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    Royal Jewellery & Fine Arts Auctions and Exhibitions

    When Richard Burton got the pearl in 1969 some member of the Spanish RF was outbidden in the same auction, unfortunately the current SRF is not known for having large fortunes either, although it would have been nice if the pearl made its way back to Spain.
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    "De Kongelige Juveler" ("The Royal Jewels") (2011) - DR Documentary

    Just saw this documentary online, the fact that they used lots of old photos and videos was really nice.
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    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Tiara

    Close picture of the tiara on the bride, there is no doubt that it is what used to be called Scroll:
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    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Tiara

    It sounds consistent with the fact that it peaks in the middle, just some minutes to go to get a clear picture.
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    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Tiara

    Maybe the were justing loose chatting about different tiaras... (regarding my previous post)
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    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Tiara

    I am listening to the French TV, I think they mentioned The Scroll Tiara, not sure that I heard correct though.
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