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    British Royal Family Current Events 11: Sep 2022 -

    Thank you to all who shared videos and photos from today's Garden Party. It's a pity about the rainy weather, but I'm so pleased that HLM's cousins as well as the Prince of Wales cousins were present today.
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    British Royal Family Current Events 11: Sep 2022 -

    Here's the itinerary for the 80th anniversary of the D Day Invasion. The British Royal Family will be undertaking events in the UK and in France. Nearly all of the working royals will be present at events with the exception of the Princess of Wales, the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra of...
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    Warm Moments Between Royals Part 3

    You are correct! That is baby James.
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    Warm Moments Between Royals Part 3

    This article highlights the upcoming photo exhibition at the King's Gallery. It includes a sweet photograph taken by the late Earl Snowdon in 1964. In the photo the late QEII, Princess Margaret, Princess Alexandra and the Duchess of Kent holding their newborns/infants: Prince Edward, Lady...
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Charities and Patronages
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    British Royal Family Current Events 11: Sep 2022 -

    Video today of the Prince of Wales flying a helicopter after he assumed his new position as the Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps.
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    Support for the Monarchy in the UK 2: Sep 2022 -

    I'm glad to see that Sophie is now being included in the polling. These are numbers that most politicians would sell their souls for!!
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    Duties and Roles of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie 2: Discussion Sep 2022 -

    I agree. I could see her attending the State Banquet now the the Michaels of Kent have announced their retirement.
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    The Duchess of Sussex's Fashion and Style Part 1: November 2023 -

    She should consider another one of these suits but in a color.
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    The Duchess of Sussex's Fashion and Style Part 1: November 2023 -

    I have to agree that this isn't the best choice for a day visit to a school. Now if this was an evening event, then it would be appropriate.
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    United Kingdom: Birthday and Anniversary Wishes 2024

    Happy Birthday to Prince Archie!
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 9: August 2023 -

    There's excellent advice here for Meghan and I hope that she considers it.
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    Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, Fashion & Style Part 1: December 2021-

    I agree that this is a lovely look for the Princess of Orange.
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    Princesses & Royal Ladies of the Netherlands Fashion & Style Part 2: November 2022-

    And Laurentien's King's Day outfit is relatively tame compared to some of the previous ones! Happy to see so many of the Dutch Princesses there at the annual King's Day fun.
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    Prince of Wales, Current Events 1: Sep 2022 -

    Short video of the PoW's visit to the North East today.
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    Prince William and Catherine Middleton: Church Service - April 29, 2011

    Today I re-watched the couple's wedding from 2011. I also thought about their vows and how "in sickness and in health" is even more poignant for this couple.
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    Prince of Wales, Current Events 1: Sep 2022 -

    Prince William is heading to the North East tomorrow for a series of engagements.
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    General News for the Wales Family 2: March 2024-

    Yes he is wearing a different uniform in this photo. He was married wearing the Irish Guards red tunic, but he changed later. Here's video of William and Catherine driving Charles' Aston Martin from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House. He's wearing his Blues and Royals black frock coat.
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    King Charles III Diagnosed With Cancer

    This is excellent news! I agree with those who have commented on the photo of the King and Queen. IMO it's one of the best they've ever taken.
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    Prince of Wales, Current Events 1: Sep 2022 -

    I'm glad that Prince William was able to keep his promise to Freddie by visiting the school today.
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    The Death of Thomas Kingston, Husband of Lady Gabriella Kingston

    I agree that for now this might be the best place for Lady Gabriella to be. She can be assured of privacy and will be in familiar surroundings having lived at KP for many years.
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    Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, General News 5: Sep 2022-

    While I still believe that Prince Louis favors Mike Middleton, this the first time that I saw a resemblance to Prince William. Happy 6th Birthday Prince Louis!
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