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    Queen Elizabeth II's Health Issues

    I know, but but the news broke around lunchtime. They may have been removed around that time or shortly before.
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    Queen Elizabeth II's Health Issues

    It is possible the Cambridge children (and all of the Queen’s grandchildren and great grandchildren still in school) have now been taken out of class for the day.
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    The Youngest Royal Brides in History

    Constance, the ruling princess of Antioch, was eight years old when she was kidnapped and married to Raymond of Poitiers in 1136. Constance's widowed mother, Alice, was told that she would be the one marrying Raymond. Embarrassed and powerless, Alice left Antioch permanently. Charlotte of...
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    Royals Murdered

    Albert I of Germany, an early Habsburg, was murdered by his nephew John in 1308 due to a dispute over inheritance. It is believed John entered a monastery in Italy and died in obscurity. Joanna of Naples was murdered in 1382 in captivity. Blanche II of Navarre died in 1464, after her...
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    Royals Marrying Late In Life

    Prince Henry of the Netherlands married late in life just like his brother, Willem III. He had been married once before, to Amalia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. They had a happy marriage, but were childless. Amalia died in 1872. At the age of 58, Henry married Marie of Prussia in 1878. She was...
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    HGD Couple expecting their first child

    It's such great news! May is a wonderful time to have a baby. I'm a little surprised Guillaume and Stephanie were only in London for a little over a year. When it was first announced it sounded as though they would be there for some time, although I can imagine they want to settle back in...
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    Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Henri de Laborde de Monpezat: June 10, 1967

    Interesting note about the dinner at Margarethe's and Henrik's reception - not long before the wedding, the residents of the Danish island of Bornholm contacted the King with a unique proposal. At the time, Bornholm had a massive overpopulation of deer. The Bornholm residents invited Frederik...
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    Engagement of Leopold (III) and Astrid

    I don't think Elisabeth had a problem with Astrid in particular, but it is true that she preferred Leopold consider a Catholic princess. She also urged him to consider the Orthodox princesses of Romania (probably Princess Ileana, possibly Maria), but nothing came of it. Albert and Elisabeth...
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    King Leopold II of The Belgians (1835-1909)

    I had no idea that Albert I had wanted to marry Isabelle of Orleans before he met Elisabeth. I did know that he considered Elisabeth of Austria (Rudolf's daughter), but he didn't like her. It did seem as though she was not the easiest person to spend time with.
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    Belgian Royal Jewels of the Past

    I'd really like to find out what happened to the tiara given to Astrid by the city of Stockholm when she married Leopold. The tiara itself is very 1920s and would probably be tough for a modern royal woman to wear as a tiara without some major remodeling. But I think if it still exists, it...
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    Letizia, Princess of Asturias Jewellery 2: August 2007-June 2014

    A Tiara A Day featured the Ansorena fleur de lys tiara a few days ago. It's speculated that it was made for and given to Letizia by Ansorena (rather than it being purchased by Felipe), and that it would be inappropriate for a member of the Spanish royal family to accept such a gift. Given the...
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    Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Princess Ingrid of Sweden - 1935

    Frederik was actually engaged to Olga of Greece in the early 20s. They broke off their engagement (supposedly it was mutual) after she met Paul of Yugoslavia. Ingrid was linked to three of George V's sons (the future Edward VIII, the Duke of Gloucester, and the Duke of Kent) as well as Carol...
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    Least Favourite Look for a Royal Groom

    Juan Carlos of Spain looked a bit under the weather on his wedding day. He had broken his collarbone a few weeks before and had to remove his sling a bit earlier than planned due to the wedding. The poor guy was in a good amount of pain the whole time.
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    Crown Prince Leopold Belgium and Princess Astrid of Sweden - 1926

    Today most royal brides who have separate civil and religious ceremonies have different dresses as well, but the civil wedding ensemble is usually a suit or a very simple dress. While she wore the same veil for her two weddings (although she wore the veil differently for each) Astrid had two...
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    CrownPrincess Juliana of The Netherlands & Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld -1937

    Yes, the Duke of Kent attended the wedding as a representative of George VI. The D of K had actually proposed to Juliana (and was declined) before he married Marina of Greece; Juliana was also a bridesmaid in their wedding.
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    Queen Sofia Jewellery 1: Ending Jun 2023

    I don't believe Sofia is wearing a pearl necklace. It appears to be diamonds, possibly with a crucifix at the end. I haven't found out much about this necklace (whether it is Sofia's property or if it belongs to Greece or Spain), but I'll keep looking.
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    Vatican City State: Pope Francis accession/Inauguration & Current Events:March 2013-

    Nikolaos and Margaretha of Liechtenstein are there as well. Nikolaos is a non-resident ambassador to the Holy See.
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    Princess Beatrice (1857-1944) and Prince Henry of Battenberg (1858-1896)

    In his biography of Princess Beatrice, Matthew Dennison makes reference to a portrait of Beatrice painted by Sohn. The portrait was painted a couple of years before Beatrice's marriage, and was apparently very unflattering. Dennison describes Beatrice as looking pudgy and quite unhappy in it...
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    Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1853-1884)

    I believe the photo above listed as Helena with her children is actually her sister, Marie. She was the Crown Princess of Wurttemburg, first wife of William II. She died a few days after Helena's wedding, giving birth to her third child, a stillborn daughter. Her second child, Ulrich...
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