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  1. icedemigod12

    Colorized photos of the Romanovs

    here's a site of some colored photographs, albeit few, but they're beautiful anyways: Alyosha - Colored Photographs
  2. icedemigod12

    Colorized photos of the Romanovs

    I LOVE the third pic, the one of Maria. The picture gives her such an aura. Beautiful!
  3. icedemigod12

    What would've happened to Russia had it not entered WWI?

    I was just wondering: what could Russia be like now if it didn't enter World War I. Would the monarchy still be in place now? Would it have been turned into a constitutional monarchy (given that there already was a Duma at this time)? What would happen if the Russian Revolution of 1917 never...
  4. icedemigod12

    Monarchy and Restoration; Rival Families and Claimants

    Agreed. After everything that happened with the Revolution and Communism, there's hardly a chance that Russia will become a monarchy once again. Still, it would be nice if this were to happen, although I'd rather call for a constitutional monarchy rather than an absolute one since the load will...
  5. icedemigod12

    Could Nicholas II have changed the Imperial Succession?

    There certainly was a chance he would've chose not to become tsar. I think Alexandra would've at least supported him since she knew of all his difficulties as a child and she was actually scared and worried when Nicholas would bring Alexei to Stavka with him. Still he loved Russia and I think...
  6. icedemigod12

    Colorized photos of the Romanovs

    Velkoknezna Maria, I love the one of Maria and Mikhail! You're really good at this. Keep up the good work! :D
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