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  1. Olishka

    Prince William: Visit to New Zealand and Australia - January 17-21, 2010

    I was actually really disappointed when I learned that they were sending Charles and Camilla here to Canada, and William to Australia/New Zealand. Many of my friends are from Vancouver, where Charles and Camilla visited, and expressed either disinterest or slight contempt at the prospect of the...
  2. Olishka

    Titles and Styles of Harry, his Future Wife and Children

    Doubtless this has been discussed elsewhere previously, but nevertheless I have a question! If William marries before the Queen dies, and is made "Duke of X" upon his marriage, and his children are therefore "Prince and Princess of X", will the titles of his children change upon his investiture...
  3. Olishka

    Will Charles Ever Reign?

    I think he will, if only to give William's child(ren) a chance to have some semblance of normalcy before having to cope with the additional pressure of being the heir and spare(s). For some unexplained reason, I don't see William having children before his thirtieth birthday.
  4. Olishka

    Should Camilla attend the memorial service for Diana?

    I personally don't see anything "wrong" with Camilla's attending the service, but I believe that should she decide to go it would spawn a lot of press attention centred on the issue being discussed here, and would detract from the overall goal of the service, which is to remember the positive...
  5. Olishka

    Princess Alexandra, News and Picture Thread 3: February 2006 - September 2008

    I apologize if this picture has already been posted in this section of the forums. [DNF] Fotoarchief Denieuwsfoto It is, obviously, from this year's National Day.
  6. Olishka

    "The Diana Chronicles" by Tina Brown (2007)

    Glad I didn't buy it, then. No wonder it was marked down!
  7. Olishka

    Royalty and Reality TV

    I think it suffices to say that that is ridiculous, and also more than a tad embarassing.
  8. Olishka

    Titles and Styles of Harry, his Future Wife and Children

    So, in marrying William, would the princess sacrifice all current and future titles associated with her own royal house and the possibility of her children inheriting those titles? (In the example of William and Alexandra, could a daughter of theirs be both Princess So-And-So of Wales, and...
  9. Olishka

    Titles and Styles of Harry, his Future Wife and Children

    I apologize if this has been covered here already, as I just hurriedly read through this thread, but what, exactly, would happen if William fell in love with and wished to marry a foreign born princess that wasn't in the direct line of succession for her own royal house, like Princess Alexandra...
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