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    Crown Princess Victoria is Pregnant - Due March 2016

    Does anyone know if the Court will announce when she's been admitted to the hospital ? I don't think she has but days to go��. I'm so excited!!
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    Mary Admitted to Hospital: January 8, 2011

    WOW!! That was fast. I can't wait to hear from Frederik:flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:
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    Mary Admitted to Hospital: January 8, 2011

    I'm thinking girls also. Isabella needs a little sister:)
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    Mary Admitted to Hospital: January 8, 2011

    I'm sooo excited!!!!! It's after 3 in the morning where I live. I won't be able to sleep until their born! I pray Mary has a safe delivery and the babies will be healthy:flowers::flowers::flowers:
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    Crown Princess Mary is Expecting Twins in January 2011

    Congratulations to Frederik and Mary! This is wonderful news! I wonder if she's had any morning sickness? She looks wonderful and glowing!!;);)
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    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

    Since there is a good chance that the little princess will have Margrethe as one of her names, does anyone know how its pronounced? Thank You.:ermm:
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    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

    I wouldn't be surprised if her first name was Ingrid. I think it's a beautiful name. I also like the name Hannah. Does anyone know if that's a well known name in Denmark?
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    A Princess is Born in Denmark!: April 21, 2007

    Congratulations to Frederik and Mary on the birth of their daughter. I'm sure she is very beautiful and will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
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    Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 34: March - April 2007

    Letizia looks amazing! I don't think she'll be that far behind Maxima in giving birth. I think she'll give birth before Mary. What do you guys think?:rolleyes:
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    Princess Máxima, Current Events 4 (April - September 2007)

    I was thinking maybe the hakes mean that she is scheduled to go to the hospital on a certain date to be induced? Or maybe they just put the hakes there when her due date comes around. I've heard she's due the last half of April, but I never knew if a certain date was given. My doctor gave me a...
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    Prince Christian's First Day of Nursery School: March 27, 2007

    I wonder if we can see a video online of the photocall Tuesday? I can't wait for the pictures though. Christian is such a cutie:flowers: :flowers:
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    Prince Christian, Current Events 2: July 2006 - March 2007

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Christian has started saying his first words yet??
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    The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima, Current Events 7 (Jan 2007 - Nov 2008)

    I don't know exactly when Maxima is due, but I have a feeling that it will be the last of this month or the first part of April, just judging by looking at her.:ermm: :ermm:
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    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

    I too think she will have another boy. I thought she would have a girl the first time, so maybe this time she'll have a girl???????:lol: :lol:
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    Crown Princess Mary is Pregnant

    Congratulations to Frederik and Mary on the news of their upcoming baby!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure they are very happy and I hope the baby is healthy. I'm sure it will be beautiful.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
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    Princess Letizia is pregnant with the second girl!!!

    Congratulations to Felipe and Letizia !!!!!!!! It is wonderful news. I think that it will be nice to have their children close in age. Leonor will be a great big sister I think.:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
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    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

    Leonor is such a beautiful baby! I think she looks just like Felipe but with lighter hair. Does anyone know if their are any celebrations planned for Leonor's first birthday????:confused: :)
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    Peter Phillips and Family News and Events 2: Nov 2005- Sep 2022

    Maybe it's just me, but I think Peter and Prince William look alot a like. Does anyone know if Zara is still with Mike Tindall?:)
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    Jazmin Grace Grimaldi Current Events 3 : June 2006 - Jan.2007

    :confused: I wonder if Prince Albert has any kind of relationship with Jazmin? Let's hope so, but why wait 14 yrs to say anything?
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    Laura Parker-Bowles & Harry Lopes, May 2006

    Does anyone happen to know what time the wedding will be? Can't wait to see pictures. Thanks
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    Christening of Sverre Magnus - March 4, 2006

    Hello! I just wanted to say hello to all my fellow royal watchers. I can't wait for the christening. Does anyone know if there is a link to be able to watch it online? thanks and have a great day!:) :)
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    Ness HELLO! I don't post very often either. I do love all things royal,especially anything having to do with the British Royal Family. Have a nice day everyone!:) :) :)
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    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's First Pregnancy

    Ness Well we won't have to wait very long now for the Christening. I'm so excited. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the name Christian, but whatever name they choose I'm sure it will suit the little prince.:) :) :)
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