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  1. alyssaphoebe

    Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 3: April 2008 - August 2008

    Her dress is gorgeous, I like it!
  2. alyssaphoebe

    Princess Marie of Denmark Jewellery 1: Ending Jun 2023

    Princess Marie's wedding tiara is really beautiful! I love it
  3. alyssaphoebe

    Ciao! :P

    Hi Tosca! Thanks ;)
  4. alyssaphoebe

    Favourite Royal Names

    Girl: Leonor Isabella Sofia Boy: Christian Gabriel Emmanuel
  5. alyssaphoebe

    What is your favourite Jordanian Royal Name?

    Female: Rania Sara Yasmine Male: Hashem Ali Omar
  6. alyssaphoebe

    HRH Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans and Diana, Duchess of Cadaval, 21 June 2008

    Awesome pics, thanks for the work! I think Diana's dress is very pretty and her hairstyle too However, they look radiant and happy ;)
  7. alyssaphoebe

    Princess Máxima, Current Events 6 (March 2008 - October 2009)

    I like Máxima's outfit is beautiful!
  8. alyssaphoebe

    Summer Cruise aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog: June 17-19, 2008

    Great pics Turkish Delight, thank you! I love this family :)
  9. alyssaphoebe

    Which Royal are you?

    I'm a Queen
  10. alyssaphoebe

    Ciao! :P

    Thank you Warren!
  11. alyssaphoebe

    Your very only favourite royal lady Part 2

    Crown Princess Mary Crown Princess Maxima Crown Princess Letizia
  12. alyssaphoebe

    Best future European monarch

    1. Frederick 2. Felipe 3. Willem-Alexander
  13. alyssaphoebe

    Favorite European Royal Head of State

    Queen Margrethe of Denmark :)
  14. alyssaphoebe

    Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, Current Events 3: May - September 2008

    Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing! In my opinion princess Marie is stylish and elegant a real princess :)
  15. alyssaphoebe

    Ciao! :P

    Hello everyone! :smile: I joined this wonderful forum two years ago and now I'm back My name's Anna, I'm from Italy and I'm almost 17 years. Hugs and kisses
  16. alyssaphoebe

    A Princess is Born in Denmark!: April 21, 2007

    Oh my God, it's fantastic! I'm so happy for the royal family.... Welcome little Princess and Congratulations! I want to see the baby :wub:
  17. alyssaphoebe

    Princess Máxima is Pregnant for the 3rd time!

    Congratulations! I hope they have a baby boy!
  18. alyssaphoebe

    Pope Benedict XVI's Visit to Valencia: July 8-9, 2006

    Thanks! I think that the pictures of the whole family with Pope Benedict are beautiful :) So, the children are sweets in the pics!!
  19. alyssaphoebe

    Dutch Summer Photo Sessions (2005-2012)

    This photoshoot is very very cute! Thanks for the pics
  20. alyssaphoebe

    Avatars - Royal Families

    My new avatars :) :
  21. alyssaphoebe

    Avatars - Royal Families

    My new avatars! :)
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