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  1. NJRedDevils

    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

    i say another boy, i think it runs in the family
  2. NJRedDevils

    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

    if it's a boy again, which i am getting the feeling it might be then i am sure somewhere within his name there be a Frederik or Christian, cause i notice when going thru all the males not including Prince Henrik but The Royal Blood line all the males have had if not the first name but in the...
  3. NJRedDevils

    Prince Louis and Tessy Antony are Getting Married: June 20, 2006

    congrats the the couple and their families.. So what titles will the couple hold and will Young Gabriel get a title now?
  4. NJRedDevils

    The Hypothetical Question of Prince William Living with his Girlfriend

    I think it's good for a couple to live together b4 they wed or plan a future together to know each other better, you find out alot about your other half by living together. I am catholic and my wife back b4 we married lived with me and my parents in our house and my parents didn't frown upon it...
  5. NJRedDevils

    Prince Christian, Current Events 1: November 2005 - July 2006

    his so cute and he listens to what his parents say to him and looks at things, big boy as well, well fed and healthy.
  6. NJRedDevils

    Prince William Current Events 9: May-September 2006

    The interview didn't go for long, it was just aired on channel 7 tonite in Sydney. i like to see a proper interview on how live has been without mom and their love lives and their career plans
  7. NJRedDevils

    Royal Weddings Questions and Discussion Past and Future

    how come the royals never kiss at the alter like commoners do but after they bow , curstiy to the King and Queen , they walk down further at the steps they kiss? What about Royal women that marry commoner men, who aren't in the Army, Navy, Air force or Marines so they don't have a uniform...
  8. NJRedDevils

    King Carl XVI Gustaf's 60th Birthday Celebrations: April 28-30, 2006

    what was for dinner at the gala bday party. I think the Swedish princesses could of got something new and outstanding as hostess.
  9. NJRedDevils

    Queen Elizabeth II's 80th Birthday Celebrations: 2006

    Happy birthday your Majesty and many many more years to you.
  10. NJRedDevils

    "The Prince And Me" (2004) - Film 'about' Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

    they had to continue where they left off, will she marry him or not since he came back and said he wait for her??? and that he loved her...
  11. NJRedDevils

    "The Prince And Me" (2004) - Film 'about' Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

    i watched both movies with my wife , even though she thought it was ok nothing to good, i must agree that it sucked, both movies, why do they make movies so stupid and i am sure that CP Freddie is nothing like this guy and Mary is an Aussie not American.
  12. NJRedDevils

    Books on the Swedish Royal Family

    Are there any books in English not just swedish, that we can find in Australian bookstores?
  13. NJRedDevils

    Run-up to the inquest into Diana's death

    I believe she was killed off and they are still covering it and it's because the governemnt or the Royal household know something, otherwise it be out in the open, even an Australian Psychic Georgina Walker, Said that She was murdered by the Queen Mother's connections and it's all in a filing...
  14. NJRedDevils

    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Current Events Part 4: Oct 2005 - July 2006

    Were there any pictures from the closing Ceremony with the King and CP
  15. NJRedDevils

    Prince William Current Events 7: January-February 2006

    I guess we will find out when he finishes his training if this article is true or not...
  16. NJRedDevils

    Prince William Current Events 7: January-February 2006

    In this week's New Idea, we reveal Prince William is planning to marry Kate Middleton. Are they a good match? Royal engagement — Prince William proposes to Kate A wedding is on the cards for Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton as a secret engagement is arranged behind palace doors...
  17. NJRedDevils

    Princess Kiko is Pregnant for the 3rd time

    congrats but i hope it's a baby gal and they change the old way of thinking and this should be with all Royal households, gals have the same rights as boys ,EEO, so they should stop making male heirs to the Throne they don't always make the best monarch, well lets see you have Queen in England...
  18. NJRedDevils

    What is your opinion of Frederik and Mary

    Nothing bothers me about Freddy and Mary, they are a couple in love which is a good sign because they are human and should be allowed to feel this, they are modern parents and want to bring up their child/ren as normal as possible. They respect their royal duties but they also want a normal...
  19. NJRedDevils

    HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai (1943 - 4 Jan 2006)

    he had previous heart problems but he didn't seek medical attention and he had a massive heart attack around 1am at his suite in the Versace Palazzo, his body was taken to be inbalmed b4 leaving back to Dubai on his private plane. May he rest in Peace and may his brother follow in this his...
  20. NJRedDevils

    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Current Events Part 4: Oct 2005 - July 2006

    I think the king meant that even though Swedes weren't hurt or killed in Hurricane Katrina or the Earthquakes in India or Pakistan but watching this disaster happen to others, it affects you in an emotional sense maybe not in the Physical sense, to see people dying or injuried in such an event...
  21. NJRedDevils

    Prince Sverre Magnus Current Events: December 3, 2005 - January 24, 2006

    Congratulations on the Birth of Prince Sverre Magnus, congratulations to the Royal Family and his born on my cousin's birthday as well
  22. NJRedDevils

    Prince Harry Current Events 9: November 2005-January 2006

    it was actually printed in a newspaper here in OZ , which was from one of the books Diana never got to finished, that she had both William and Harry to be DNA tested to prove to Charles and the Queen that both boys were Charles and the results both were Diana's and Charles boys.. Harry doesn't...
  23. NJRedDevils

    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's First Pregnancy

    can i ask something why do they make a grandparent a godparent, it should be a sibling or cousins or other royal members like future Kings and Queens or just princes and Princesses.
  24. NJRedDevils

    Christening of Prince Christian: January 21, 2006

    i wonder what kind of cake the young prince will have for his Baptism, i had a square cake with royal white icing and those pearl like candy in a shape of the rosary and a lil boy kneeling like his praying, i saw the pics and i was wearing the family's traditional baptism gown, it's been with...
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