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  1. JantTy

    Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi: Al Nahyan dynasty: December 2004 - August 2011

    Thank you very much for clarifying, Schwalker... Do you and anybody have any info about Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan?
  2. JantTy

    Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi: Al Nahyan dynasty: December 2004 - August 2011

    Can I ask about H.E. Dr. Sheikh Sultan's son? One of his son's name is Shiekh Zayed Bin Sultan Bin Khalifa Al-Nahyan, isn't he? I found him somewhere on the internet...and he is quite a good looking guy. I found again him at 2007 Deauville racecourse in France with his father. hmmm....I am...
  3. JantTy

    Heights of Royals

    ohhh..Tommy1 are you for real? 165 cm is quite short for gentlemen..I used to assume they were 173-175 cm. btw, thank you for clarifying..
  4. JantTy

    Prince Félix, Current Events 5: July 2008 - May 2013

    thank you LadyFinn for sharing a very nice pic of him... I think he looks great and attractive also. And he keeps slicking his hair back while he participates in formal events only.
  5. JantTy

    Sheikh Mohammed's Children picture thread 1

    Finally, the pics of handsome sheikhs are already so glad to see them Boys always look great when they wear normal clothes..!!! I saw Shaikh Nasser of Bahrain also...hmmmm looks awesome!!!! Thank a lot for sharing, Turkish_Delight
  6. JantTy

    Sheikh Mohammed's Children 5: April 2008-November 2009

    I cannot see it... I dont know why... it's arabic and i cannot read it by the way really want to see this pic...
  7. JantTy

    Crown Prince Hamdan current events: August 2008-December 2011

    thank you Turkish Delight for sharing pics..!!! love Hamdan sooooooo much..!!
  8. JantTy

    Sheikh Mohammed's Children 3: March-September 2007

    The princes are absolutely "hot" especially Sh. Rashid. LOL!!! anyways, Thank you very much for sharing lots of pictures...
  9. JantTy

    Princess Caroline Pictures: 70s & 80s - Part 2

    she has remained as the most beautiful woman as ever....
  10. JantTy

    HGD Guillaume Picture Thread, Part 1: July 2006 - September 2008

    thank you for sharing pics...can't imagine how cool he is !! I'm luvin' it....
  11. JantTy

    Andrea Casiraghi's week-long charity trip to the Philippines

    that is another part of him. helping children !!! that's gorgeous. I love him best. lol btw,thank you for sharing pics and infomations.
  12. JantTy

    Royal Palaces of Thailand

    The most beautiful places in our country!!! I confirm. Thanks for sharing me and other people.
  13. JantTy

    Jazmin Grace Grimaldi Current Events 3 : June 2006 - Jan.2007

    OMG!!! I just know. She is cute, though. Thank you for the info.
  14. JantTy

    Royal Wedding Souvenirs & Collectables

    these're such a beautiful Royal dolls..thanks so mcuh for posting.
  15. JantTy

    Crown Princess Mary's Hats, Headwear and Hairstyles: March 2004 - November 2008

    She is so beautiful with the fashionable hats. Thanks for posting and sharing the lovely pics...
  16. JantTy

    Royals in 'Vanity Fair', 'Vogue', 'Tatler' etc

    Thank u very much for posting Prince Boris of Montenegro is soooo HOT !!!!!
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