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    Birth of Princess Alexandra and Nicolas Bagory first child: Victoire

    Congrats to the family! Finally after 10 years another girl in the GDF. Victoire is a lovely name, wondering if she has any middle name but maybe not. She isn't a princess after all so they may have chosen simplicity
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    Separation of Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana: April 2024

    Sad news, they were such a beautiful couple. And surely the only ones in the family that seemed to care about Greece (in Nikolaos generation I mean). Hope they will still continue their good work
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    Gender & Names for Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa's first child 2024

    I always like this prediction threads. If it's a boy I think Abdullah but I also see them going for Khaled in honour of Rajwa's recently deceased father. For a girl, Muna.
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    Best Royal Brides & Wedding Dresses

    My faves: Princess Iman of Jordan (my absolute favourite ever) Crown princess Victoria Princess Rajwa Princess Mette-Marit Princess Margaret Dress I didn't like: Princess Mabel Princess Diana Princess Sofia (Sweden) Duchess Meghan (Her is not much a dislike but a disappointment because I...
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    Princess of Wales Undergoing Cancer Treatment

    Very sorry to hear, sending the princess and all her family positive energy! My understanding is that the prognosis is good, so let's hope for the best! Also, let's hope the press and online bully will leave them alone
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    General News for the Wales Family 2: March 2024-

    Honestly this whole situation seems ridiculous. Yes, KP's PR team did some pretty big mistakes but I don't understand how can people believe the most outlandish conspiracies (like the body double and late Tom Kingston onces) rather than the simple truth: she had health issues, they were...
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    Non-reigning Royal Houses: future role they could have and heritage

    I'm Italian so I can kinda speak about it and I highly doubt the Savoia family (both branches) will have any actual impact. The whole nation is strongly republican (me included) and has near zero interest in a return of the monarchy. Emanuele Filiberto is a laughing stock and he is considered a...
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    A boy for Prince Félix & Princess Claire: Prince Balthazar Felix Karl January 7, 2024

    I was thinking the same. I'm going to say that, out of three magis' names, baby Balthasar got the best one IMOO. Melchior and Gaspard feel heavier and somewhat older in my perception.
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    A boy for Prince Félix & Princess Claire: Prince Balthazar Felix Karl January 7, 2024

    Congrats to Félix and Claire and to the New big siblings Amalia and Liam! I love the name, Balthasar is lovely! Welcome little Prince (And the boys streak continue in the GDF, we'll see if Baby Bagory will break it)
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    Queen Mathilde's Family - d'Udekem d'Acoz

    I didn't notice I wrote the female form of the word, I'm Sorry! My French is not super good ����
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    Queen Mathilde's Family - d'Udekem d'Acoz

    Congrats to the parents! Welcome to the World, petit Paul
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    Queen Margrethe II announces Abdication for January 14, 2024

    That was so unexpected! I thought she would die on the throne!!
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    Names and Godparents for Alexandra and Nicolas' firstborn child

    Girl: Charlotte, Josephine, Adelaide ( wild card) or Marie Boys: Jean, Guillaume or Raphael (wild card) I also expert the baby to have a breton middle name in honor of Nicolas' heritage and the fact that he himself has a breton middle name That said, I know nothing about breton names God...
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    Royal Predictions for 2024

    My favourite topic every year!! Let's see: Belgium -Elisabeth will finish her degree and start a master but I think she may do it in Belgium in order to take on more duties -Emmanuel: maybe a brief stint in the military and then university, I don't see him as having a fully fledged military...
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    Death of Prince Constantin

    So tragic! He was quite young! I feel so sorry for Hans Adam for surviving his son Condolences to the whole family
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    Félix and Claire Expecting Third Child

    Did they said when the baby is due?
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    Félix and Claire Expecting Third Child

    Wonderful! Congrats to Claire, Félix, Amalia and Liam!! I never Expected them to have baby 3, so glad I was wrong
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 8: April - August 2023

    Yeah, I agree. I think the only things that may happen in the upcoming Years are Peter Phillips' wedding and some christenings, in 10 + years time Louise and James weddings. None of this events are big enough to be a motivation for the Sussexes to return to the UK if the relationship stays as...
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 8: April - August 2023

    I also thought that the reason they didn't invite Ashleigh was weird. Like, at the time it was clear that Meghan relationship with her half siblings was non existent and the public opinion was on Meghan's side, so I think the palace insisting on non inviting Ashleigh would have been counter...
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    Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 20: Sep 2022 -

    Wishing her a speedy recovery and many years on to enjoy her grandchildren!
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 8: April - August 2023

    I agree with everyone else that the Sussexes are in a tricky position. IMHO, one of their biggest problems is that they want the best of both worlds, they want the sparkle and freedom of celebrity but also the "reverence" and connection of royalty and I don't think that's doable. Another...
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 8: April - August 2023

    I'm Not surprised about the Spotify deal's interruption. They seemed to have produced little in term of quantity and their production didn't really stand the test of time in term of popularity and public interest (I didn't actually listen to it so I don't know if archetypes was good or not)...
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    Second son for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank -Ernest George Ronnie; May 30

    Congratulations to Eugenie, Jack and August! The name is completely unexpected but I like the sibset August and Ernest! Welcome little Ernest Brooksbank! Ps. Has Buckingham Palace announced the birth, considering the announced the pregnancy IIRC?
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