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  1. emmeleia

    King George II (1890-1947) and Princess Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956)

    King George and his sister Helen married 2 siblings, right? George married Elizabeth who was a sister to Carol of Romania who got married to Helen. Do you know anything about the respective weddings?
  2. emmeleia

    Queen Anne Marie's Fashion and Style Part 1: December 2006 -

    wow..such a beautiful, elegant (..)
  3. emmeleia

    HRH Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece & Marie Chantal Miller - 1995

    Do you know who is the lady in pink sitting next to Alexandra von Furstenberg??
  4. emmeleia

    Royal Ladies of Greece Fashion and Style, Part 2: October 2018 -

    Maybe she was thinking the vacation beginning from now on....
  5. emmeleia

    Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

    Do you know where the family lives now? I mean their current basis as they travel a lot. I know New York but exactly where ?
  6. emmeleia

    Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

    I do not think she gets photographed for being a Princess, but for being a rich girl well-connected to the noble circles.She also belongs to the Miller family who owns all these shops around the world selling all these dresses of the famous designers. Everything is business ?? However, what is...
  7. emmeleia

    How / Why did you get interested in royalty?

    In 1997 I bought Point de Vue because I wanted to practice my french. I chose it as Diana was in the front page, it was a time before the terrible accident. Ever since, I sticked to this magazine. I learned about all the royals, I learned also french!! and then I found this forum...
  8. emmeleia

    Princess Alexia, Carlos Morales and Family - Part 2: June 2011 -

    Does anyone ever heard why King Konstantin and Anne Marie named their daughter Alexia???
  9. emmeleia

    Princess Theodora & Prince Philippos current events 2: February 2016 - December 2020

    I read it in a site called TLife, it is greek, and it is based on Real News (greek newspaper).
  10. emmeleia

    Princess Theodora & Prince Philippos current events 2: February 2016 - December 2020

    I have just read in a greek info site that Theodora and her boyfriend plan to be married soon!
  11. emmeleia

    Relationships between Members of the Spanish Royal Family

    I think that Letizia didn't want Sofia to be photographed solely with the girls, inside the church. Obviously she wanted the whole family to be photographed together. Maybe they had agreed for it. Maybe Letizia feels that Sophia takes advantage of the little girls in front of the cameras and she...
  12. emmeleia

    Queen Anne Marie's Fashion and Style Part 1: December 2006 -

    Exceptional, splendid dress style for her age and status!!! 1000 bravos!!
  13. emmeleia

    Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 2: May 2012 - September 2017 With cape I like it! Without the cape, the line of the...
  14. emmeleia

    King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie Current Events 5: February 2016 - January 2023 Did you watch the video? He is really devastated by his illness, I did not know that he has suffered so many strokes. He could barely speak...
  15. emmeleia

    Christening favourite outfit for mums I don't like any of the two dresses. The first one is really long for Madeleine. I think it should be to the knee! Like a midi dress. I love her hairstyle!!!! The lace dress is really short, and...
  16. emmeleia

    Queen Sofia's Fashion and Style Part 3: April 2016 - February 2020 It suits her. Blue is her colour. I also like her bag !!
  17. emmeleia

    Queen Letizia's Evening Wear Part 3: July 2016 - June 2017 I like it! it is a summer night, so why not black? black is a safe colour for all occasions! I also love her shoes!! Notice how fit her arms are!!
  18. emmeleia

    Marie-Chantal: Opinions

    Pavlos in choosing MC as his bride, managed to safeguard a high standard of living. Otherwise, based on his work and family income, he was not able to live in utter luxury, maintaining luxurious lifestyle and houses in various parts of the world, even a private air jet. Ok, Greeks kicked off...
  19. emmeleia

    Maria-Olympia, Konstantinos, Achileas, Odysseas, Aristidis Events & News 1: 2015-2021

    She is really thin! Do you know her height and kilos? I really wonder if she is below 50 kilos...
  20. emmeleia

    Princess Theodora & Prince Philippos current events part 1: July 2006 - February 2016

    He looks like Pavlos... what an extraordinary :flowers: resemblance !!!!!
  21. emmeleia

    Education of the children of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal

    I said that Pavlos' knowledge of greek is not adequate, he speaks like a tourist, that meaning he speaks basically. I disagree that this lack is due to the fact they live abroad. How many Greeks live in Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, third and fourth generations, and their greek is perfect...
  22. emmeleia

    Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 7: November 2010 - May 2016

    Princess Marie Chantal Of Greece And Prince Pavlos Of So chic, both of them! Do you know the reason for their trip to Paris? I see they carry office bags, could it be about work?
  23. emmeleia

    Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 1: January 2003 - February 2016

    Thank you for the video! As a greek myself, I had heard AM years ago speaking greek and she was rather weak in expression. In this video obviously she has improved a lot. Her pronounciation is not the best, grammar errors exist but... she has improved greatly. Maybe this improvement in greek is...
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