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    Royal Families of France 1: Ending 2021

    The Royal family of the France are the great at their maintenance of their families. Their costume as well as behaviour are so organised. Princess Helena has a kindness and she is a lady of the principles which describes the best thing about the Royal families.
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    Princes William & Harry: Visit to Botswana, Lesotho & South Africa - June 14-19, 2010

    The two princes have carried out the joint engagement when they visited to the Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa. It would be awesome moment for the players of the FIFA world cup 2010 to meet the two charming princes. It would be such a brotherly hood environment.
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    King Carlos I (1863-1908) and Queen Amelia (1865-1951)

    A great article about the Queen Amelia of the Portugal a French Princess. I feel very relax that she is the real queen regarding her work. She has suffered a lot being a queen. But she was really love by the people who understand her. She has fulfilled all the responsibilities as a queen and as...
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