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    Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 6: October 2006

    Letizia has never been, and likely will never be a fashion-conscious princess. She will never be someone who sports the latest trends or the hottest designers. And that's who she is and I don't see a need for her to suddenly become trendy just because she now has her own engagements. On top of...
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    What is your opinion of Frederik and Mary

    I'm really interested in your opinon Franco as I find it interesting, particularly since you come from Australia and are not as seemingly ga-ga for Mary (and by extension Frederik) as many others I've encountered are. I do hope that you'll keep posting as I found your previous post in this...
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    Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Current Events 17: September-November 2006

    I think that this is a really good assessment of Charles, Diana and Camilla. As someone who died young, Diana will always remembered in that way, as someone young and beautiful. When she died, I read a comparison of the effects of her death to that of President Kennedy's. The article noted that...
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    Prince Maurits, Princess Marilène and Family, Current Events Part 2 (June 2006 - )

    Great interview Marengo! I like Maurits all the more because of this interview and how he approaches his "fame" with common sense and humbleness. What did he do before he had this new business? Was he also in marketing before?
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    The Prince of Asturias's Official Visit to Washington, D.C.: October 4-6, 2006

    For anyone, I think it's disrespectful to try and speak another language only to butcher it. I think it actually shows a lack of respect for their culture or heritage by trying to speak a language that you really don't just for show or just to impress them. I don't find it "welcoming" at all...
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    Queen Beatrix, Current Events 3 (June 2006 - May 2007)

    I forget now so a refresher would be much appreciated: What did Queen Margrethe do that only worstened the situation in Denmark regarding the cartoons? I just remember the burnings of the Danish flag but I don't remember that that was directly connected to anything said by Margrethe or anyone...
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    What is your opinion of Frederik and Mary

    I actually have the reverse opinon of Mary. In pictures I think she comes off as rather cold and distant but if you see video footage of her live she comes off as quite warm, friendly and sociable with whomever she is meeting or engaging with. In pictures she comes off as a deer caught in the...
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    What is your opinion of Frederik and Mary

    That's a bit black and white and most divorces are not so black and white. There were also many stories of Joachim having affairs or drinking too much but that doesn't make those stories true or the sole reason for his and Alexandra's divorce either. And I was just responding to yours. ;)
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    What is your opinion of Frederik and Mary

    I don't think that Joachim and Alexandra have had affairs has ever been concretely proven. It has been constantly speculated but it has never been proven. Martin and Alexandra met in 2003, I believe; they did not start dating then. Unless you have sources to prove otherwise?
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    The van Vollenhoven Family, Current Events & Pictures Part 1 (December 2005 - )

    Looking at the funeral pictures for Jan van Vollenhoven, it's amazing how much the van Vollenhoven daughters-in-law look alike. Marilene and Annette even wore similar dresses. (And always, when I seee pictures of Annette I am struck by the simplicity and naturalness of her beauty. She looks like...
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    Princess Letizia is pregnant with the second girl!!!

    The rumours of anorexia were quite escalated this time around and if those stories were getting back to Letizia I'm sure that they could've caused her some unnecessary stress in her condition. And if she's having a particuarly rough pregnancy, then it was more fuel to an unnecessary fire. While...
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    What is your opinion about Sarah, Duchess of York?

    I think the loss of the HRH and in other cases becoming an HH or whatever isn't necessarily noticed especially at places such as David Letterman or the like. The distinction between an HRH and an HH is lost on those who may not know or understand the difference. Ask any person on the street and...
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    What is your opinion about Sarah, Duchess of York?

    The divorce is exactly what makes all the difference. As the ex-spouse of Prince Andrew, if she wants to hawk her little red dolls or her jewellery line she should be doing so independent of her Duchess of York title. It may be part of her name but she doesn't have to use it. Upon her marriage...
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    Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Current Events 17: September-November 2006

    I've interviewed Prince Joachim of Denmark before and Nelson Mandela and for both cases I was required to submit my questions in advance. They were sent back to me with checks or exes which questions were allowed. If I wanted to amend a question, it had to be pre-approved. This ensured that no...
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    Princess Margarita & Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, News 1 (February 2003-February 2008)

    I have two questions: 1) I can see why a copy of this report was given to Margarita's father and later her grandfather, but why to her eldest brother? And not to say Irene or her other siblings, Jamie or Maria-Carolina? If they were hoping that another member of her family might influence her...
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    What is your opinion about Sarah, Duchess of York?

    I think that even though Sarah isn't a member of the British royal family anymore she is still associated with them on a personal level enough to not be out endorsing even good companies like Weight Watchers or hawking her little red doll books or her own jewellery line. As she has pointedly...
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    Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony: September 29, 2006

    I think they are white stockings; and I agree that nude-coloured stockings would've looked nicer. The suit for the civil service is lovely (I prefer it to her wedding dress). It's fun and simple and appropriately young ... And in this...
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    Princess Margarita & Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, News 1 (February 2003-February 2008)

    I think that part of the reason Edwin had any such podium in the first place was because at the time he started his long and vengeful campaign against the Dutch royal family, there was nothing much going on with the royal family. It was pretty much business as usual and that is boring for the...
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    Princess Margarita & Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, News 1 (February 2003-February 2008)

    I know what you mean about Edwin's mental state. I am certainly no doctor either and certainly a few courses in abnormal psychology in university doesn't mean that I'm qualified to diagnose Edwin medically (;)) but there is definitely wrong and mentally unstable about him. At the same time...
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    Princess Margarita & Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, News 1 (February 2003-February 2008)

    Well I certainly wouldn't wish ill will on anyone, Edwin's complete and utter ruin is his own doing really. If he is considered totally unemployable, is hiding from lawyers and other court officials, has no bank account or anything else, then it's his own fault for having carried out a vendetta...
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    Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony: September 29, 2006

    I don't think royalty is as conventional or traditional as it used to be these days so a non-virginal bride wearing a white strapless with a possible Republican father and the groom carrying his and and bride's baby is hardly anything to guffaw over these days. The last decade the various...
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    Names for Felipe & Letizia 2nd girl

    I think if it's a boy they will go with a more traditional name, but if it's a girl, they might surprise us all with an untraditional or unexpected name as they did with the choice of Leonor when so many had flagged Sofia or Isabella as a popular choice.
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    The Royal Family of Spain, Current Events Part 11: September - December 2006

    Yes, I agree, those journalists should not only be eating dirt but they should also lose all their accreditation as journalists! Maybe they could foray into the world of fiction instead! I find it very funny all these posts about Letizia being anorexic and the pictorial essay of Letizia's...
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    Crown Prince Couple's Prize 2005-2012, 2014-2023

    I think the style of the dress is daring, but oddly enough considering the occasion (an awards presentation in their namesake at the Opera House) it's dramatic and "artsy" enough. I wouldn't suggest that Mary wear this to a more formal occasion like a state dinner, but for this occasion, it's...
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    Princess Laurentien's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2004 - February 2011

    I agree Henri M. that the Queen is a much bigger person than to fault or be utterly embarassed by someone for their choice in attire. For some Laurentien's wardrobe may not be perfect or princess-worthy, but it would be far worst if Laurentien's behaviour in public were embarassing -- which it...
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