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  1. Jason R Maier esq

    King Umberto II (1904-1983) and Queen Marie-José (1906-2001)

    Just a couple of questions regarding Umberto II and Marie-Jose: 1. Would the Savoys still reign had VE III abdicated in 1943 after the fall of Mussolini/Italy's surrender to the Allies? (or was the throne doomed at any rate because VE III acquiesced to the Fascists?) 2. Some have speculated...
  2. Jason R Maier esq

    Bourbon-Parma: Spain, Carlist political activity, the Montejurra Shootings

    Whoa . . even after reading this . . I'm very shocked Sixtus tried to kill his own brother :(
  3. Jason R Maier esq

    Duke Carlos Javier and the Royal House of Bourbon-Parma 1: August 2010- 2022

    As of now, the heir apparent is his brother Jaime. I know Javier has an out of wedlock child with Bridgitte Klynestra (if I got the spelling wrong, my mistake); but has he recognized the child? If so, wouldn't that make the child their heir to the Dukedom?
  4. Jason R Maier esq

    Nobility of France

    Wow . . . what a long life.
  5. Jason R Maier esq

    Royal Families of France 1: Ending 2021

    A couple of quick questions regarding the late Prince Thibault, Count of Le March (youngest child of the late Count of Paris). I've read somewhere that his death in Central Africa at the age of 35 in 1983 was under mysterious circumstances (either a hunting accident, an illness or heart attack...
  6. Jason R Maier esq

    Duke and Duchess of Anjou: birth of twin sons May 2010

    Nice that they got twins . . . should make for interesting family gatherings "Luis, Alphonso!" . . Anyhow as far as titles do . . . didn't the Count of Paris (the current one, not Henri the elder) sue Luis Alphonso over the use of the "Duke of Anjou" title about 20 years ago?
  7. Jason R Maier esq

    Curious & Interesting Royal Facts

    Didn't realize that Peter the Great of Russia was 7 feet tall (tallest royal ever?). And who was more sicko: Tiberius or Caligula?
  8. Jason R Maier esq

    King Alexander I (1893-1920), Aspasia Manos (1896-1972) and dau Alexandra (1921-1993)

    On a (somewhat) related note; I know the marriage of Alexandra and Peter II of Yugoslavia was said to have been rocky . . . anyone care to elaborate?
  9. Jason R Maier esq

    LHBTQ+ Royalty

    Wasn't it rumored that ex King Umberto II of Italy was bi-sexual? And I read somewhere it was an open secret about King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria being bi-sexual?
  10. Jason R Maier esq

    A boy for the the Duke and Duchess of Vendôme: Prince Gaston, 19 November 2009

    1. I thought I read something that Prince Thibault died under "mysterious circumstances" in the Central African Republic. 2. Yeah I know he was disinherited by the late Count of Paris (as was Prince Michel, but said decisions were overturned).
  11. Jason R Maier esq

    Emperor Karl I (1887-1922), Empress Zita ("The Last Empress") (1892-1989) and Family

    Really . . . I guess Otto's rationale might be "well if the body has been there for 87 years, why move it?"
  12. Jason R Maier esq

    Emperor Karl I (1887-1922), Empress Zita ("The Last Empress") (1892-1989) and Family

    I know that Karl's body is buried in Maderia, while his heart is at Muri Abbey. How come his body hasn't yet been buried at the Crypt in Vienna?
  13. Jason R Maier esq

    Titles, Styles and Ranks of the Grand Ducal Family

    Here's some info I found about the style/titles of the Luxemborg GD family: Luxemburg
  14. Jason R Maier esq

    Princely House of Salm

    Wow . . . . 105. What a long, long life she lived. And a large family to boot
  15. Jason R Maier esq

    Duke Franz and the Royal House of Bavaria 1: Ending 2021

    What a long life Prince Ludwig had . . . now I remember reading that he and his wife (Princess Irmingard) had two daughters (Irmingard Maria and Philippa) but sadly, said two daughters were either stillborn or died as infants :(
  16. Jason R Maier esq

    The Ducal and Princely Family de Broglie

    Just out of Idle curiosity, why are there lines of de Broglie and de Broglie-Revel? Also, I remember reading that the father of the current (Victor) Duc de Broglie was the politician (Prince) Jean de Broglie who helped negotiate the Evian Accords to end the French-Algerian war and who was...
  17. Jason R Maier esq

    The Qajar Dynasty and Imperial Succession after the Pahlavis

    Pahlavi succession question Just a question regarding the succession of the Pahlavi claim to the Peacock Throne. As it stands now, HIH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is the head of the Pahlavi family. Since he has 3 daughters, the next in line would be his brother HIH Ali-Reza Pahlavi (who is...
  18. Jason R Maier esq

    The Qajar Dynasty and Imperial Succession after the Pahlavis

    Ahh . . ok I had read something on Wikipedia showing that HIH Prince Soltan Ali Mirza Qajar has been the head of the Imperial family since 1988, while HIH Mohammad Hassan Mirza II Qajar has been the Heir Presumptive since 1988. Here's what I found: Qajar dynasty - Wikipedia, the free...
  19. Jason R Maier esq

    Ducal House of Saxe-Meiningen (Wettin)

    Very nice picture of the Coat of Arms. Anyhow, as far as more infor about the ducal family . . . . Archduchess Regina of Austria was born a Princess of Saxe-Meiningen (daughter of Prince George of Saxe-Meiningen who was the head of this house from 1941-1946 when he died in a Russian POW camp)...
  20. Jason R Maier esq

    Princely Houses of Reuss

    Reuss The current head of the Reuss family is HEINRICH IV Pr Reuss, Fürst Reuss zu Köstritz (b. 10-26-1919) married to Marie Luise Pss zu Salm-Horstmar (b. 8-18-1918). Heinrich IV became the head of the Reuss family in 1962 when Heinrich XLV Furst Reuss zu Schleiz was declared dead (he had gone...
  21. Jason R Maier esq

    Prince Kardam seriously injured in Madrid car accident, August 2008

    !! I'm very shocked to read this . . . hope he pulls through. I wasn't aware that Prince Guilliame of Luxemborg and his wife were in an accident . . . I also read that in 1968, Archduke Rudolph of Austria and his wife Xenia were in an accident, and sadly Xenia was killed :(
  22. Jason R Maier esq

    Pregnant Royal Brides

    I also seem to recall that Crown Princess Helen of Romania (nee' Princess of Greece & Denmark) was pregnant with (ex) King Michael when she married Crown Prince Carol in 1921 . . .
  23. Jason R Maier esq

    Duke Franz and the Royal House of Bavaria 1: Ending 2021

    Very nice that he's had such a long life :smile:
  24. Jason R Maier esq

    Archduke Carl Christian of Austria & Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg: Feb 6, 1982

    That's a very nice picture . . . . the 3 ladies seeing their grandchildren get married :smile:
  25. Jason R Maier esq

    Princely House of Lippe

    Question: I noticed that Furst Armin was the only son by Furst Leopold IV's second marriage to Princess Anna of Ysenburg-Büdingen. Why was Furst Leopold's eldest son from his first marriage (Hereditary Prince Ernst) passed over?
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