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  1. Ariana Jayde

    Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Al Khalifa Dynasty) Part 1: Mar 2004-Mar2019

    1) Everything I've read has said that she's from Kuwait. 2) On the wedding invitation for Nasser she was named as just Shaia Bint Hassan Al Krayyesh Al Ajmi, so she wasn't a Sheikha by birth. But if her family wasn't well-known, I don't know how she could have met Hamad. There usually isn't a...
  2. Ariana Jayde

    Links, Fanart and Videos

    This is my first time posting a video link, and I hope it works.. It's a clip of Sheikha Shamma bint Mohammed at a charity event for children with special needs. I believe it was taken last year, so she wasn't quite 9 yet. It's really short, but she's...
  3. Ariana Jayde

    Name & Godparent Suggestions for the Twins

    Prince Andreas Knud Frederik Gustav Princess Mathilda Sophie Dorothea Charlotte Godparents for the little prince: John Donaldson (Mary's brother); Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark; Gustav, Hereditary Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg; and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands. Plus a few...
  4. Ariana Jayde

    HGD Guillaume Picture Thread, Part 2

    I've looked through basically every pic of the Luxembourg Royal Family and I don't believe I'd seen this one posted before. Sorry if it has been. It's Henri with Guillaume, I'm guessing right after he was born. - [Royalty] - Bildergalerie: Die großherzogliche Familie - Luxemburg
  5. Ariana Jayde

    Queen Rania Jewellery 2: October 2008-October 2009

    I'm new to the forum and I'm sorry if I'm kind of off topic, but I'm wondering exactley how many tiaras does Queen Rania currently own?
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