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    Danish Royal Family Christmas: 2003, 2004, 2006-2014, 2016-2023

    i think the prospect of inviting the whole family sounds like good news for all of us.
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    I love the inquisitive looks on Felix's face..haha.. It seems like the Princess' sons have cultivated a great friendship with Martin.
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    Let us just see what the future has in store for her! She is such a great woman!
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    At least, it is better now because we have new pictures of her from her recent appearances. I do hope that we could see her performing more duties in public in the near future. If to base from her recent pictures, I would say that the princess has not lost her touch of style and charisma. She...
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    Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, Current Events 1: September 2005 - July 2009

    Belated Happy Birthday to Prince Nikolai.. I am so happy to see the new pictures. I am just fascinated by watching them grow through the years. I am even more proud with the fact that they are raised properly with the hardwork and efforts of their parents. They are such two very cute and nice...
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    Princess Nathalie of Berleburg and Family, Current Events Part 1: January 2006 -

    At least, the members of the team did try their best on their event. I do hope we could hear more from Princess Nathalie. I am really interested on her but she does not get much press coverage compared to her cousins. But I think some royals might be wishing they lead a life same as her. I...
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    I am really very happy to see new pictures of Princess Alexandra.. It has been a while now since she performed her duties in public and we got to see photos of it.. She looked great on those two attires..I love it when she does things especially with her two cute boys!! I hope we could see...
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    same with me too. I will be very happy to see new pictures of her. I think she is enjoying the summer season now with her kids somewhere outside denmark or in denmark now.
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    I was really thrilled to learn that the princess and I were born on the same month. But mine is a day earlier than hers. And of course, she is older than me. [ =) ] I wish her good health as the years will pass by. And most of all, happiness and success in everything she does. She is such a...
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    Crown Prince Billah, Princess Sarah and Family: August 2005-

    yeah. I observed it too with the pictures. It seems like he is not interested with the things inside the Versailles.
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    Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 23: June 2006

    I have always loved the style that Princess Leticia has been sporting since she was engaged to the Prince of Asturias. She seems to look refreshed and happy even if she is wearing a simple outfit. And the couple always seems to draw a big crowd wherever they go. And most of all, they never...
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    Princess Haya and the FEI

    I think people will always have various opinions on a certain person. Besides, we could not please all persons with what we are doing. And moreover, the common people worldwide would not really get the whole idea behind what these prominent persons are doing or planning because we only hear and...
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    The Royal Family of Spain, Current Events Part 10: May - September 2006

    Infanta Cristina looked very elegant in that gown. And we could just imagine her towering height especially that she is in between her husband and her father.
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    Prince Hamzah & Princess Noor: Current News, Part 4

    I am always amazed to see new pictures of the couple because it is not all the time that we see pictures of them attending official events as a couple. I really adore Prince Hamzah and Princess Noor because they are low-profile despite their status and they are just so beautiful to look at.
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    The Duchess of Cornwall Current Events 1: March-June 2006

    SHe looks nice in her latest appearance. I always love the genuiness of the Duchess of Cornwall. She has found her own style and I have observed that she more self-confidence now.
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    We could not really rely on gossip magazines and tabloids to give us the real figure that could prove that Princess Alexandra's shopping habits are way too much already. I think what they are stating are rubbish. I think it is quite impossible for her to spend a little amount of money when to...
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    Princess Máxima, Current Events 2 (May - October 2006)

    I absolutely love the heels! She looked great with that outfit but I didn't really like the pants. It looked short and a little bit tight. But she chose a great shade of color for the pants.
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    CP Mary as Patron of The Christmas Seal Foundation (Julemærkefonden): 2005 - 2023

    It is so nice to see royals that are performing their royal duties while at the same time they appear approachable, relazed and happy. Some of them always look stiff and too dignified sometimes that it makes us wonder over their true personality. Those pictures which shows the Crown Princess...
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    Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 6: May - November 2006

    Congratulations to Crown Princess Mary!! She has earned the respect and trust that she deserves from the people who have only known her through these span of time. I think all her efforts and hardwork as an individual and as a royal have paid off because she is reaping positive feedbacks from...
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    Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, Princess Srirasmi and family: Jan 2006-

    great pictures! I love it! the baby is so cute
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    Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde - Current Events part 12

    She looks charming especially with that red attire she wore in the Belgian Senate. I think the shade of red looks fabulous on her. And she always has her charismatic smile that amazes a crowd.
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    Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, Current Events 1: May 2003 - November 2006

    I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of Queen Margrethe and Pope Benedict at the Vatican. The first time I saw it, I was quite surprised to see Queen Margrethe wearing a hat with an attire not in the shade of black. Usually, I see female dignitaries or royal ladies visiting a pope and...
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    She never fails to amaze a crowd either with what she does or what she wears, And I must say that latest event she attended was spectacular.
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    I think the words "sincere and dedicated" are the adjectives that best describes the well-loved Princess Alexandra of Denmark. There are some people who might agree or disagree to opinions that she is the busiest member of the Danish Royal Family. Of course, we could not really attest that for...
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    Princess Alexandra, Current Events 3: April 2006 - March 2007

    I have just read that special page about Princess Alexandra of Denmark at the hello magazine website. And I would say that I agree with it.. She deserves all the good things in her life right now!
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