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    Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko Current Events Part 2: November 2006 - April 2017

    The Imperial Household Law of 1947: <...> Article 2. The Imperial Throne shall be passed to the members of the Imperial Family according to the following order: The eldest son of the Emperor The eldest son of the Emperor's eldest son Other descendants of the eldest son of the Emperor The...
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    HSH Prince Albert Current Events 23 : July 2007 - Sept.2007

    Yes, he is. Yesterday Prince Albert arrived to Irkutsk. Today he goes to see Baikal Lake. On August, 17 (tomorrow) PA will go to Tiksi (Tiksi is a small port settlement on Arktic Ocean coast in Yakutia), and after Tiksi he'll visit Kamchatka (Russian Far East).
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