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  1. Xanabelle

    Prince and Princess Michael of Kent Current Events 3: March-September 2006

    Hanging out with her husband AND the man she is ment to be cheating with? That is style my friends! ;)
  2. Xanabelle

    Favourite Royal Tiaras 1

    This thread has reconfirmed my opinion that the Bonapartes should have opened a jewelry store after their empire crumbled. Eugenie & Marie-Louise had the most beautiful jewels I have ever seen
  3. Xanabelle

    Duchess of Cornwall Jewellery 3: Nov 2005 - Feb 2007

    I am just so impressed with Camilla's taste in jewels. I cant wait to see what glittering treat she has for us next. I hope she makes regular appearances in the Boucheron Tiara though, I'll never get sick of looking at it. So pretty and sparkling!
  4. Xanabelle

    Queen Sirikit and Thai Royal Jewels

    I think the only thing more beautiful then Queen Sirikit's jewels is her smile. She looks like such a sweet, approachable woman! That said, I really want that diamond floral tiara.
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