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  1. MARG

    The Most Terrible Part 4

    Sadly not "disgraceful", but the unfortunate Princess has no taste whatsoever. So, it is a case for the "Fashion Police" to deal with rather than those in charge of royal etiquette. I actually wondered if perhaps she had borrowed the dress, it was so awful to look at.
  2. MARG

    Queen Mary of Denmark Jewels 1: 14 Jan 2024 -

    I have to admit it is a little awkward navigating what is an and is not the personal property of Queen Margrethe or the Family Trust. Problems like this only occur in the case of the Abdication of the Regnant rather than the death. She is not the first to alter this Parure, just one of a...
  3. MARG

    Fashion and Style of Royal Men, Part 8: July 2022 - I don't know if Charles routinely pairs with Camilla, but this waistcoat is...
  4. MARG

    Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 20: June 2023 -

    If Letizia is limited to some style of orthotic footwear there are jundreds of gorgeous flats out there. And, if she is going to wear flats, her trousers should be shortened accordingly. As things stand, she is making a statement that she can't be bothered looking them or her dresser has not...
  5. MARG

    Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 19: May 2023 -

    I am loving Charlene's personal style and am amazed at how versatile her hair style is. But check out the above photos, particularly the second. The whole family look both elegant and very happy. !Right along with the personal dresser that chose it
  6. MARG

    Queen Camilla, Current Events Part 1: September 2022-

    For someone who was brought up to marry well and tend her children and nurture her community through such things as bake sales for the WI, Camilla is the absolute star of the BRF troopers. To someone not born royal and with nothing other that a middle to upper class upbringing, in the natural...
  7. MARG

    Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and Family News and Events 11: 03 March 2023 -

    I haven't had much time to peruse the forums and looking on this thread is really heartwarming, Sophie who always get the dress coat right and Edward, who looks more and more like his father, especially when preventing sunburn on his balding pate with a really dapper summer panama. They are a...
  8. MARG

    Queen Letizia's Evening Wear Part 7: July 2022 -

    The photo of Maxima and Letizia shows it all. I know there are a whole lot of people out there that figuratively clutch their pearls at the word "stockings" but Maxima looks elegantly finished and feet are right up there with hands for showing your age or if you just don't have nice feet. The...
  9. MARG

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 9: August 2023 -

    You know, after all this time I am at a loss to tell which royal 'supposedly' said what and to whom and, more importantly, which royal commentator wrote what in their column, book, etc or said in their interview, panel, etc. All I really do know is that all of those royal reporters have a...
  10. MARG

    Queen Camilla's Fashion and Style Part 2: June 2023 -

    I was looking at the photo and thought to myself how lovely Camilla looked. The pinafore effect is, IMHO, pretty well non-existent. The ensemble is fitted perfectly, and the choice of blouse works extremely well with the almost severe cut and colour of the body of the dress which is softened by...
  11. MARG

    Queen Camilla Jewels 2: February 2024 -

    HLM was very sparing with gifts of jewellery to family members of the family. Engagement and wedding presents notwithstanding, she merely "lent" what she deemed appropriate, However, as we saw in the case of the late Diana, the important and historically significant piece which were heralded as...
  12. MARG

    Queen Camilla Jewels 2: February 2024 -

    It is wonderful to see Camilla wearing relatively obscure jewellery with the bees being perfect examples of her whimsical nature. All I can say is, more please! Aslo, can someone identify the earrings Camilla is wearing in that photo...
  13. MARG

    General News for Charles III and Queen Camilla Part 2, February 2024-

    It is normal to have "rounds" of chemotherapy followed by a break to assess progress. During those breaks, while still being immunocompromised, it is not as bad as during a round. I am really impressed with with Camilla's work ethic as well as her easy way of interacting with the public. The...
  14. MARG

    Queen Camilla's Fashion and Style Part 2: June 2023 -

    Hmm, this ensemble is definitely yet another of her subtle incremental notching up in style and elegance and it is definitely showing us a very svelte an regal Queen. I think she and her dresser have been working on raising the sartorial bar and I can't wait until Royal Ascot and hoping she is...
  15. MARG

    Queen Camilla's Fashion and Style Part 2: June 2023 -

    Camilla never ceases to surprise me as to the number of ways she can wear any specific item of clothing. Her Belfast green day was an absolute tour de force which seemed to comprise one cape, two coats, one dress, two scarves, and black accessories: hat, gloves and suede boots. No fuss, no...
  16. MARG

    General News for the Wales Family 2: March 2024-

    I think that is the kicker. Had they just handed over the "original" photo the storm in a teacup would have bee, figurative chip wrapper by now. Unfortunately, KP decided to produce a false image, because that is what it was, and strangely enough it is the royal fans that cried foul. Fans that...
  17. MARG

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 9: August 2023 -

    Yikes, I seem to have lost my accompanying post to the quotes above. This new layout has a few traps of old players. So, to summarize, there is a whole industry that is founded on feeding the narrative of the Sussexes and the nature of that narrative is hate. What they say, that they do, what...
  18. MARG

    General News for the Wales Family 1: September 2022-March 2024

    This is an unmitigated disaster that need never have happened. After the unauthorized personal photo of Catherine and her mother on the school run, there were many people online and foreign media noting how gaunt Catherine looked and "surmising" that she was not recovering as well as expected...
  19. MARG

    Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 13: June 2022 -

    I know the feeling well! I am really loving Beatrice's style and also that her biggest "accessory" is a loving husband. Beatrice joy in living is manifested in her wardrobe and the smile on her face,
  20. MARG

    General News for Charles III and Queen Camilla Part 2, February 2024-

    Indeed, the mindset of a cancer patient is very important and medical staff really push the idea of a positive point of view and surrounding yourself with supportive people, be they family or staff. I should imagine that he is doing that, encouraging Camilla while ensuring she doesn't overdo...
  21. MARG

    Queen Camilla Jewels 1: September 2022 - February 2024

    Camilla has certainly been dusting off some wonderful pieces of jewelry, a tiara here, a brooch or three there and a bracelet to knock your socks off. Am I correct in thinking that they have all come from the famous private collection?
  22. MARG

    Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant News and Events 2, Feb 2024 -

    Sadly, Elizabeth looks a slovenly mess by the standards set down by Oxford College. Yes, she is wearing a white shirt and ribbon tie . . . sort of, but the dark skirt is about six inches short and her barely there tights are just a slap at the rules and her nod to her academic gown is a joke. To...
  23. MARG

    General News for Charles III and Queen Camilla Part 2, February 2024-

    I guess royal watchers take it as a sort of 'Proof of Life' event since by dint of his compromised health due to his ongoing treatment. I wouldn't even bet that the PM took a RAT test before confirming the visit. For all that, it must be quite lonely isolating yourself. Even when people are...
  24. MARG

    Crown Prince Christian, News and Current Events Part 1: January 2024 -

    IMHO he would have noted every comma as it is the first time he has signed anything into law. This is a succession of "firsts" for him and each step is a milestone.t I also believe he will not want to look and sound ignorant and lazy when either this week or ten years from now some journalist...
  25. MARG

    Queen Camilla's Fashion and Style Part 2: June 2023 -

    I was thinking how bright and energetic she was looking. It's not as if she's doing a "mutton dressed a lamb" look. But at the same time, she isn't going to be one of the super-elegant, older aristocrats that have been so much part of the landscape, all wearing Ascotesque numbers. I think...
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