina who eats like this in public.
  6. Aquarela

    Princess Máxima, Current Events 5 (September 2007 - March 2008)

    I don't know if this the right thread but I would like to ask two things - Yesterday I was lunching out and I heard two ladies close to me speaking about Máxima's childhood. They said she was a shy little girl (I already knew that from secure fonts). Later, one of them said Maxima had several...
  7. Aquarela

    British Royals Visit to Malta and Uganda: November 20-24, 2007

    Oh the Duchess is amazing. Camilla is showing a great sense of fashion. I am glad for her! :)
  8. Aquarela

    Máxima's Protocol and Etiquette Education

    I didn't know Deutsche Bank gives royal etiquette to their employees :biggrin: :lol:
  9. Aquarela

    Máxima's Protocol and Etiquette Education

    lucien, i beg to differ from you. I am an Argentinian and i lived in europe (and asia) when i was a teenager and there is a lot of differences between european and argentinian education. what ashelen said are not silly remarks. I quote her 100%. Maxima's family lives with comfort and they deal...
  10. Aquarela

    17th Ibero-American Summit in Chile: November 8-10, 2007

    I wonder how Catholic Church see this behaviour from Juan Carlos. A friend of mine who lives in Spain told me the spanish aristocrats didn't like his tacky behaviour.
  11. Aquarela

    17th Ibero-American Summit in Chile: November 8-10, 2007

    He was still rude. A well educated person doesnt scream "why dont you shut up?!"
  12. Aquarela

    17th Ibero-American Summit in Chile: November 8-10, 2007

    i agree with you, angelina. i just cant believe people agree with a king who tell others (no matter who they are) to shut up. once again, where were the moderators in this summit?.... i remember when letizia said to prince felipe to shut up and let her talk. she didnt say "shut up" but almost...
  13. Aquarela

    17th Ibero-American Summit in Chile: November 8-10, 2007

    ok :smile: i know im in minority here but i dont agree with Juan Carlos behaviour. I understand his reaction but I don't agree. Chavez is a rude man and a real "fascist" imo, but he was elected by his people... JC wasn't. We shouldnt forget that P. Aznar offended Chavez in the first place using...
  14. Aquarela

    Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 10: September - November 2007

    i thought personal attacks were NOT ALLOWED here. trf exist to post your opinion. biboqunhas has the right to criticize whatever she wishes as long she respect the rules ok?
  15. Aquarela

    Baptism of Princess Ariane: October 20, 2007

    Mabel & Laurentien: Halloween has coming to town!! hehehehe I love children but i agree with myriam. To this kind of royal ceremony (very different from a birthday party!) the children behaviour was just awful. I dont get how Queen Beatrix allowed this! i think we are in presence of a bunch of...
  16. Aquarela

    Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde - Current Events part 15

    oh no... look at her celulite :eek: the crown princess should look for her cloth and pick them better... her trousers are a bit... tight? Free Image Hosting
  17. Aquarela

    Presentation of Infanta Sofía to the Virgin of Atocha: September 19, 2007

    sofia is so cute she's gonna be a beauty trust me ;)
  18. Aquarela

    Avatars - Royal Family of Spain

    you're an artist :smile: these avatars are gorgeous
  19. Aquarela

    Princess Máxima, Current Events 5 (September 2007 - March 2008)

    maxima visiting valentino, her wedding dress desinger valentino scaneed from Hola magazine nr. 3295 mary is not the one who likes fashion and designers :biggrin:
  20. Aquarela

    Princess Máxima, Current Events 5 (September 2007 - March 2008)

    i didnt know the netherlands have this kind of censorship. Before Maxima, the press was quite free about the royal family. I guess Maxima wants the press when its useful to her but she despise it when it is interfering with her private life... She seems to play the game do what i want or i won't...
  21. Aquarela

    When Harry met Chelsy

    what i can say is that harry is a very responsable prince: the same girlfriend all this time, his professional behaviour in the army, his touching speach at diana's service. i except a lot of him for the future.
  22. Aquarela

    Prince Willem-Alexander's 40th Birthday Celebrations: August 31-September 2, 2007

    to be honest i am not surprised with this story. i find maxima arrogant. she sems the kind of person who wants everything just like she wishes. that's what i think.
  23. Aquarela

    Infanta Leonor Starts Kindergarten: September 7, 2007

    ah beautiful princess! leonor seems proud and happy... my favourite little princess yupi!
  24. Aquarela

    Prince Willem-Alexander's 40th Birthday Celebrations: August 31-September 2, 2007

    and... why would prince frederik cancel his sailing, programmed for a long time to assist a simple birthday party? :ermm: once again princess mathilde blowed off all the other ladies!
  25. Aquarela

    The Memorial Service: August 31, 2007

    queen elizabeth was perfect. what i do love more in this british royalty is how they look all... so royal!
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