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  1. LadyFinn

    Prince Daniel's Current Events, Part 4

    Daniel attends this evening at the inauguration of the Swedish Championships in Young Entrepreneurship at Stockholmsmässan. He handed out the Prince Daniel's Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurship for the first time, to Jonatan Persson. The scholarship of SEK 50,000 goes to a former Young...
  2. LadyFinn

    The Swedish Crown Princess Couple's Foundation

    Victoria and Daniel attended today The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation's board meeting.
  3. LadyFinn

    June 6 - Sweden's National Day (2010-2024)

    June 6, Sweden's National Day, is celebrated in a big way at Skansen. (..)
  4. LadyFinn

    Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events, Part 12

    Victoria attends this evening the annual meeting of The Friends of Nordiska Museet and Skansen at Nordiska Museet. Pic More photos Profimedia gallery Svensk Damtidning about Victoria at Nordiska Museet...
  5. LadyFinn

    Victoria, Daniel and Family, General News Part 5: January 2021 -

    15 years from Daniel's kidney transplantation today. Last Thursday he said at his opening speech at the European Renal Association¨s congress: "Today, 15 years later, I am standing here, healthy, and happy with my father's kidney."
  6. LadyFinn

    Prince Daniel's Current Events, Part 4

    Daniel attended today the meeting of the Steering Group of the Prince Daniel's Fellowship at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
  7. LadyFinn

    Swedish Royal Orders & Medals

    Invitation to a press briefing For the first time in almost 50 years, the state is once again awarding orders to Swedish citizens who have made exceptional efforts for the country. On Friday, May 31, the first award ceremony will take place. What is an order? Who can get it? Who has selected the...
  8. LadyFinn

    Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill & Family, General News Part 4,February 2021

    Allt om kungligt -web magazine quotes Expressen's paywall article: According to Expressen, Chris has registered a company in Stockholm with his friends Cedric Notz (his bestman and husband of Andrea Brodin) and Marco Wajselfisz (godfather of Nicolas). Chris is chairman and board member of the...
  9. LadyFinn

    The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation

    Giuseppe Penone about 'The Inner Flow of Life', the unique commission he has created for the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park on Royal Djurgården.
  10. LadyFinn

    Princess Christina and Family, Current Events Part 2: January 2019 - present

    Princess Christina and Carl Otto Werkelid were on Thursday May 23 at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg to tell about their book "Joséphine". Photos by Solveig Aplander Rosencrantz. Photos
  11. LadyFinn

    Danish Royal Family, Current Events Part 6: June 2020 -

    On Tuesday, June 4, HM Queen Margrethe of Denmark and HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark will visit Sofiero in connection with the opening of the newly renovated castle. After a year of renovation, it is time to open the gates to Sofiero Castle again, celebrated with the "Feast for the Castle"...
  12. LadyFinn

    Royals and Their Pets

    Victoria and Rio at WWF's excursion to Nämdöskärgården Nature Reserve yesterday.
  13. LadyFinn

    Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events, Part 12

    Yes, Rio is so cute! Wonderful photos: More photos: Great...
  14. LadyFinn

    Nicholas & Alina Maria de Roumanie Medforth Mills and Family, News & Events 2: 2022 -

    Nicolae and Alina-Maria were at MINA Museum of Immersive New Art to watch "In Between" and met its director Bobi Pricop. Pic
  15. LadyFinn

    General News about King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia Part 2: January 2024 -

    The king was captured on photo driving his BMW at Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm on Thursday afternoon.
  16. LadyFinn

    Prince Daniel's Current Events, Part 4

    Daniel attended this evening the opening of the European Renal Association's kidney meeting at Stockholmsmässan. Daniel said at his opening specch at the European Renal Association's kidney meeting among other things "This year marks 60 years since the first kidney transplantation took place in...
  17. LadyFinn

    Princess Märtha Louise & Durek Verrett: News & Information 2019 -

    The police are getting ready for the wedding On Thursday there was a heavy police presence in Geiranger in connection with the planning of this summer's big princess wedding. A police helicopter landed on a field near Union, and in the car park outside the hotel there were a number of police...
  18. LadyFinn

    Queen Silvia and the Silvia Home & Foundation

    Queen Silvia attended today a meeting with the Silviahemmet Foundation.
  19. LadyFinn

    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia Current Events, Part 11: July 2018 -

    The King and Queen hosted today luncheon to Alexander Van der Bellen, the Federal President of the Republic of Austria. Pic At President Van der Bellen's Instagram "This visit to Sweden contributes to strengthening the excellent relations between our two countries. I especially thank King Carl...
  20. LadyFinn

    Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events, Part 12

    Victoria attended today the annual meeting of the WWF and WWF's excursion to Nämdöskärgården Nature Reserve. She had Rio with her. ANP gallery
  21. LadyFinn

    Prince Carl Philip's Education/Work in Photography and Design

    In May, the unique close-to-nature suites at Eriksberg's new hotel Arken will open. The furniture and interiors of the three suites were created by the design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg, who has also set the theme for the other 23 rooms in the spectacular wooden hotel building. Furniture...
  22. LadyFinn

    The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation

    The art critic, former gallerist and executive director for Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation, Sara Sandström, has been appointed as honorary doctor in 2024 by the Faculty of Humanities at Umeå University. The justification states that Sara Sandström gets an honorary doctorate for her...
  23. LadyFinn

    The Swedish Royals at the Polar Music Prize: 2004-2024 The Polar Music Prize updated to its...
  24. LadyFinn

    The Swedish Royals and The World Childhood Foundation, Part 2 (June 2018 Onwards)

    Queen Silvia participated today in Digital International Council Meeting of the World Childhood Foundation.
  25. LadyFinn

    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia Current Events, Part 11: July 2018 -

    The King and Queen attended today the board meeting of The Royal Wedding Fund (Stiftelsen Kungaparets Bröllopsfond). The Fund makes contributions to development projects and activities that aim to promote physical, cultural and artistic activities for children and young people with various...
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